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The following is a set of one hundred and six creation principles and concepts for use in creative endeavors. What is provided here is a listing of the building blocks and a very short summary statement as to what they address. Additional information and hyperlinked discussion topics are found in accessing the hyperlinked building block topics. The use of these building blocks is discussed in the topics “Building Block Approach”

The building blocks are numbered for reference. The order of the building blocks is arbitrary. No one building block is more or less important than another. The numbers are not reflective of any hierarchy or order of importance for all the building blocks are equally important. They have been order only to have those that are related to be near to each other. They have been grouped into the following categories:

Fundamentals (000-002)
How to see an alternative reality (003-011)
Essential understandings most related to consciousness (012-026)
Miscellaneous consciousness aspects (027-028)
Consciousness unfoldment (029-033)
Molding our experiences (034-045)
Shared realities (046-049)
Dreaming reality (050-053)
Taking Ownership for Creation (054-062)
Energy aspects (063-074)
The sacrifice of creation (075-084)
The Creation process (085-093)
Recreating Oneself (094-105)

Creation Building Blocks

Fundamentals (Top)

000 Mud of Creation Out Of Which All Else Forms

  • Energy and consciousness are one and the same thing

  • It is the “substance” out of which all things form.

  • Energy goes where consciousness focuses its attention and awareness

  • Consciousness awakens in, or as a result of, the flow of energy it experiences

001 Unique Individualized Independent Points of Consciousness

  • Each point of consciousness and/or each fragment or piece of energy is an individualized and independent point of consciousness capable of expanding, or having the potential to expand its awareness to encompass all of reality and all that is.

  • Each individualized point of consciousness is fully capable of changing what is and how it defines itself by how it chooses to observe what is.

  • Each individualized, independent point of consciousness is unique, independent, and infinite.

002 Energy can neither be created or destroyed

  • Within a given creation/Creation energy can neither be created or destroyed, only transformed.

  • Since all the energy of an existing creation is either in an existing form or flowing into form some existing form or flow will need to be given up to manifest a new creation.

  • As consciousness expands or contracts itself by either redefining itself or focusing itself, energy flows into the new awareness and focus of attention. Correspondingly, something, somewhere is sacrificed to that flow of energy whether it be something within the existing creation or the Creation itself.

How to see an alternative reality (Top)

003 Detached Witness

  • The detached witness is to be present to what is, fully participating in what is

  • It is to know at some level we have created the experiences we are having, but stepping out of what we believe about what is happening and how the universe works and the way we want it to work to only witness what is as it is unfolding.

  • To be a detached witness, we are fully engaged and participating in what is occurring, but we are detached and witness our participation and what is happening to us and around us.

  • We take none of what we experience personally

004 Being Out Of Mind

  • Being out of mind is allowing ourselves to step out of the thinking, judging, opinionated, analytical and logical aspects of mind

  • It is to step out of those aspects of mind related to how we has come to view and define ourselves and how the think reality works

  • Being out of mind is typically achieved by moving into what we feel, becoming lost in creative play or engaging in some type and kind of “not doing” practice.

005 Seeing In The Moment - the “Now”

  • Seeing in the moment is to be present to what is, as it is, without any biases of the past or expectations for the future.

  • It is to be present in that moment where the nonconscious mind presents the energy the body is experiencing as a thought, feeling, image or some other sensation to the conscious mind before conscious mind jumps in to control and or manipulate the information in some way.

  • Seeing in the moment is best achieved by learning to become a detached witness.

006 Learning To Dance

  • To become a conscious creator it is necessary to learn to dance between the two views of reality

  • One view is the view symbolized by the heart and surrender to the feminine aspect of being.

  • It is reflective of the awareness of the flow of the creative life energy manifesting into physical form according to the intention the mind of the consciousness that created our body.

  • The second is the view of the mind and the masculine aspect of being.

  • It is reflective of ability of consciousness to choose what it will experience

  • The dance between these two views is reflective of our role in accordance to the larger orchestration and unfoldment of the universe and the role society and our world desires us to have.

007 The State Of “Ah” - The Ultimate State Of Being

  • The state of “Ah” is a state of consciousness to be so enamored and fascinated with Creation as we see it, understand it, and experience it such that all that we are capable of uttering is “ah.”

  • We are in a state of wonderment such that mind is so overwhelmed and out of the picture that words cannot be formulated and “ah” (or its equivalent) is the only sound available to us in that moment.

  • It is an experience characteristic of when we access the Source of Creation

008 Spontaneous And Innocent Childlike Play Of Discovery And Exploration (Spontaneous Play)

  • Spontaneous play is the childlike play we experiences at the earliest ages in life where there is little or no judgement of mind involved in what we do.

  • It is characteristic of the most creative state of being.

  • When we flow with the passion in our heart and surrender to the flow of our creative life energy within our being we will experience the greatest thrill and excitement of, and for, life in the moment.

  • This play is where we are free to act to explore and discover the universe without concern as to what it may look like to others or how we will be perceived and/or judged.

  • We act because we knows of no other way of acting.

009 Internal Joy and Bliss That Never Runs Dry

  • The term internal bliss and joy may be somewhat of a misnomer in that there is not necessarily any feeling of euphoria, ecstasy or elation.

  • Rather it is an internal knowing and feeling the permeates one’s entire being as a calmness that everything is okay and just the way it needs to be no matter what is happening.

  • This internal joy and bliss lies within the flow of the creative life energy within our being and the more we surrender and aligns with this flow, allowing it to lead our life, the more we become aware of this internal joy and bliss.

  • This internal bliss and joy can also be experienced as an inner satisfaction, a fulness of being, a fulness of life and a desire to engage life.

010 Loss Of Play

  • Each of us came into the world in a state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration.

  • For whatever reason, safety or otherwise, we were unable to pursue this play in accordance with the freedom and direction that flowed within our being.

  • To return to a state of spontaneous play we will need to address the habits and patterns of the enculturated mind that we developed early in life when we learned to deny our play.

011 A Process We All Follow

  • We all follow a process causing us to lose our spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration.

  • We lose the innocence of spontaneous play causing a disconnect between mind and what is symbolized in heart. That is, the disconnect between the expectation of our external world and the pull of our internal world.

  • We make peace with the damage we suffer until one or more crises and/or disappointments with life occur that create sufficient pain and challenge us to look at who we think we are and how we defined how the world works. The pain we feel challenges us explore if there is not something more to life which eventually prompts us to regain what we had lost to create something that better serves us.

  • Here we all face the question as to what serves us and the choice of how we will pursue the pain we feel

  • The pain can be numbed, denied, or addressed but the root of the pain can remain unexplored or we can choose to explore its roots.

  • How we choose makes all the difference

Essential understandings most related to consciousness (Top)

012 A Being of Infinite Consciousness

  • The Consciousness that permeates all of Creation through the illusion of mind fragmented Itself into an infinite number of parts to create playmates to experience Itself

  • Each fragment is an aspect of this Consciousness living in the illusion that it is something other than this Consciousness.

  • In this way, each fragment is and aspect of Consciousness capable of becoming a Playmate of Consciousness.

  • Each is also capable of fully awakening to fully experiencing and expressing Itself as Consciousness

  • Each of us are, as is each part of reality, the expression of one aspect of Consciousness capable of being Its playmate. As such each of us are, as is each part of reality, a being of infinite consciousness.

013 The Miracle of Creation

  • The miracle of Creation is that each fragment or aspect of Creation contains the infinity of Creation.

  • Each of the manifested forms which become conscious has the option of viewing Creation in separation where it views itself as a finite being separate from Creation, or it can view Creation in oneness and view itself as that infinite Playmate of Consciousness and as the creator of the Creation it experiences.

014 Independent Realities

  • Each individualized and independent point of consciousness is a unique independent reality.

  • We can refer to this independent reality as our unique view of Creation but it is more than that.

  • It is a creation unto itself as vast and real as the physical Creation we experience.

  • Each of us are one expression an infinite number of aspects of Consciousness each as infinitely vast as any other.

015 Each Individual Point Of Consciousness Permeates All Of Reality

  • Each individualized point of consciousness is also an energy.

  • Energy, whether energy exists in an undifferentiated, non localized form or localized in a specific physical manifestation, has a component that spreads out throughout reality.

  • Every piece of reality is in us and we are in every piece. In many ways, this is an alternative view of the holographic nature of energy consciousness.

  • Each individuated consciousness can access any other aspect of Creation by how it focuses its attention and awareness.

016 The Experience Of Any Aspect of Creation

  • Since the energy of any point of energy consciousness permeates all of reality, we only needs to shift the focus of our attention and awareness to build a sufficient concentration of our energy to experience a manifestation of that aspect of Creation as it can be supported by the environment in which we find ourselves.

  • The longer, and more intensely or passionately, we focuses our attention and awareness the more probable we will have an experience on which we focus including changing the environment as necessary.

  • It is only a process which makes the improbable possible, making the possible probable, and making the probable a certainty.

017 Consciousness Defines Itself By the Experiences It Has

  • From a consciousness perspective, all that exists is experience and consciousness defines itself by the experiences it has.

  • Consciousness can perceive itself as expanding or contracting.

  • It can create experiences of expanding and contracting by focusing its attention and awareness to create an experience and moving into the experience and embracing it (expansion) or moving away and withdrawing from the experience and avoiding it (contraction).

  • Consciousness defines itself by these experience by choosing some as pleasurable and is open to repeating them and others as unpleasant and closed to repeat experience.

  • Rather than being fully open to any experience without the bias of the past, consciousness has a whole set of experiences that are unacceptable and a whole set that are acceptable. As a result, consciousness has defined itself and placed itself in a cage of its own making by the experiences it has had.

018 Consciousness Awakens Consciousness

  • Two aspects of being come together to allow consciousness to awaken consciousness.

  • Each individualized consciousness defines who and what it thinks it is by the experiences it has and each individualized consciousness is an independent reality and as an aspect of Consciousness, unique unto itself.

  • Whenever any two individuated consciousnesses interact with each other, each is capable of expressing an aspect of their being that may not have been previously experienced by the other.

