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Making Building Blocks From The Mud Of Creation

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The concept and principles for the Creation Building Blocks obviously arise out of the conscious journey and subconscious journey into creativity which gave rise to the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material. The origins of the Creation Building Blocks, as did the Fifteen Creative Step/Guidelines arose out of a statement made by a friend. Her comment was, “Don’t try and explain it, just tell people what to do - people don’t need or want explanations - they just want to know how to do it.”

As discussed in the topics, “Subconscious Journey Into Creativity,” It was puzzling to see how two individuals, or groups of individuals, could hold divergent views about the nature of reality and yet each experienced their divergent views as real. This occurred even if they had the exact same external experience giving rise to their divergent views. Additionally some of these beliefs and the subsequent experiences were so strongly held that individuals could even go to war of over them. The question became what was the nature of thought and the unseen realms that some individuals claimed what they experienced cause them to be extremely convinced that the unseen existed exactly the way they experienced them.

Having been trained as a physicist and working with the principles and concepts found within nature, there seemed there should be a set of principles similar to the physics principles that could explain what was observed in individuals because of the beliefs they held and the experiences they had. Physicist routinely worked with unseen radiation and energy that could not be readily perceive directly with our physical senses. Yet the physicists had no problem with manipulating it and using the unseen energy to create a variety of effects independent such that individuals could relatively easily be trained in the use the principles and resulting technology. It seemed there should be something similar to the principles of the unseen radiation routinely used by physicists to explain how the beliefs we hold command such control over what one experienced. After all, humans do arise out of the same material and Physical Creation so there should be some “bridge point” even if human are as traditionally said, a spirit having a human experience.

In starting the journey to see if there was one way to view reality were whatever one believed can be perceived and experienced as true, the expectation was only that some existing way of thinking or viewing the world, such as an existing psychological, theological, esoteric, metaphysical, scientific or other way of thinking would be found that would effectively explain how and why humans believed the way they do. However, somewhat surprisingly, no existing model was found. An explanation for why no existing model was found could be in part a result of the fact the search was not broad and deep enough. However the evidence suggested, it appears more related to the fact that no existing model ever asked what would be the outcome of such a universe if whatever one believed could be experienced as true.

Although all the existing traditions and ways of thinking that were explored seemed to have one or more of the pieces contained within the energy consciousness model, none seemed to be truly all encompassing. None seemed to fully trust that the guidance system that could be found within each individual was more than adequate for directing an individual’s life. It appears the reason no comprehensive model was found maybe simply the result of the fact we each are a unique creation and expression of an aspect of All That Is. As such, each of us have a unique contribution to make and the diversity we see in the existing traditions only reflect the manifestation of the some of the infinite set of aspects of All That Is.

The whole idea of science is to create the same experience to make the same observation about how nature works. The approach of science has worked extremely well for the physical sciences. The principles and concepts in the psychological sciences and spiritual traditions did not answer this question as to why similar experiences could produce such different views..

In any case, the understanding here with this energy consciousness model is about learning to dance. In particular it is about learning a dance between energy and consciousness that we perceive as a dance between heart and mind. Th energy consciousness model used within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material reaffirms many of the ancient mystical teaching about meditation and the current mind/mental technologies of how we create an illusion about reality by how and what we think. It reaffirm in a different way how much of the world we experience is illusionary rather than permanent and our “final” or “natural” state of existence is different than what we experience. However, the energy consciousness model brings out many aspects about reality that are implied in many ancient esoteric and spiritual traditions but never really taught and/or emphasized, and if they are, they are very much underplayed.

There are many implications and ramifications to the information within the building blocks and there are many different ways to use the building blocks. All that can be provided here are some thoughts, suggests and ideas of how you may use them to create the reality of your choice. There is really no need to study each and every one of these building blocks unless we are drawn to consciously become a creator much the way one studies physics or chemistry to become a physicist or chemist. The topic, “Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Understanding,” provide the salient features that you may wish to contemplate or even adopt to take a more conscious role in creating your experiences.

