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The following is a list of the creation building blocks. Addition information is found in clicking on the hyperlinked building block name.

The building blocks are numbered for reference. The order of the building blocks is arbitrary. No one building block is more or less important than another. The numbers are not reflective of any hierarchy or order of importance for all the building blocks are equally important. They have been order only to have those that are related to be near to each other.

Creation Building Blocks

000 Mud of Creation Out Of Which All Else Forms
001 Unique Individualized Independent Points of Consciousness
002 Energy can neither be created or destroyed

How to see an alternative reality
003 Detached Witness
004 Being Out Of Mind
005 Seeing In The Moment - the “Now”
006 Learning To Dance
007 The State Of “Ah” - The Ultimate State Of Being  
008 Spontaneous And Innocent Childlike Play Of Discovery And Exploration (Spontaneous Play)
009 Internal Joy and Bliss That Never Runs Dry
010 Loss Of Play
011 A Process We All Follow

Essential understandings most related to consciousness
012 A Being of Infinite Consciousness
013 The Miracle of Creation
014 Independent Realities
015 Each Individual Point Of Consciousness Permeates All Of Reality
016 The Experience Of Any Aspect of Creation
017 Consciousness Defines Itself By the Experiences It Has
018 Consciousness Awakens Consciousness
019 Standard Of Comparison
020 Ego
021 Our Vessel Is Too Small
022 The Source Of Creative Life Energy
023 Fragmentation 
024 Reconstitution 
025 Tapping and Sustaining the Source
026 Kundalini Rising And The Dark Night Of The Soul

Miscellaneous consciousness aspects
027 Cycles Of Sleep And Being Awake 
028 Habits Of Our Mind

Consciousness unfoldment
029 Our Destiny And Our Birthright
030 Free Will
031 Minimum Set Of Experiences
032 Desire To Share
033 Creativity - The Language Of Consciousness

Molding our experiences
034 Reality Molds Itself To Our Beliefs
035 We Are Perfect As We Are
036 Our Belief Structure
037 Cause - Effect Relationship 
038 A Thought Held 
039 Power Of Intention 
040 Need To Take Responsibility
041 Learn to be happy with what is 
042 Work With What Is
043 We Cannot Fear The Unknown 
044 Hazards Analysis 
045 A Safe And Secure Space

Shared realities
046 Deep Undercurrents Of Reality 
047 Shared Realities
048 Creation Within A Creation 
049 Consciousness Of The Earth Plane Om (Aum)

Dreaming reality
050 Collective Consciousness 
051 Dream time 
052 Dreams and visions 
053 Dream of the heart

Taking Ownership for Creation
054 A Being Who Stands Between Two Worlds 
055 Intention For Our Life
056 We Are Not Our Body
057 We Are A Creative Living Process
058 Our Body Is A Unique Consciousness 
059 Communicating With Our Creative Live Energy
060 Body Wisdom and Intuitive Guidance.
061 Creative Passion
062 The Left Hand Path Of Convention

Energy aspects
063 How The Energy Of Our Being Manifests Physically  
064 Environment Of Our Actions 
065 The Physical Plane Is A Plane Of Manifestation And Grounding
066 A Vehicle For A Physical Experience 
067 Energy Must Be Acted Out (Processed)
068 Energy Flows In The Path Of Least Resistance 
069 We Know A Tree By Its Fruits 
070 We Cannot Give What We Don’t Have 
071 Illusion Of Objectivity 
072 The Illusion Of Separation
073 Becoming The Creator
074 Love And Our Creation

The sacrifice of creation
075 Cauldron Of Creation 
076 The Sacrifice
077 Predatory World 
078 A Balance In Creation 
079 Attachments
080 Need Not To Know 
081 Denying Our Creative Living Process
082 The Gift Of Pain 
083 Addictions (as viewed from a creativity perspective)
084 Accident, Illness And Disease 
The Creation process
085 The Creation Process 
086 Creative Tension 
087 Masculine Aspect Of Being
088 The Feminine Aspect Of Being 
089 Merging, annihilation and the creation of offspring
090 Holding A Space For Creation 
091 The Beloved/beloved 
092 The Muse 
093 Pain Of Birthing

Recreating Oneself
094 The Phoenix  
095 Complex Integration 
096 The Creative State Of Play
097 Ritual And Ceremony [A Suorephex]
098 The Initiation and/or “not doing” 
099 Our Creation Ritual 
100 Adult Creative State Of Play
101 Sexuality In Relation To Creating
102 Sexuality As A Tool For Creating 
103 Sexuality, Creativity And Awakening 
104 The Rainmaker 
105 Dream Midwife And Nanny

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