  • Hence each individualized consciousness has a new experience by which they can further define themselves. As such, each individualized consciousness has the potential to awaken to an aspect of their own being they did not know they possessed and redefine themselves based on this experience.

019 Standard Of Comparison

  • Whether consciousness realizes it or not, after it has had a sufficient number of experiences, it begins to believe it knows the environment it which it finds itself and which it is experiencing. It determines that what it has experienced is “normal.”

  • In, or from, this knowledge, consciousness begins to compare what it experiences against what it has experienced. It judges the new experiences based on this standard of comparison as to what is normal.

  • This standard of comparison used by consciousness is not necessarily correct as compared to the truth of reality and it will be unique to each individualized consciousness.

  • It is when an individualized consciousness has experiences outside of what is considered “normal” that it will perceive itself as entering the unknown.

020 Ego

  • Ego is how an individualized consciousness define itself or identifies itself. It is the identity it gives itself based on who it thinks and believes that it is by the experiences it has had or what it has come to believe from whatever source for whatever reason.

  • The human ego is actually composed of two parts - a transcendent ego and an enculturated ego.

  • The enculturated ego is who we have come to think we are because of the experiences we have had in our current life.

  • The transcendent ego is who we think and believe we are based on the experiences we have had that transcends our current life. The transcendental ego is what gives rise to the concept of a human being having a spirit that is separate from the human body and the human identity. It is also what gives rise to the past lives and individual believes they have experienced.

  • The transcendental ego and how it arises is really no different than the enculturated ego. Only the experiences that are used to define each are different.

  • One experience of wholeness of being is when the transcendental ego and enculturated ego are united into one coherent identity based on our true nature.

021 Our Vessel Is Too Small

  • Each individualized consciousness defines itself by the experiences it has had.

  • It creates an identity, an ego, that acts like a container or vessel to hold the experiences and reality that the consciousness has had in a context which supports the ego identity.

  • The ego will often dismiss experiences that do not support its identity and fit the context it has created.

  • This vessel acts as both a safe and secure space keeping the individualized consciousness from having to face the unknown typical of a creative endeavor because it can live in a vast defined world of past experiences.

  • Since each individualized consciousness is infinite, no matter how many experiences it has and how it defines itself, whatever image it has of itself will be too small to fully capture who and what it is.

022 The Source Of Creative Life Energy

  • The source/Source of our creative life energy is the source/Source of our life, the source/Source of our creative power and creative ability, it what animates our being and provides an internal joy and bliss which never runs dry lies within our being.

  • It is not found outside ourselves but within what is symbolized by our heart and what we feel

  • We can never be removed from it but we can separate ourselves from the joy and bliss it can provide and disable our ability to manage it to create the life of our choice and/or a life worth living.

  • The flow of our creative life energy existed before our enculturated ego and enculturated mind came into existence. To access the flow of this creative life energy to follow it to the source/Source, we need to step out of the thinking and judging mind and surrender to the flow of this energy. It is to become intimately familiar with it and its feeling and allow it lead and manage our life.

  • In doing so, we create the conditions that allow us to increase the possibility of a conscious experience of the source/Source, that is, to experience the Ultimate Accident.

023 Fragmentation

  • Fragmentation is a dynamic process in which we disable our ability to manage and control our creative life energy.

  • It is about giving away our creative power and creative ability and the lost of ability to enter creative play.

  • Rather than spending the time to surrender and become intimately familiar with the flow of creative life energy within our being, learning to communicate with it and follow its lead, we attempt to direct its flow based on what our mind has come to think and believe based on the experience it has had.

  • More often than not, we give control of our creative power and creative ability to the external world.

  • In interjecting our mind without the awareness of the direction of our energy flow in response to the intention for our life, we cause our creative life energy to become scattered and fragmented resulting in separation, aloneness, alienation, and an inability to create the experiences of our choice.

024 Reconstitution

  • Reconstitution is the reversal of the fragmentation process and the loss of our creative play.

  • Reconstitution is a dynamic process where we reconstitute our unlimited creative ability in that we learn to manage and control our creative life energy consolidating it into a single focus to create what we desire.

  • In essence we look to see where we have given away our creative power and call it back into our life and under our control.

  • To do so, we must learn how mind has scattered and fragmented our creative life energy to change its beliefs and thinking so that we can realign the flow of our creative life energy in a more consolidated flow.

  • Reconstitution is about learning to surrender and become intimately familiar with the flow of creative life energy within our being and learning to communicate with it and follow its lead. It is to learn the feel of this energy so we can become aware of how it is flowing and directing our life in any moment to allow the flow to intend the direction for our life and our mind to attend to the detains to make it happen.

025 Tapping and Sustaining the Source

  • Tapping the source/Source is to adjust the beliefs we hold and our thinking to align with the flow of energy within our being to reconstitute and optimize our creative power and creative ability.

  • Each realignment will result in a seemingly increase flow and as a rush of energy, can be often experienced as the traditional Kundalini rising. The rush of energy and will probably become accompanied by a euphoria and lightness of being that can least for days or longer depending one how much of a realignment occurs.

  • Sustaining the source/Source is to adust our beliefs and thinking to sustain that new flow of energy.

  • Without adjusting the beliefs and thinking to sustain the source/Source at whatever new level on achieves, the flow will slowly decrease over time and one will be puzzled at how and why what they found was lost.

  • Quite simply habits from the past and past ways of thinking will slowly move us back into our old way of being. Also the internal and external changes required to sustain the new flow of energy may be too frightening and/or too demanding for some.

026 Kundalini Rising And The Dark Night Of The Soul

  • Kundalini Rising is an Eastern mysticism term referring to the unlocking and releasing of our creative life energy.

  • The Dark Night of the Soul is a Western mysticism term referring to the stripping away of our identity to surrender to become a channel to the Divine.

  • Each are ultimately talk about the same thing but form a different perspective.

  • The Eastern focus is on the energy and euphoric sensations that comes after you do the intense yogic and meditation work that can be tremendously trying and is intentionally destructive of the ego.

  • The Western term focuses on the pain and suffering we must endure as the ego is destroyed by whatever means, yogic, meditative, prayer, contemplation, or otherwise.

  • This process of stripping away and accessing our the flow of our creative life energy can be in successive stages, a one time “all or nothing” experience, or repeated indefinitely in cycles if we do not do the work to sustain the level of energy we tap.

Miscellaneous consciousness aspects (Top)

027 Cycles Of Sleep And Being Awake

  • Consciousness creates through what can be characterized as a vibrational pattern in the sense there is an ebb and flow of energy into a created form followed by the dissolution out of creation back into the raw materials out of which the creation formed.

  • All creation, or any created form will follow this pattern and any individuated consciousness experiences this vibrational nature of the energy as a cycle of sleep and being awake.

  • Although we may pride ourselves at becoming aware by what we think is our own efforts, if we look carefully, we will find we will also need to suffer the disappointment of finding ourselves becoming less and less aware.

  • What we will find is that we are a creation unfolding and our enculturated ego does not control the cycle of our being. Rather, we are part of a larger process.

  • The enculturated ego only controls the cycles we experience that are created from, or within, our being that we create as a result of the experiences of our current life

  • What we can control to some extent are the conditions of when we awaken and when we sleep by what type and kind of experiences that we chose to have

  • But we, as an enculturate ego, don’t control the cycle that contains the essence of our being

  • The cycle of our being is inherent to Creation.

028 Habits Of Our Mind

  • Consciousness has an inherent ability that we call mind.

  • It is that ability to think, judge, analyze, remember and all the other things we associate with mind.

  • Mind however, has the ability to create patterns of thinking and actions that it uses again and again to the point that the chosen pattern begins to dominate at the exclusion of all other options.

  • We call these patterns habits

  • They exist at any and all levels of Consciousness and our being.

  • We, as consciousness, become bound by these patterns. We become captive in a cage of our own making.

  • Some are erased to dissolved in the sleep segment of the sleep and being awake cycle which consciousness routinely undergoes. But many remain long after their usefulness.

  • Unless we become aware of our habits and chose to change them, they will continue to have the potential to control and direct our creative life energy for many lie dormant. They are activated by the conditions we face and the environment is correct for their manifestation. In such conditions, they resurface and become energized to control our response to life.

Consciousness unfoldment (Top)

029 Our Destiny And Our Birthright

  • It is our ultimate destiny and birthright as an individuated consciousness to become a Playmate of Consciousness, a conscious creator of the play of Creation.

  • As a human in our current incarnation, our destiny and birthright is to access and release our unlimited creativity while in physical form to become the conscious creator of the physical experiences we have and the associated physical reality.

030 Free Will

  • As an individuated consciousness we each are totally free to create whatever we wish to create.

  • We only need to be willing to accept the consequences of our creation.

  • The only judgement that exists is what we ourselves impose on ourselves.

  • We have freedom of choice at each and every level of our being and we are free to choose whatever we wish to believe.

  • We are responsible for the choices we make and the implications of what we believe.

031 Minimum Set Of Experiences

  • To fully understand and comprehend any aspect of Creation or any experience that we have, we need to have the minimum set of prior experiences to have the context for understanding and comprehension.

  • Mind characterizes what we experience based on the experiences it has had.

  • Mind will do its best to furnish an explanation or context for what we experiences and it will believe that the explanation it provides is correct.

  • However, until we have the proper minimum set of experiences we will not see the experience and reality for what they truly are.

032 Desire To Share

  • As consciousness explores itself and discovers who and what it is and what it is capable of doing, it desires to shared itself with another or others.

  • This desire to share is not an ego based desire such as “Look what I have done” or “Look what I can do.”

  • Rather is it like a child wanting someone with whom to play and more of a desire to have this other individual enter and experience the world in which the child find themselves.

  • In the way consciousness awakens consciousness, this desire to share is consciousness desiring to have another to see reality and experience reality the way they see and experience it.

033 Creativity - The Language Of Consciousness

  • Consciousness communicates who and what it is thought creativity and its creations.