The concept of energy consciousness eventually provided the answer to the question, “Is there a model of the universe, or a view of reality, where whatever one believes can be experienced as true, and if such a model existed, what did it look like?” It provided a way to understand how our thoughts and the unseen realm of Creation worked. The concept of energy consciousness coupled with the experience of the Ultimate Accident, laid the framework for the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material and the subsequent Creation Building Blocks. In many ways the Creation Building Blocks provides that set of summary principles and concepts which can allow us to understand how it is possible we can create an experience to support whatever we believe.

Within the creativity perspective and the energy consciousness model used in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material, the “mud of Creation,” that out of which all creation/Creation forms, is energy consciousness. All of reality (seen and unseen) flows from these principles. Whether or not this assumption is correct can be a point of argument. Given the observations made about the nature of Creation in the exploration of creativity, the way the creative/creation process seems to work, holding our creativity sacred and using effectiveness as a measure of truth, it appears to be valid.

Given the infinity of Creation, there are an infinite number of ways to look at Creation. Similarly, there are an infinite number of building blocks that we can created out of the two principles that govern the essence of All That Is, the Mud of Creation. Although there are an infinite number of ways we can create building blocks from this Mud, we are present in physical Creation and we are here having an experience as a human being. As such, we are limited in many way to the rules that govern Physical Creation and what it means to be a human being. The Creation Building Blocks are designed within this context yet extends beyond the limitation of Physical Creation.

In order to have a human physical experience, we have agreed to limit our creative abilities to the rules and principles that govern the physical plane. However, that does not make the essence of our being physical nor does that limit us to being solely physical. We can create any experience we choose as long as with do it from within our physical body, the vehicle chosen for our physical experience. Similarly, we can lay the ground work for experiences beyond the physical when we leave our bodies.

Nevertheless, in spite of the limitations we face, there is still an infinite number of ways to construct a set of foundation principles within the principles that govern the physical plane and then build on that foundation with whatever set of building blocks you choose. The Creation Building Blocks represent a set of foundation principles that seem to best represent the set of principles that will allow us to access and release our unlimited creativity and yet function from within the limits of physical body.

The building blocks provide one view or perspective of these fundamental principles. They provide a starting point from where we can consciously begin to define the type and kind of creation we will manifest. The building blocks that are presented here do not represent they only way to create in the physical plane. They do represent an attempt to allow us to utilize our unlimited creative that extends past the physical play in any way we choose and to become self determined at every level of our being.

The one guiding principles that governs the formation of these building blocks is that we look to nature and the way nature manifests its Creation as way to create. The view held within this material is that Physical Creation, earth in particular, is a consciousness manifesting its creation and we have been invited to experience its Creation within the plan that it has chosen to unfold. As such, it can be our teacher and tell us how to create our own reality and how our individual individuated consciousness actually goes about creating what it does.

In contemplating the building blocks, it needs to be noted they are not numbered and the order of their presentation is in no way suggestive of a hierarchy. There is the attempt to present them such that there is a logical flow between the principles. How we ultimately assemble them to build our creation is our choice. A red brick and a gray cement block both allow us to build. One is really no better than the other. It all depends on what exactly what wish to build and what we wish the final construction to look like. It is only then and in the light of the desire we wish to manifest does one type of building block become more important than another. So all we really need to ask ourselves is what types and kind of experiences to we wish to create?

When these building blocks are used, many feel there is somewhat of a weaving back and forth and there is some redundancy. This can be expected. A concrete block and a concrete brick are both constructed out of concrete. Being made out of the same material, the process of making the block or the brick will require some steps of the process to seem almost identical. Yet in the end, two different products result. For example, to mix the concrete, one would use the exact same steps to mix the sand, concrete and pebbles to make the concrete no matter what its use. So too with the effort here. In making the building block there are concepts which are repeated in many initial steps to get the block into the form desired.

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