How do you eat an elephant?


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There is a very old joke that is very appropriate to exploring the infinity of Creation.

The joke is, “How do you eat an elephant?”

The reply is, of course, “One bite at a time.”

In many ways understanding Creation is an elephant we wish to eat. The only way to do it is one bite at a time. It is to look at one principle, aspect or concept at a time. It is then necessary to realize it will take a long, long time to sample each part and aspect of creation. In fact, it will take an infinite number of experiences to sample each part. And, it will take another infinite number of experience to experience each part as it can be experienced. That is a long, long time.

However, there are a few easier ways that build on the lessons learned by others. There is the old proverb which states, “An individual learns from their experiences, a wise individual learns from the experiences of others, a fool never learns.” There is no reason why we cannot become wise and learn from what others have experienced.

The question is, what exactly have others experienced that can tell us about the infinity of Creation? The answer is surprisingly simple but rather difficult to see. Given the number of views of Creation, the number of ways in which Creation is explained, and the volume of information and personal experiences any one individual can give as to why their view of Creation is correct, we are left with one question. Given the fact that no one seems to consciously lie about what they believe about Creation, the question becomes, “Is there a way to view Creation such that whatever one believes about Creation they will have an experience of that belief to support the truth of their belief?”

The answer is yes. It is that, “The energy of Creation will mold itself to give an experience of whatever consciousness focused its attention and awareness for the environment in which it finds itself.” It may be hard to believe but it is really a direct consequence of physics and what many mystics have always taught.

With this piece of understanding, we can then figure out how to figuratively eat the elephant of Creation.

One way is by story or myth. Story is the traditional spiritual approach. It attempts to address more of the “why?”. In many way the story approach is actually a consciousness view or perspective of Creation. This view is reflected in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective

One way is by model. The use of a model is the traditional physics approach. The model attempts to addresses more of the “how?”. In many ways the model approach is actually an energy view or perspective of creation. The model approach is reflected in Creativity Physics

One way is to start where we are and become the creator/Creator who desires to experience its creation/Creation. This is the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Approach

One way is by creating a set of “bit size” pieces and use a Building Block Approach. It is a working level approach. Here we don’t care about how and why things are the way the are. The interest is best expressed as “just tell us what to do.” . Other than the philosophy which creates the building blocks, building blocks allows us to assemble and use in the way we wish to create what we desire. There is no “correct” way to use them

The traditional Tarot in many ways is one such building block approach historically used as is the I Ching, Runes and the like. What needs to be understood about any tool which attempts to characterize the infinity of Creation into a finite set of building blocks, cards or whatever is that something will always be missing. No matter how accurate a set is created, the infinite cannot be properly characterized by the finite set. The best we can get is an approximation. The recommendation is to use what is effective for our creative endeavor but realize we are biased in our approach with any set of building blocks  we use. We will need to become aware of the intent which lies behind the divination tool that we use to know what is does and does not address.

Nevertheless, a  set of building blocks the “Creation Building Blocks,” has been developed that address the principles and concepts that seem to most influence or affect our creativity. The intent behind the creation of these building blocks is to help us understand how we create our experiences and the reality we experience so we can claim our birthright as beings possessing an uunlimited creativity and become conscious creators in accord with the desires of our creative spirit.  The web site, Creation Building Block Creative Guidelines address some ways in which to use these building blocks.

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