  • Since each individuated consciousness is an independent unique reality, no other individuated consciousness will experience what another experiences.

  • Although two individuals may be in a situation where they both experience the same physical event and circumstances, each perceive the event and circumstances differently such that each has a different experience.

  • To communicate and share the reality we experiences we must figure out some way to communicate who and what it is and what we would like to share.

  • Creativity and what and how we create with our life is how we communicate who and what we are.

  • Our life as what we do in life is a communication

  • Without creativity we would have no way to communicate.

  • Being exactly who and what we are, allowing ourselves to unfold according to our own nature in line with our creative life energy within the environment we finds ourselves, we will reveal and share ourselves.

Molding our experiences (Top)

034 Reality Molds Itself To Our Beliefs

  • Within the relationship of energy consciousness, our creative life energy flows to create an experience of how we have focused our attention and awareness.

  • What we believe determines how we focus our attention and awareness.

  • Consequently, we create our reality by what we believe and reality literally molds itself to our beliefs.

  • However, this does not necessarily mean we will get what we believe.

  • Rather what we see and experiences is our beliefs manifested in the environment in which we find ourselves.

  • The environment in which we find ourselves my be unable to support the full expression of what we believe. In a different environment, we would experience our belief in a different way.

  • However, what we believe modifies the environment and the environment is modifying what we believe.

  • The two are dynamically interconnected.

  • The longer and more passionately we hold our focus with an unwavering faith, the more and more we can shift the environment to manifest exactly how and what we believe.

035 We Are Perfect As We Are

  • We are the perfect expression of what we believe in the environment in which we find ourselves.

  • With the same beliefs, in a different environment, our expression would be different but it would be none the less a perfect expression of what we believe.

  • This simply means that if we don’t like what we are manifesting we have one of four primary choices.

  • One is that we simply move to an environment that will allows us to manifest what we believe in a way more suitable to our liking.

  • The second is that we change our beliefs to a set of beliefs that allows us to manifest something more acceptable to our liking in the environment in which we find ourselves.

  • The third way is to modify our beliefs and our environment to something more acceptable

  • The fourth way is to change our liking and accept what is as it is.

036 Our Belief Structure

  • Our belief structure holds the key to accessing our creative power and creative ability.

  • Our belief structure is the way our conscious and nonconscious beliefs integrated to determine how and what we think.

  • Our belief structure is what determines the focus of our attention and awareness.

  • The focus of our attention and awareness, in turn, determines where our energy goes.

  • There are many beliefs that we hold. Some contradict each other. Some conflict with the essence of who and what we our.

  • As a result, the flow of our creative life energy which determines the experiences we have is fragmented, scattered and torn asunder by beliefs that we hold that contradict each other and conflict with the essence of our being.

  • Internal contradiction and conflicts result in wars internal to our being and disagreements within our external world

037 Cause - Effect Relationship

  • There is a cause effect relationship to everything that manifests and we can’t escape the relationship.

  • The cause is a choice by consciousness as to how it will focus its attention and awareness.

  • To not choose is still a choice.

  • The effect is the flow of energy in response to that choice, in response to that focus of attention and awareness.

  • It is the same as the on - off principle. Either energy flows or it doesn’t. The switch turning it on or off is consciousness by how and what it chooses or doesn’t choose.

  • It needs to be understood, we can get lost in the infinite chains of cause effect relationships that occur in response to the infinite number of choices each consciousness makes in response to what it experiences. These cause effect relationship exist as the undercurrent of creation/Creation.

  • It must be understood for any flow of energy there is a cause and when we understand the cause, we have the opportunity to create a new cause and change the flow the flow of energy.

  • When we consciously change a flow of energy in response to a conscious choice we make, we become a conscious creator.

038 A Thought Held

  • Thoughts that are held grow and unfold like seeds.

  • A thought can lie dormant for a long time within our subconscious before conditions are correct.

  • When the environment is right, when some energy is focused in its direction, it springs to life with a life of its own. It pulls to itself the opportunities to manifest and unfold in the world. It is much like the way a seed grows into tree pulling from the unseen world all that it needs to manifest

  • In time the unfoldment of the though will produce fruits of its own that in turn grow producing more fruits.

  • Thoughts produce other thoughts. Unless we becomes aware of the thoughts we have our mind become cluttered with many beliefs and thoughts that scatter and fragment our creative life energy and do not allow us to keep a concentrated focus of our attention and awareness.

039 Power Of Intention

  • Clarity of intention is the most powerful creative focus of our attention and awareness that we have available.

  • Intention is the underlying cause of creation. Desire may be the raw material of creation, it is when we act with intention to manifest our desire that we create.

  • What needs to be understood about the power of intention is that although any desire, wish, or want, is an intention, there is also an underlying intention that gives rise to the desire, wish or what.

  • It is this underlying intention, whether conscious or nonconscious, that is determining where we place the focus of our attention and awareness and not necessarily the object of the desire or wish

  • The question that needs to be faced and answer if we are going to become a conscious creator is, “What are the intentions, both conscious and nonconscious, that are really driving our life?”

040 Need To Take Responsibility

  • In understanding that our beliefs mold the reality we experience and/or energy goes where we focus our attention and awareness, it is incumbent upon each of us to take full responsibility for the creation we experience.

  • Although we may not understand exactly how, or why, we have created what we experience, unless we take responsibility for what we experience, we are given our creative powers away and we assume a victim consciousness whether we realize it or not.

  • In taking responsibility we acknowledge our free will and that at some level of our being we have either created or agreed to the experiences we are having.

  • In taking responsibility for what we experience, we being to look to see how we have created what we experience. In doing so, we open the door to becoming a conscious creator.

041 Learn to be happy with what is

  • We are faced in life with a choice upon which few reflect but becomes essential if we are going to become a conscious creator and access our birthright and our inherent unlimited creativity.

  • Quite simply it is the issue of free will. Either we have or we don’t.

  • If we don’t have it, we are essentially a puppet on a string and at the mercy of forces and power much greater than us. In this case, all we can do is learn to be happy with what is.

  • If we do have free will, we need to consider what it really means.

  • If we truly accept and believe that all emanates from the same source/Source of creation/Creation, there is a oneness and interconnectedness to all of reality.

  • In this realization of oneness and all is interconnected, nothing happens without the consent, or at least the awareness, of every point of consciousness at some level of their being.

  • No matter what happens to us as a personal experience or witnessed by us, nothing happens without our consent and the consent of all those involved with the experience.

  • If and when we accept such understanding and work with it, even if our conscious mind can not fully comprehend how it is possible, we have to admit there is a wisdom within our being that is greater than that of our conscious mind and it has access to that place where the decisions of life are made.

  • It knows the reasons for what is and it is in this knowing we can be happy with what is for all are experiencing what they have chosen or agreed to experience.

042 Work With What Is

  • Any creative activity starts here and now exactly where we are.

  • From a creativity perspective, to access the energy that we need for a new creation , there is no past and the future is unknown.

  • All that exist is what we see and experience before us and within us.

  • All the energy of the universe is either in form or flowing into a new form in response to the intention of consciousness/Consciousness.

  • There is none to give us and no one to get it from.

  • All that we need is already in our life manifested in the creation we are currently experiencing.

  • We simply need to transform what we already have.

  • We are a being of unlimited creativity and have only created a puzzle to fully exercise and challenge our own unique creativity to demonstrate the depth and breath of our creative power and creative ability.

  • We start the transformation process by looking inward and making the necessary changes.

  • Then based on how the inner is reflected in the outer, allow the inner changes to manifest externally.

043 We Cannot Fear The Unknown

  • Creativity takes us into the unknown.

  • It brings into existence that which new, original and not seen and experience previously.

  • We cannot fear what we don’t know.

  • We can only fear what we have experienced and then project that past into the future.

  • It is not the unknown that we fear but the projections of the past.

  • In living in the past we shrink and reduce our options in the future.

  • We can prepare ourselves for the types and kinds of experiences that we fear but it is the past we are facing not the future or the unknown, nor are we necessarily addressing the true hazards that may exist.

044 Hazards Analysis

  • We are immortal and we can never really be hurt for we are an eternal creative spirit always within the flow of energy arising from the source/Source of creation/Creation capable of recreating itself into whatever it desires.

  • However, we have elected to have a physical experience in a physical body and there are hazards that are real and can make the journey in the body difficult if not accompanied by pain.

  • Additionally, although we are in physical Creation, there are physical and non physical things that can divert, fix or free the flow of our creative life energy in a way that does not serve the essence of our being and what we desire to create.

  • Although creativity takes us into the unknown and we cannot know exactly what we will face, we do know that we are creating from within a body from within Physical Creation.

  • There are principles and concept that govern Physical Creation and the facet of our creation that is of, or within, Physical Creation.

  • In this regard, we can use our past experiences, the past experiences of others, our knowledge of Physical Creation and our knowledge of the creative process to identify types and kinds of hazards that we may face in any given situation whether spiritually, mentally, emotionally or physically. In using the lessons learned from these experiences and knowledge, we can implement compensatory measures to reduce or mitigate any hazards and potential for accident, illness, disease, and/or other misfortune, pain or undesired experiences.

045 A Safe And Secure Space

  • A safe and secure space is a space created specifically to allow a creation to manifest and unfold. It is an environment created that is capable of fully nurturing and sustaining a given creation and allows the creation to unfold according to its true nature with little influence from its environment other than to fully nourish and sustain it.

  • What the safe and secure space looks like depends entirely upon the creation that will be manifested.

  • Although each creation is unique and original, and never having been seen before, that does not mean we will totally lacking in what it may look like and what its needs may be.

  • All creation unfolds from existing conditions.

  • You can use the knowledge of the starting materials to understand what hazards the new creation may face and what will be needed to nourish and sustain it.

  • Ultimately we will need to rely on keen observation and our intuitive guidance to know how to hold the safe and secure space.

Shared realities (Top)

046 Deep Undercurrents Of Reality

  • Given the wave particle nature of energy consciousness, the energy of each individuated consciousness permeates all of reality which means it permeates every other individuated consciousness.

  • As such the flow of energy of each individuated consciousness causes to arise by their intentions, desire and beliefs blend into a composite which manifests as the experiences we have in the way that we do within the environment in which we find ourselves.

  • The interweave of intentions and desires give rise to multiple layers within reality and give rise to deep undercurrents that makes any one individual desire at the mercy of the entire flow of Creation.

  • Yet that in no way belittles or negates the power of the individual to change the flow of Creation.

  • A small force exerted on a massive object over a long time will change the direction of travel of that massive object.

047 Shared Realities

  • Each individuated consciousness is independent and a separate reality. No one will experience a situation or event like we do even if they are right there with us sharing the event. That is what it means to be unique.

  • The only truth of which we can be certain is our truth. That is, what we ourselves feel, experience and understand.

  • In essence, any consciousness has four primary ways to experience reality.

  • Live in its own isolated world protecting and defending the truth that it knows to the point of denying information from the external world that does not fit what it has experienced;

  • Deny any internal truth and live according to what the external world directs;

  • Modify and evolve our truth neither denying the truth within our being nor the truth of the external world but merge the understanding into a wholeness and living in that wholeness,

  • Keep the internal truth separate from the external truth and live within literal standing between two worlds.

  • Physical Creation is a shared reality where we all live to a common set of “rules” to which we are held by our physical body. Nevertheless, we will experience living each of these four ways to one degree or another while in the human physical experience for the is what it means to be human.

048 Creation Within A Creation

  • The Consciousness within Creation, fragmented itself into an infinite number of individuated consciousnesses, each an aspect of Its Being.

  • Each of us is an aspect of this Consciousness and as such are a creation within a creation. Yet, we each are a consciousness that can separate and fragment themselves into an infinite number of parts.

  • This process can be endless creating a chain of creation within each other.

  • In addition to creating an endless chain of creations within creation, any consciousness can move to create within a creation not within its direct chain.

  • In this regard, we are creating a creation within a creation which we experience as Physical Creation.

  • Although we can always give a reason for what you create, but when viewed from a more cosmic perspective there is no meaning to creation/Creation or what we experience.

  • The only meaning is the meaning we give it.

  • That doesn’t mean there isn’t a plan.

  • The creation process is intentional. Creation/creation is intentional and we create through intention. We may only become intentional because of the meaning we give to what we experience, but, whatever we experience none the less is totally the play of consciousness at play with itself.

  • It is only our mind which has judged creation/Creation to be other than consciousness at play and have given it meaning.

  • There is no meaning to play.

  • Play is done for the sake of play.

049 Consciousness Of The Earth Plane Om (Aum)

  • Physical Creation is a reality created by one of the infinite number of individuated consciousnesses of All That Is.

  • There is a Creator of physical creation and it is the intention of this Creator that manifests this world and governs this world.

  • For those exposed to Eastern traditions, Om is the sound of Creation or this independent individualized consciousness as perceived by the human through the sensation of sound.

  • We will refer to the Creator of the physical reality as Om for there are an infinite number of other realities.

  • Physical reality will exist with or without you, me or any other individual and as long as Om wishes it to exist. It is the creation of Om and lies within the mind of Om. Or, if we prefer, is the expression of Om’s consciousness in the from of energy.

  • At this point in time, we are the guest of this creator of the physical plane. At some level of our being, we have chosen to have a physical experience and have accepted an invitation of Om to be here.

  • Whether we “needed” to become physical because we have to ”learn a lesson” and we are following the advice or directions of some nonphysical advisor, or we simply enjoy the physical experience, we have chosen to be here.

  • In electing to have an experience of the creation/Creation of this creator/Creator for whatever reason we have also agreed to play a role within this Creation and within the larger plan that Om is intending to manifest.

Dreaming reality (Top)

050 Collective Consciousness

  • In the same way many individual cells create the organs of our body and there are many different organs that come together to create body, consciousness is similarly layered.

  • There is a consciousness of earth and there is a consciousness of humanity that lies within this consciousness of earth and, as with any consciousness, it has a ego as to who it thinks it is.

  • Each of us are part of this collective human consciousness.

  • To break free of the pull of the collective consciousness is like trying to escape the pull of gravity to go into orbit.

  • It influences us and we influence it. It pulls us and we pull it. But, being significantly larger, it has a much greater pull.

  • Our individual lives are not separate from it and it is in fact what caused us to become incarnate.

  • There is “something” the human collective consciousness desired to create and make manifest in the physical world and that “something” lies within our being.

  • Similarly, there is something the consciousness of earth desired to make manifest and it is reflected in humanity.

051 Dream time

  • Dream time is about how we dream reality into creation/Creation. Or, rather, we create creation/Creation through our dreams.

  • The Aborigines of Australia are said to believe they live in dream time and live the dreams of their ancestors.

  • For those Aborigines who still continue to subscribe to this belief, they seem to be known for honoring their past and they are careful not to change the ways of the past.

  • They honor the creative living process that flows within their being and listen to its guidance. They “know” what to do, when they need to do it, and they listen to what is provided.

  • To an individual who lives from the mind and how they have come to understand how the world works, this way of living does not appear logical or as satisfying as the modern conveniences that can be provided by using the mind.

  • However, we do live in dream time, we do live the dreams of our ancestors, and we do dream reality into creation whether we realize it or not.

  • What we need to come to realize is that much of what we think, dream about and long for, is not of our making and our choice. Rather, they arise form something our care givers, our society or Creation itself has impregnated into us.

052 Dreams and visions

  • A dream in the context used here is only a thought about a different way of existing that is energized by the feelings we have about it.

  • In this regard, dreams can be considered the seeds for creating a new realities much the way seeds will unfold to create trees.

  • A dream is a dream only to the extent that we are asleep to the possibility of how it can be manifested.

  • When we awaken to the fact that every thought we hold is made manifest in the experiences we have, dreams are no longer dreams.

  • They are vision of a reality that does exist and has the potential to be manifested into a physical experience.

  • The challenge we have is whether or not we can bring, or are capable of bringing, that vision into physical reality as some type of object or thing and/or a physical experience.

  • That fact that we can dream the dream and can characterize it in images within our mind means that our mind has sufficient understanding to begin to work to manifest that dream.

  • We only have to wake up to that fact and have the passion to create it.

053 Dream of the heart

  • As an individualized consciousness, we each carry a unique way of being in the world and experiencing the world.

  • Our creative spirit/creative life energy that sustains us and is flowing into our being desires to express itself in its own unique fashion.

  • This desire is a dream we carry in our heart and within our being

  • It is what give us a passion for life and for living.

  • To live in a way that unfolds this dream accesses our creative passion.

  • To allow this dream to grow, we need to surrender to our body wisdom and intuitive guidance and allow our passion and the inner satisfaction and joy and bliss that arise from being in flow with our creative life energy to be our internal compass.

  • As our dream unfolds, we will bring a gift or gifts into the world which is the fulfillment of the desire carried by the consciousness which created the Physical Creation and/or the collective consciousness that lies within the intention for you life.

  • If we don’t unfold the dream within our heart we will find that life is somehow feels unfulfilled or unfeeling.

Taking Ownership for Creation (Top)

054 A Being Who Stands Between Two Worlds

  • Probably the most difficult concept to understand is how we are an independent, individualized consciousness fully creating the reality we experiences yet seem so tightly bound and constrained by living in a body in the Physical Creation

  • The key is to understand that we are a independent, individualized consciousness and the physical world is a independent individualized consciousness that has manifested a creation in which we have been invited to experience its creation/Creation

  • As such, we are a creation within a creation and stand between two worlds.

  • One world is our reality and our reality is unlike no other reality.

  • The second world is the world of the Physical Creation and it too is a reality unlike any other reality

  • As such, our psyche merges two sets of operating principles.

  • One is the set of principles that govern the physical plane and what it means to be human  contained within the human collective conscious. The other set is the operating principles of our own individualized consciousness, our truth, that determines who we think we are

055 Intention For Our Life

  • At any level of creation/Creation, creation/Creation is not done alone. We will always need the assistance of another or other to have an experience.

  • The desire consciousness held (whomever we perceive this consciousness to be) for creating the intention for our life was the result of the merging in Creation of two components.

  • One was longing or desire in our individualized consciousness for a physical experience for one reason or another.

  • The other was a longing or need in the Physical Creation by the collective consciousness and/or Om, the consciousness that created physical creation, for what we are capable of bringing into Physical Creation.

  • What needs to be understood is the intention for our life existed before our enculturated ego and enculturated mind existed.

  • To access both this intention and the flow of the creative life energy that is sustaining and unfolding the manifestation of this intention, we need to step out of mind and beyond the thinking, judging, logical, analytical and enculturated mind and enculturated ego.

  • If we surrender to our creative passion and allow it to lead us where it may, although we may seeming jump from thing to thing without order. The pattern will be reflective of the play of a very young child. In time, we will being to see a pattern as we gain the necessary minimum set of experience that we can piece together that will give us a fairly good idea of what we are here to do.

  • We need to explore no farther than that unless we choose to do so.

056 We Are Not Our Body

  • We are not our body no matter how much our physical experiences try to convince us that we are.

  • Our body is only a vehicle that we have created and are using to have a physical experience  as a human being.

  • Although the body is molded to our consciousness such that the two seem to be inseparable, they are separate.

  • The body is part of the form we create to experience what we create

  • Dispelling the belief that we are our body is the greatest single thing that can be done to access and release our unlimited creativity.

  • This does not mean we do not properly care for our body nor do we need to try and transcend it.

  • Rather we recognize that it is the vehicle we choose to use to have a physical experience. We only need to not identify with it.

057 We Are A Creative Living Process

  • We are a creative living process of energy and consciousness dynamically molding and remold itself into a form to have the experiences we desire based on the experiences we have had

  • The creative life energy that created and sustains us is constantly flowing through our being animating us and giving us life.

  • The flow pattern of this energy reflects who and what we are in the moment.

  • The awareness that is our consciousness looks out and sees a changing world. It never see the change of flow within our own being which gives rise to the changes we see externally.

  • We attribute all the change we seen and experience to the external world and not ourselves.

  • The flow within our being is constantly changing by how and what we believe.

  • Every experience we have causes us to change in some way.

  • Either the experience reinforces the past or it allows us to move into a new direction in the future.

058 Our Body Is A Unique Consciousness

  • The key to understanding the consciousness of the body is that mass is a form of energy.

  • Since energy and consciousness can be seen as one and the same, our unique body represents a unique consciousness and has a unique view and perspective.

  • The key to using our body consciousness is that the energy that is animating our body, and gives rise to our body is an aspect of our individualized consciousness.

  • As a consciousness, our body stories memories.

  • All the experiences we have had in life are felt by the body and the body forms itself in response to those experiences.

  • Within the body there is a body wisdom that grew us from a fertilized egg into a fetus to be born into the world and guides our development.

  • The wisdom of the body and within the body existed before the mind of our body

  • What our body feels is what will guides us through life to give us the experiences that we need to have to manifest the intention that brought us into the world.

  • t will tell us through what it feels where you are, and are not, living in alignment with the flow of our creative life energy and whether or not we are meeting the intent of our incarnation.

  • Our body is always sensing and experiencing the energy of the environment in which it finds itself.

  • It senses the energy of its environment and then translates that energy into perceptions, the strongest of which what we call feelings (physical and emotional).

  • It behooves us to be open to feeling and what we feel to have the receiver of our mind tuned to pick up and monitor what the body is sensing.

059 Communicating With Our Creative Live Energy

  • The energy that is animating our life and manifesting our body in its current form is capable of communicating with us and it does so all the time.

  • In essence the world we experience and the experiences we have is its communication with us. We only need to learn to read our internal and external worlds to understand what it is trying to say.

  • To read our external world, we need to become aware of the metaphoric nature to all that we experiences.

  • To read on internal world, we need to understand the inner language that our creative spirit uses to communicate with us.

  • Similarly, we can communicate with it.

  • It actually it is already and always listening to us for it responds to our choices and give us what we desire manifested in accordance with the environment in which we find ourselves such that the environment that we experience is the communication back to us.

  • In learning how to communicate with this energy we can see how it is creating our reality and experiences we have in response to how we believe and think.

  • Although there are many common elements as to how the creative life energy of the universe communicates with an individual, the exact way it communicates with us is unique to our being and we will need to learn and discern its communication.

060 Body Wisdom and Intuitive Guidance

  • Body wisdom and intuitive guidance are in essence one and the same.

  • They are essentially two aspects of the same thing.

  • Body wisdom refers to what can be described as “sensations” that one would normally associate as coming directly from the body and its environment.

  • Body wisdom is information that remains in the form of feeling.

  • Body wisdom is totally accurate until mind interpret what is felt based on the past experiences mind has had.

  • Intuitive guidance, of which intuition is a part, is more associated with thoughts, images, perceptions, knowings, metaphors, analogies and the like that we would describe as coming from our mind but their origin is not of our ego, our past experiences, and how we think the world works.

  • Since intuitive guidance is an interpretation by mind as to what is being senses, the direction of the interpretation is totally correct. How what is sense is interpreted may be in error because mind may not have the necessary minimum set of experience to properly interpret what is senses.

  • To utilize our body wisdom and intuitive guidance we need to become the detached witness and allow what is present to come forth and be held in mind without judgment and opinion of the enculturated mind and honor what is received by acting on what we receive.

061 Creative Passion

  • Creative passion is about the energy and passion to create and the energy that sustains us for the duration of the creative endeavor.

  • The emotional energy, or passion, of our being is the fuel that causes us to act in the world and energizes the manifestation of our desires and intentions to brings them into a physical form and/or experience.

  • Whether that emotional energy is characterized as a passionate longing for something we desperately want or it is an obsessive fear or the anxious dread of something unwanted, it doesn’t matter.

  • From the viewpoint of manifesting a creation, emotional energy is emotional energy and the effect is the same - the manifestation of the focus of that energy.

  • Our intention, whether it be to move towards something or away form something, takes form depending on how much energy we direct into, or on, the object of focus.

  • The more enthusiasm we have for something, the more emotional energy we put into it, and therefore, the more attention we are giving it to manifest it as an experience.

  • The more energy we project into something the more we work to bring it into form.

  • The bottom line is no matter how we look at it, if you really want to create something, we need to set a clear focus through intentionality, become enthusiastic about our focus, and keep our unwavering attention on that intention and watch the our creative life energy pour into it.

062 The Left Hand Path Of Convention

  • In any society, whether small like a family or large like a nation, there is the conventional path or the conventional way of being that is acceptable to the members of that society.

  • Although there are an infinite number of different ways to live, there are written and/or unwritten ways of being that the society finds acceptable.

  • The left hand path of convention is a way of living or being in a society that tend to run outside the written and/or unwritten ways of being.

  • The left hand path does not mean we do everything different or against society.

  • Rather, it only means we do one thing or many things that are considered unacceptable or “not the way things are normally done” with the end result that we make some of the members of that society uncomfortable.

  • Creativity by its very nature brings into the world something that is significantly different from what went before it or something not see before for it is entirely original.

  • Hence, true creativity and true creative acts always lie outside the norm.

  • The question is whether or not our creative passion causes us to create in a way that takes us outside the acceptable norms of our society, whatever that society may be, and whether or not we have the passion and courage to live our truth on the left hand path.

Energy aspects (Top)

063 How The Energy Of Our Being Manifests Physically

  • Exactly how the energy of energy consciousness manifests physically to create our experience may never be know other than reality will mold itself based on what we think and believe and our creative life energy flow to create and experience based on how we focus our attention and awareness.

  • Nevertheless there are several physical examples which allow us o understand how something of form arises from a seeming “no-thing-ness” or from “no-form.”

  • When studied each give some insights as to how our creative life energy creates our experiences.

  • There is the way a vibrating string vibrates so rapidly it gives rise to an imaginary envelop creating the illusion of a solid object. It is the way music is made.

  • There is the phenomenon of pair production where the energy of an electromagnetic wave creates a creates a particle and an antiparticle. A particle and “reflection of itself” much like the way a paper cut out creates a cutout and a hole which directly reflects the cutout. This is the way mass appears to be made within an existing or established creation.

  • There is the phenomenon of the hologram. Each piece contains the whole but each fragment is less clear than the whole. Although fuzzy, nonetheless, the whole is contained in each piece. This is a way to view the interconnectedness of all that exists and how all that exists is within each piece, each fragment.

064 Environment Of Our Actions

  • The essence of the creation process is that our consciousness creates a disturbance in the fabric of creation by what and how we believe.

  • Reality molds itself to what we believe and it creates an observer making an observation  within a context of observation or within a particular environment.

  • The three, the observer, observed and the environment of observation are interconnected and each one affects the others.

  • Part of what any consciousness believes in any one moment is determined by the environment in which it finds itself.

  • The disturbance which is created materializes as an experience exactly into a form determined by the environment in which we manifest our energy.

  • Each environment will allow for an exact representation of who and what we are as can be supported by that environment.

  • Some environment will be unable to support some characteristics or attributes of our being. Some environments will amply others.

  • We only need to look at what is created and the experiences we have within the environment in which we find ourselves to understand what and how we believe.

  • What this means is that in understanding our environment, we only need to look to our environment and the experiences we have within that environment to learn to understand what we believe for it accurately reflects who and what we are.

065 The Physical Plane Is A Plane Of Manifestation And Grounding

  • The physical plane is a place of manifestation. That is, we bring our desires into a physical experience by directing our creative life energy into physical manifestation by how we focus our attention and awareness.

  • Alternative said, in how the inner reflects the outer, it allow us to process what is within our being as a physical experience

  • We are free to create and manifest whatever we desire.

  • There is no judgement on what we choose or how we choose.

  • Our body and its environment is our truth manifested.

  • To understand exactly how and why we have created ourselves as we have we will need to make the subconscious conscious.

  • The physical plane is a realm of existence where who and what we are becomes physical such that our body and the world we experience is a direct reflection of all the aspect of our being.

  • The physical plane allows us to see and experience exactly who and what we are and how we have defined ourselves or have come to believe who we are.

066 A Vehicle For A Physical Experience

  • Our body is the vehicle we have chosen for a physical experience.

  • In particular, it is the physical experience to fulfill the intention for our life.

  • We could have chosen another type and kind of vehicle but the human body allows the greatest blending of our individualized consciousness and our freedom to create yet keep us grounded and present to the physical experience we incarnated to have.

  • Our body best suits who and what we are as an evolving consciousness or rather unfolding consciousness and what we incarnated to do.

  • Our particular body is the perfect vehicle for what we came to do.

067 Energy Must Be Acted Out (Processed)

  • Since energy can neither be created or destroyed, any energy that we possess that is bound in past memories or in attachments will need to be released and processed if that energy is to become available for creating.

  • Our being has to process the energy.

  • To do that is to allow the energy to flow in a physical experience and fully dissipate.

  • We can do it nonconsciously through pain and/or other nonconscious creative expressions or we can do it consciously and free the cause of the attachment.

  • To do it consciously, we will have to awaken to where our energy is blocked

068 Energy Flows In The Path Of Least Resistance

  • In working with the flow of creative life energy within our being, it needs to be understand energy flows the path of least resistance whether that energy flow within our being or outside our being.

  • It will always find that path that allows it to flow in the easiest way possible to the lowest point or “ground” state.

  • For humans, the ground states is a physical experience where the body acts in some way and the energy is allowed to fully dissipate in a physical experience.

  • The energy within our being flows around and through the terrain of our beliefs in easiest way possible.

  • Our habits of the past are only channels that allow our creative life energy to flow easier than if we have to develop new flow patterns to create new ways of being and acting in the world.

  • There is a natural flow to reality for every situation in which we find ourselves and the natural flow path is the path of least resistance.

  • We lose the ability to follow our natural flow path as children when we adapt ourselves to the way our world wants us to be rather than following our own intuitive guidance and/or body wisdom.

069 We Know A Tree By Its Fruits

  • There is an old saying that we know a tree by its fruits.

  • An apple tree gives apples. A pear tree give pears. We cannot expect pears from an apple tree and apples from a pear tree.

  • We may be able to cross breed them and create a new fruit neither pear nor apple. But we cannot get from something what it does not contain within its essence.

  • All Creation flows from the same source.

  • At the deepest essence of our being, we are all the same.

  • Yet, our fruits, the expression of who and what we are in the world seems to be so different.

  • This is because of what we have allow ourselves to become as a result of the experiences we have had.

  • By knowing the Source and seeing the fruit, we know what lies between and we can know the tree.

070 We Cannot Give What We Don’t Have

  • We cannot give what we do not have is applicable to every level of our being.

  • We know a tree by its fruits. An apple tree gives apples. An orange tree give oranges. We can’t get apples from an orange tree. The apples and oranges come from the essence of the tree and the essence of each tree is different.

  • So too with our being.

  • We can only give from our essence and what is in our essence.

  • Although the deepest essence of our being is to be in spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of the Creation in which we find ourselves as that Playmate of Consciousness, we cannot give that play to another nor can we create the space for another to have the freedom to experience it if we ourselves cannot be it.

  • The same is true for any other quality that comes from the deepest levels of our being that arise from the source/Source of our being or arise from any other level of our being.

  • We can only give what we have created within ourselves and with our mind and what it thinks and judges.

  • We must first create within ourselves the qualities that we wish to give before we can give them

  • This is true for love, compassion, peace, freedom or any other quality that flows from within into the external world.

  • If we have hate, anger, frustration and the like within our heart, how can we expect to give some thing other than hate, anger or frustration?

071 Illusion Of Objectivity

  • For many centuries, there has been a belief that we can be objective.

  • However, science has found at the most fundamental levels the observer and the observed are integrally connected.

  • The truth of the matter is that no matter how much we may feel, and how we try to act to remove or separate ourselves from what we observe, we cannot really separate ourselves from our environment and from what we observe.

  • We and our environment, as any creation and its environment, are integrally connected.

  • If we change one, we will change the other.

  • If there is any aspect we don’t like, we will need to go within to see how our internal world and our external observation are connected. It is only there that we will find the source of what we are experiencing.

072 The Illusion Of Separation

  • There are three conditions that have been found to exist that give rise to, or holds us in, the illusion of separation.

  • One is that we think we are a separate entity unconnected to any other aspect of Creation.

  • The second is that we believe there is a past, present and future.

  • The third is that we can separate and compartment our energy and life experience to confine different aspects of our life.

073 Becoming The Creator

  • Who and what we are is perfectly manifest in physical creation as our body and its environment in a one to one mapping to our mind and what we think and believe.

  • Each and every aspect of our being is somehow reflected in the Creation we experience.

  • For us to become the creator of a world we wish to experience, we have to become both the creator and the creation

  • We have to choose what we wish to create and then become it.

  • We cannot give what we do not have.

  • We cannot experience another world or reality unless we become that world and reality ourselves and within ourselves.

  • We are in the world we are experiencing because of who and what we currently are for it is a reflection of us.

  • To experience a different world, we must become different.

  • To manifest any creation, we will need to ask yourself, “What do I have to become to create what I desire” and then we will need to detach ourselves from both the current identity we have and from the creation we desire to become a detached witness.

  • Then, from that position of the detached witness we allow whatever that needs to change internally and externally to change to manifest what we desire.

074 Love And Our Creation

  • To manifest any creation and consciously access our creative power and creative ability, we will have to intimately love both ourselves, the creator, and the creation for as the creator, we will become the creation.

  • Here the love we refer to is unconditional love. That is, we give the creation what it needs not what we want to give it.

  • If we cannot freely and unconditionally love ourselves and our creation allowing them to unfold and become exactly who and what they are, whatever conditions, constrains or judgement we have become part of the creation and we will not experience freedom in our creation or love from or in our creation.

  • Unless we create the seed of freedom from the very beginning it will not manifest in our creation.

  • This is the main reason why so many are dissatisfied with the world they experience.

  • They are the creators but they have not learned to unconditionally love and accept themselves. Consequently, whatever they consciously or subconsciously create the conditions they have placed on loving themselves become reflected the in the creation and those dislikes, judgements and the like become those aspects that makes our creation less than desired.

The sacrifice of creation (Top)

075 Cauldron Of Creation

  • All Creation and creative activities start with unmanifested raw materials of creation, that is, free and unbounded energy and/or free and unbounded consciousness.

  • Free and unbounded energy is energy not in any fixed form much like the way molten iron exists in blast furnace just before it is poured into a mold or the molten lava within a volcano before it pours out forming a new land mass.

  • Free and unbounded consciousness is consciousness free of attachments and past memories that keep the consciousness fixed and occupied in the past rather than freely flowing like the wind into and out of the experiences of Creation.

  • For any intention we wish to manifest a part of our existing internal world and external world will need to be cast into the Cauldron of Creation to be melded down into an unmanifested and undefined form so that it can be remolding into our new creation.

076 The Sacrifice

  • Energy can neither be created or destroyed, only transformed.

  • All the existing energy in the universe is either bound in an existing form or flowing into a new creation based on how all the individual consciousnesses participating in Creation have chosen to manifest Creation.

  • For us to create something new or manifest any intention some of the existing creation/Creation must be sacrificed or given up to release the energy to form the new creation.

  • Exactly what must be given up cannot be known for to create is to manifest something not previously experienced by mind.

  • We cannot second guess Creation and give something up thinking that is what Creation will require for our new creation.

  • All Creation is interconnected.

  • Our conscious mind will not know how our intention affects other parts of Creation and how we will have change internally or externally to address those aspects.

  • We will have to do all that is require for our new creation to manifest regardless of what mind thinks.

077 Predatory World

  • Creation requires a sacrifice of energy and consciousness to create something new or to sustain an existing created form.

  • Each of us, as is Creation, are a creative living process continuously remolding itself destroying an existing form remolding itself into a new form.

  • Since all the energy of the universe is already in form or flowing into form we will have to eat some aspect of creation

  • Any new creation will require something to be eaten and consumed to supply the energy for that creation to come into existence and then to sustain that creation.

  • Similarly, we will all have to excrete something to keep the process flowing.

  • Exactly what needs to be eaten and consumed and what will be excreted will depend on the creation.

  • It is here the traditional concept of surrender is most applicable as in the concept of the scarab.

  • We must surrender to whatever our creation requires and be consumed or otherwise the creation will not manifest in its fulness and/or result in pain.

  • Similarly, we must become the scarab to recycle that waste into a new life.

  • In an experience of the oneness of Creation, we can realize there is a continual flow. Unless we let go to be consumed and work with the flow we ultimately shut of the source of our own being and that is our death. It confines us to the proverbial hell at any level of being where we have no freedom.

078 A Balance In Creation

  • There are several aspects to balance in creation.

  • One is the ebb and flow of creation into and our of form. All creations can be characterized as an ebb and flow into a created form followed by the dissolution out of creation back into the raw materials out of which the creation forms.

  • Hence there will ultimately always be a pull to balance in Creation in that everything, no matter how far the swing away from the center of out of which all Creation forms, will eventually return to that center.

  • Similarly, we each have a center point within our being

  • It is the source of our being and the source of our all creative life energy out of which all our creations flow.

  • Whenever we create, we also create the pattern for the return to this center point.

  • However, rather than allow our creations to freely unfold and collapse back again, our mind steps in and we become attached to the creation/Creation we experience.

  • This gives rise to the other balance in creation/Creation. It is to walk in balance between the tension of opposites by learning to dance. It is to learn to dance. It is to dance between the the masculine and feminine and the dance between mind and what is symbolized in the heart..

079 Attachments

  • Attachments are important for it is how we bind the free flow of our creative life energy in our attachments that we what create the experiences we have

  • Because of how the inner is reflected in the outer, an experience in Physical Creation provides us the opportunity to experience exactly who and what we are and what we have created within our being have it reflected externally.

  • It provides us an opportunity to reveal our attachments for they are what create the experience.

  • Although the Physical Creation is only one type and kind of experience we can have, it is one that is best suited for seeing how we have created our reality through our attachments and what we hold onto rather than letting go. It is in the pain we experience that will reveal our attachments if we follow the pain back to its source.

  • Additionally, the nature of Physical Creation is a place to experience feeling and to exercise our creative ability and creative power. In revealing our attachments we can see how we have robbed ourselves of our own creative ability and creative power. .

080 Need Not To Know

  • We all seem to have a need not to know exactly who and what we are and exactly how we create our experiences and the reality we experience.

  • This need not to know can be so strong that it causes us to deny the source/Source of our own being and prevent us from aligning with our creative passion and the flow of our creative life energy to access our true creative potential and unlimited creativity.

  • Part of this phenomenon is the nature of the creative process.

  • There is our need to forget and become lost in creation/Creation so that we do not realize we are the creator of the creation/Creation we experience.

  • There are three other reason that have been observed as to why we do not wish to realize we are the creator of our experiences.

  • One is if we know who and what we are we would have to take responsibility for the experiences we have and the reality of those experiences.

  • The second is we would need to become very disciplined and develop a strong will to hold and maintain a single point focus no matter what obstacles arise in our life that seemed to prevent us from creating what we desired.

  • The third reason is that we would find there are “gifts” that we incarnated to give In that awareness we would have if access, align with, and surrender to the flow of our creative life energy to manifest those gives as we fulfill the intention for our life

  • In addition there would be the by product of having to rely on our body wisdom and intuitive guidance to guide us through life.

  • That in turn would allow them to “know” many things about the past and future, some of which we would prefer not to see.

081 Denying Our Creative Living Process

  • We are a creative living process redefining ourselves by each experience we have.

  • Within each of us is a flow of creative life energy/creative spirit trying to express itself in a way that is unique and unlike no other being.

  • Aligning with our creative life energy and surrendering to it causes one follow the left hand path of convention and become unacceptable to many individuals who live in the world they inhabit.

  • Hence, it often seems easier to deny our uniqueness and the truth of our own being rather than being unacceptable to others.

  • To deny it causes us to experience separation within their own being and from the source/Source of our being. In doing so we scatter and fragment our creative energy and powers.

  • Because of how the inner reflects the outer, this then becomes reflected in the world we inhabit.

  • More importantly it causes a pain and discomfort to arise in the depths of our being that either leads us to explore the nature and cause of the pain we experience or to deny it or numb it in some way risking some type and kind of addictive pattern in life. This includes developing a preoccupation with thinking and things of the mind to avoid what we feel.

082 The Gift Of Pain

  •  Pain is a gift and there are two primary ways that is a gift.

  • First it functions as an alarm or warning device and does so in two ways.

  • One way is it tells us that harm or potential harm is being done at some level of our being as the situation currently exists.

  • The second way is that it tells us the situation we are experiencing is moving past the limits and barriers we have been using to create and sustain the situation.

  • Here the “harm” is that the limit and boundary we chose and the experiences you are having is no longer containing the creative life energy of our being and our creative spirit is experiencing more and more a cage of its own making.

  • This is not necessarily bad.

  • It is only a warning to tell us that we are transcending the existing from, that holds us in the particular pattern in which we are living which we created in, an from the past.

  • The second way that pain is a gift is that it provides you the opportunity to discover that we are not our body.

  • “How do I feel?” is probably the most important question we can learn to ask ourselves for our feelings is what will give us the truth of what is as it is being experienced by us.

  • If we have not deaden, denied or numbed our feelings and our pains, they can provide us much information about ourselves and the environment in which we are experiencing.

083 Addictions (as viewed from a creativity perspective)

  • It has been observed that when one unable to align with the flow of the creative life energy within their being, they will feel a pain or discomfort at some level of their being.

  • It may not feel like an actual physical pain but there will be a feeling that the individual would rather not feel.

  • Many of us feel a deep longing within our being to reconnect with our source/Source - to move pass the limits and barriers that have kept us in separation from the source/Source.

  • Many do not understand the feeling of this discomfort, pain and /or longing and will take some form of medication, substance, activity or diversion in life to take away the pain, not to feel the pain and/or mask the pain.

  • There is nothing wrong with this, as long as one explores the origins of what they feel and find out what is causing the feeling in the first place. Otherwise, what is giving rise to the feeling will be experienced in some other way.

  • When we rely on the substance or activity to keep us away from facing our pain, whether it be an internal or external pain, we will form an addiction of some type.

  • Thinking itself and preoccupation with the mind is actually a form of addiction that many use to not feel, especially not to feel the pain and longing of their separation.

084 Accident, Illness And Disease

  • Within the creativity perspective, there are a variety of reasons as to why we will experience accident illness and disease.

  • It has been observed there are six types of experiences which we classify as accident, illness and disease. They are: to learn we are not our body; to have a particular type and kind of experience available only through what we call accident illness or disease; “karmic” illness or disease; genetic illness and/or to serve humanity; failure to finance health; and creating a void within our being by failing to fully live life.

  • The bottom line on illness is that if we never pay attention to what our nonconscious mind presents, the nonconscious mind will most probably utilize pain, accident, illness and/or nightmares or their equivalent to get our conscious attention.

  • The nonconscious will “yell” at our conscious mind only as loudly as necessary to get its attention.

The Creation process (Top)

085 The Creation Process

  • For any creation, there is a process that gives rise to that creation.

  • Within us, the creation process starts with a dissatisfaction with what is.

  • If we act on that dissatisfaction, we will experience a process that in some way the matches the following steps:
    • Conceptual formation
    • Creating the space for creation - preparing the environment
    • Energy generation
    • Seeding the creation
    • Gestation/germination
    • Separation or birth
    • Nurturing to self sufficiency
    • Growth and unfoldment
    • Death and dissolution into component parts
    • Return to conceptual formation

086 Creative Tension

  • Any creation is a result of a flow of energy. Any flow of energy is the result of a tension between two opposites.

  • It is the tension between the opposites which supplies the flow of energy.

  • The creative process is an ongoing ebb and flow of energy into form and then out of form.

  • The greater the separation that greater the pull to return to a wholeness.

  • Within in us, the creation process starts with a dissatisfaction with what is, and a longing and a desire to close that separation.

  • That longing, that desire, to close the separation is how we feel and experience the creative tension.

  • Desire, any desire, and any longing for anything, should not to be judged but understood for desire is the raw material of creation/Creation

  • If we deny the tension, suppress it or try and numb it in some way, we keep the energy bound in a fixed form and reduce the amount of energy available to create something new. In not acting on the tension, we may even turn the tension into pain and develop addictions to suppress the pain we feel.

  • Additionally, every desire we have has the potential to ultimately lead you to the Source of Creation

  • In understanding how the inner is reflective of the outer, each creative act causes the annihilation of the parts and the release of energy from that bound form.

  • The moment of annihilation and the release of free unmanifested energy is the Source of Creation. It is just that most of us never consciously experience it.

087 Masculine Aspect Of Being

  • The masculine aspect of the creative process is any thrust by consciousness to create and to mold reality into a new form.

  • It is the compliment to the feminine, not its opposite. Creation cannot exist without both the masculine and the feminine.

  • The masculine act is the choice to act and hold a thought and allow it to be the focus of our conscious or nonconscious attention and awareness. The feminine act is the flow of energy in accordance to focus of attention and awareness to create and sustain what is desired by the masculine act.

  • Any act by consciousness whether it be to become desire less and calm the waters of creation/Creation to find a calm centeredness as in many meditation techniques or to disturb that calm pool to create a new creation, a new set of ripples to be experienced, is the masculine act.

  • The masculine is represented by mind and what the mind thinks. Whenever we are thinking and/or acting on a thought, we are in the masculine aspect of being.

  • The masculine is energized or catalyzed into action when it loved, accepted and embraced for who and what it is and call forth by the feminine aspect of being to thrust out and be true to itself.

088 The Feminine Aspect Of Being

  • The feminine aspect of being is the nurturing and sustaining aspect of creation/Creation

  • It is the compliment to the masculine, not its opposite.

  • The feminine holds the form of the new creation in such a way that the new creation is allowed to grow and unfold according to its own nature.

  • Where as the masculine act is the choice to act and hold a thought and allow it to be the focus of our conscious or subconscious attention and awareness. The feminine act is the flow of energy in accordance to focus of attention and awareness to create and sustain what is desired by the masculine act.

  • When we surrender and are in the flow of our creative life energy, we are in the feminine aspect of our being. When in the feminine, we are present to what is and allowing it to happen.

  • Since the feminine act corresponds to the flow of energy, the feminine is represented by the heart and what we feel.

  • Since the feminine aspect of being is what nurtures and sustains a creation it will always be seen giving more to the creation than the masculine.

  • The feminine gives so much of itself to the creation process it looks to be protected and kept in a safe and secure space by the masculine as it nourishes the creation.

  • The feminine is energized or catalyzed into action when it loved, accepted and embraced for who and what it is, and feels safe, secure, protected and taken care of by the masculine aspect of being.

089 Merging, annihilation and the creation of offspring

  • Creation can be seen and experienced as something arising from nothing or it can be seen to create a cutout and a hole in the fabric of creation/Creation from which the creation/Creation arose.

  • To create something new, part, if not all, of the existing creation/Creation must be recast.

  • This can be seen as part of the existing creation/Creation returning to nothing.

  • Or it can be seen and experienced as part of the cutout and the hole merging, annihilating to free the energy bound in the existing form to become available for the new creation.

  • The energy and creation that results from the merging and annihilation is the offspring of that merging.

  • If the energy released is not free to flow and unfold, the new creation will be stunted, stifled, or even aborted.

  • Given that all creation occurs as a result of the tension between opposites and these opposites can be seen and experienced as the masculine and feminine aspects of creation/Creation

  • As such, there will be a merging and joining of the masculine and feminine with the result of an offspring of that joining.

090 Holding A Space For Creation

  • For any creation to manifest, grow and unfold, there needs to be a fertile, safe and secure space capable of holding and nurturing the creation.

  • As with any creative effort there is an internal aspect and an external aspect to this space.

  • Internally, we must empty themselves and create the space within our own being for our creation to grow.

  • This means we must modify what and how we think and believe.

  • As you being to believe and think differently because of what we are creating in internally in life, we will begin to act differently an require a different world to live in.

  • As such, something of our old world will have to change to accommodate the new.

  • Holding the space for a creation is not about knowing what needs to be done or knowing what to change.

  • It is to surrender and respond to what arises in the way that allows for the continued growth and unfoldment of the creation.

091 The Beloved/beloved

  • When we are in the tension of opposites which gives rise to flow of energy for a creative endeavor and we are viewing from one aspect of the separation, that for which we long or to which we are pulled for all practical purposes becomes our beloved.

  • We feel incomplete without it and it becomes the focus of our attention and awareness.

  • We seek it and look for it everywhere.

  • It needs to be emphasized here that a pull of the beloved always exists within any creative endeavor but we only experience it as the beloved, that to which we desire to love, when we access and seek what is symbolized in our heart and desire to create from what is symbolized by the heart.

  • It is only then our heart and all of our creative life energy becomes focused on the creation we seek.

  • The beloved can be a person, an object, an aspect of being or our understanding of God. As a person to love, the beloved is seen as the perfect soul mate. As our Divine complement it is seen and experienced as our understanding of God.

092 The Muse

  • The muse is that which lies external to us which creatively catalyzes us and excites us into creative action or to pursue a creative endeavor.

  • Anything can be a muse but is has been traditionally seen as a female who excites the male into creative action.

  • The muse is the manifestation in the physical world of what one needs to experience to manifest what one desires to create.

  • In seek the muse, we create that which we see to experience.

  • The muse is the beloved/Beloved which supplies the creative tension for a creative endeavor but is not see as the beloved//Beloved.

093 Pain Of Birthing

  • Pain is the result of a limit or barrier that is being exceeded in some way.

  • Pain is a gift in that it tells us when a limit or barrier is being exceeded

  • If what is occurring that gives rise to pain will cause us harm, then we would definitely want to change what we are doing.

  • However to create and birth any new creation will require moving past our existing limits and barriers in some way.

  • As a result of how the inner is reflective of the outer, whenever we create, we will cause something to change within our being and something externally to change in our world.

  • Often there are nonconscious aspects to what is occurring of which we are unaware.

  • The origins of the attachments which gives rise to the pain we experience may or may not be known but they can lie in internal or external attachments to people, places and experiences which need to pass out of our life.

  • Here the pain arises because in some way we are not allowing what is occurring as part of the required sacrifice of creation to flow freely into the new creation.

Recreating Oneself (Top)

094 The Phoenix

  • The Phoenix is a mythical bird that consciously consumes itself in flames to be reborn new from its ashes.

  • The Phoenix is the story of the transformation our creative life energy/creative spirit being made manifest in physical form only to die and be reborn in some new form.

  • It described the process we each must under go as our consciousness evolves or to manifest our dreams, both of which require transformation of our enculturated ego

  • The method that is used for our destruction for the transformation is really our choice.

  • The Phoenix process is a two fold process.

  • The fire that destroys the nest we created is experienced as the Dark Night of the Soul that literally and figuratively burns up our ego.

  • As represented by the fire, there is a tremendous heat energy released in the fire that is available to transform any existing structure.

  • What we feel when the energy is being made available has been called the Kundalini rising. In essence it is a big rush of energy that can be experienced as an unfathomable bliss and joy.

095 Complex Integration

  • The term complex integration has two related meanings.

  • One is to accept the fact that we have two parts, a real part and an imaginary part.

  • The real part is the physical part of our being that exists as tangible.

  • The imaginary part is what we can call our creative imagination and all that exist in mind that does not seem to exist in physical Creation.

  • We can solve problems within our being that are otherwise unsolvable by going into the imaginary part of our being, our creative imagination, to find a creative solution and bring it back into reality.

  • The Second meaning is about integrating all facets of our complex being into one integrated creative being which includes our imagination and the things we consider imaginary into a wholeness of being. Hence, a complex integration or an integration of the complexities

096 The Creative State Of Play

  • Play can be a very powerful creative tool. Creative play allows one to step out of mind to access information that is otherwise not readily obtainable.

  • The goal of creative play is to get out of the controlling mind and be totally in the spontaneity of the moment.

  • There are two ways to play.

  • One is play as defined by the mind and the second is the play of what is symbolized in the heart.

097 Ritual And Ceremony [A Suorephex]

  • From the creativity perspective, ritual and ceremony serve two primary purposes

  • One is they provide a way to “ground” the flow of our creative life energy in that they direct the flow of our creative life energy into a specific desired creation desired by our mind or our creative spirit.

  • They are to create an emotion filled memory that can continually catalyze our creative endeavor for the duration of the creation.

  • The second is they provide a way to honor our intuitive guidance.

  • We need to honor our intuitive guidance and hold our creativity sacred so as to not shut down or turn off our intuitive guidance that flows from the wisdom of our creative spirit.

  • Our intuitive guidance is tremendously creative at providing insight about the unknown beyond what mind is capable of knowing for mind only knows the past. But our creative spirit which provides those insights is very vulnerable.

  • We honor our intuitive guidance by acting on what we receive. When we receive bizarre or strange, or otherwise seemingly unacceptable insights, rituals, ceremony and/or metatheater provide a way to create a surrogate or real physical experience, a suorephex, based on the intuitive guidance we receive.

098 The Initiation and/or “not doing”

  • As used within the creativity perspective, the initiation and/or “not doing” it to interrupt our current patterns of thinking and believing.

  • Each is used to destroy our existing identity, the ego identity we have created based on the experiences we have had to know that which we perceive as ourselves to be does not die.

  • The initiation is to “draw a line in the sand” so to speak upon which stepping over we step out of our past into a new world. If properly done, once initiated, we cannot go back to the way we were or the world in which we lived.

  • A “not doing” is used to either demonstrate to ourselves that we are more than who we think we are and/or to break the current pattern of how we think things should be or need to be.

099 Our Creation Ritual

  • The creation ritual serves two purposes.

  • One is to access the highest levels of our being [the “higher” powers of Creation whether it be God or other entities] in a way we understand to access the internal guidance as to how to go about creating what we desire to create in a way that is unfettered and unbiased by the past

  • The second is to create a blueprint or prototype. Whatever we wish to create can be symbolized or prototyped. We can design a ritual and/or a prototype around the birth and life of our creation to get a feel for what serves and doesn’t serve us.

  • The more our ritual/prototype accurately reflects what we are going to do, that is, the symbolism in our ritual accurately reflects the reality you wish to create, the more we can get a feel for your creation. In this process, that obstacles that we carry within us as to manifesting our desired creation will arise to be addressed in symbolic or literal form. In this regard we can address them before they become actual physical manifestations.

100 Adult Creative State Of Play

  • Spontaneous and innocent childlike play lies at the essence of our being for we are ultimately consciousness/Consciousness at play with itself/Itself

  • We enter this state when we lose ourselves in our creative passion to fulfill the intention for our life.

  • The adult creative state of play differs from that of the creative play of a very young child for two reason: the issue of mind and the issue of having an adult body.

  • The primary issue of entering the adult creative state of play is that most of us have shut down the ability to enter this state of being. We shut it down because of our early life experiences and how our creative play and the free flow of our creative spirit was thwarted

  • It can be regained by taking a journey of exploration into the depth and breadth of our creative power and creative ability and move towards regaining our unlimited creativity.

101 Sexuality In Relation To Creating

  • The issues of sexuality arise in relation to creating arises from two sources.

  • One is because our entire being is enthused with our creative passion when we live life from, and in alignment, with our creative life energy/creative spirt.

  • The second is that energy flows as a result of the tension between opposites. All pairs of opposites which gives rise to a creative flow of energy can be seen as a masculine and feminine aspect within the creation process

  • To understand the true impacts of our sex and sexuality on our creativity, we must be able to move past, and get beyond, the sex and sexuality to fully understand exactly how sexuality impacts our creative power and creativity ability.

  • This does not mean we deny it or suppress it. Rather, we have to move beyond it into a deep physical intimacy with all aspects of our body and into our body wisdom.

  • Sexuality is the second most powerful creative state we have available to us. Yet, it is also most damaging to our creative power and creative ability. It can provide the quickest way to cause our creative power and creative ability to shut down. In this regard, it is very much a two edge sword

102 Sexuality As A Tool For Creating

  • Sex/sexuality is the second most powerful creative state one can enter.

  • As such it can be use as a creative tool consciously or nonconsciously

  • It is a tool that can be used for procreation, recreation, creation, awakening and transformation, going to sleep and becoming unaware, and as weapon of control and manipulation.

  • To use sexuality as a creative tool, we must move pass the sex of sexuality and understand the flow of energy that gives rise to sexuality and see our lives and sexuality as a metaphor for creating life.

  • Metaphorically, sexuality is symbolic of a return the source of Creation and will literally create life, a flow of energy, at some level of being when conditions are correct. That life becomes a creation which unfolds within our being and within the world we experience.

  • It is to use the fact that the thoughts and beliefs we hold about sexuality, about ourselves and our partner, the freedom or lack of freedom to express ourselves, and why we choose to engage in sex or use sexuality are planted and energized at the source/Source of our being to germinate and unfold when conditions are correct.

103 Sexuality, Creativity And Awakening

  • Consciousness awakens consciousness and each experience an individual has with another provides an opportunity to awaken oneself and the other individual.

  • Because of how our sexuality is tied to both biological preferences and enculturated opinions, it offers a tool for awakening that is unparalleled for understanding the biases, judgments and filters we are using to view Creation and the experiences we have.

  • Ultimately, there is not a person on the face of the earth that cannot be our perfect partner. All that stands in our way is our own mind and the belief and thoughts we hold.

  • To know this and to live our life from this perspective we can then use our sexual preferences to being to see the depth and breath of the attachments and biases our mind possesses.

  • It is to understand the metaphoric aspects of sexuality and that the thoughts and beliefs we hold about sexuality, about ourselves and our partner, the freedom or lack of freedom to express ourselves, and why we choose to engage in sex or use sexuality are planted and energized at the source/Source of our being to germinate and unfold when conditions are correct.

  • If we learn to move past the sex of sexuality without denying or suppressing the sexuality and utilize the physical intimacy of the body, awakening can occur. It will allow us to see the nature of attachments, the nature of the body desires, the nature of body needs as opposed to wants, and access the wisdom of the body.

104 The Rainmaker

  • The rainmaker is capable of doing what is necessary to bring rain, the “water of life” into an individual’s life.

  • They do what is necessary to allow the dream within the heart or the intention we choose to hold to germinate and take root and/or to flourish and grow within to eventually to be born and brought into the world.

  • The rainmaker is an individual who understands the key to creating our experience and the reality we experience is that the inner world is reflected in the outer world and the outer world reflects the inner.

  • In realizing this, they learn to read the conditions of the inner and outer environment and look to see what needs to be done to bring life to the dream within the heart or the intention we choose to hold.

  • The rainmaker is capable of expressing unconditional love by making whatever necessary internal changes to become whatever they need to become to create a safe and secure space to allow an individual to express themselves in a way that the individual can align perfectly with the flow of their creative life energy. The individual is then free to allow themselves become whatever they need to become in whatever form it takes no matter what it looks like.

105 Dream Midwife And Nanny

  • The role of the dream midwife and nanny is to create a safe and secure space to allow the dream of the heart or the intention we chose to hold to follow its own nature

  • They create a safe and secure space for us to consciously step “out of mind” and to be and do whatever needs to be done to bring that dream or intention into the world.

  • As such, their loyalty is to the dream we carry, not to our ego.

  • They focus their efforts on creating the space to birth our dream or intention and assist the dream or intention in living and sustaining itself within our being and within the world in which we live until it is “strong enough to stand on its own two feet.

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