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The following discussion provides and overview and integration of the creation building blocks. This discussion provides a way to see how the building blocks unfold from, and into, each other and integrate to manifest the creation/Creation we experience. How we choose to use them and put them together is our choice.

The overview and integration

If we accept the premise that energy and consciousness are one and the same thing, there exists, or existed which ever you prefer, a reality where the only consciousness that exists or is aware of itself is the Consciousness of All That Is. It is a cosmic consciousness. Nothing else exists within this realm, only It. As such, Consciousness is alone in this reality. It is the consciousness which gives rise to the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective.

Although it may not be obvious, Consciousness desires to experience Itself. It desires to understand exactly who and what It is and what It is capable of doing. To experience Itself, It creates a reality. Yet any reality created by Consciousness is unfulfilling for Consciousness has no one with whom to share this Creation. It needs another, someone else, someone who is an equal, like a playmate, to share and experience the reality they create. It longs for a playmate.

[In the following discussion, the building blocks are in bold faces italic hyperlinks. The number following the building block refers to the order of listing of the building block in the List of Creation Building Blocks. They numbers are not reflective of any hierarchy or order of importance for all the building blocks are equally important. They have been order only to have those that are related discussed next to each other.]

Consciousness desires to have a playmate to experience another as Itself or an equal to Itself. In Its desire for a playmate, It shatters itself. It underwent a fragmentation(023) into an infinite number of unique individual independent points of consciousness(001). Because of this nature of Consciousness, Its desire for another automatically creates an infinity of potentially equal playmates. This is ultimately the miracle of Creation(013).

The reason why there are an infinite number of individuated points of consciousness/Consciousness created is that Consciousness, being infinite, has an infinite number of ways in which to experience Itself. Since no one part is greater or less than any other part, each part or aspect of Consciousness creates a playmate capable of fully experiencing that aspect of Consciousness and experiencing Consciousness as Itself. Yet each of these playmates are infinite in order to be able to play with Consciousness as an equal playmate and each one can experience all the others. Hence there are an infinite number of ways to experience another and an infinite number of others to experience.

The process of experiencing the infinity of oneself through another is endless. Within this understanding, it can be said, Consciousness has choose to experience Itself through an infinite number of independent and unique views and/or experiences. You, the consciousness/Consciousness that inhabits your body are one of these views. As such, you are a being of infinite consciousness(012) and you have an infinite number of playmates to experience in an infinite number of ways.

Consciousness is capable of creating a reality to experience all of these infinite individual point of consciousness instantaneously and/or simultaneously. However, for whatever reason, Consciousness has not chosen such a reality to experience at this moment. Consciousness is capable of savoring the moment being free and unattached. It is capable of experiencing true freedom. It is like the wind. Coming with nothing and leaving with nothing. It does not need everything all at once.

Rather, Consciousness has chosen to experience and savior a few of these individualized individual points of consciousness at a time and awakens Itself to these infinite number of playmates in a process where consciousness awakens consciousness(018). It is through a multiplicative reconstitution process(024) where each individualized individual point of consciousness shares itself with another so that it awakens within other individual points of consciousness those aspects that represent its being. Of course this process is a two way street. Its interaction with each one of these infinite individual points of consciousness brings itself/Itself into an awareness of itself/Itself.

It needs to be pointed out that once Consciousness begins to experience and awaken Its playmates, the identity of Consciousness, as Consciousness, is lost. It is lost because awakening a playmate is only awaking a portion of Consciousness to Itself. The question then becomes who awakens whom. Hence the need to use a capital C for consciousness unless we wish to specifically wish to refer to the Consciousness of All That Is as that Consciousness that perceives simultaneously across all individual points of consciousness. In reading any discussion about consciousness/Consciousness exploring itself thought a playmate or playmates, you are free to chose whichever one you wish to be - consciousness and the Playmate or Consciousness and the playmate, or, simply consciousness/Creation and the playmate/Playmate. Normally you will see consciousness/Consciousness and you choice which consciousness you desire to be.

In this process of consciousness/Consciousness awakening consciousness/Consciousness, each individual point of consciousness can awaken to a deeper and broader understanding of who and what it is. However, any two interacting individual points of consciousness/Consciousness can only awaken to the level the other awakens. Each will go to the depth and breath permitted by the other. If the first chooses to stop exploring, that second cannot go any further and still remain in the same relationship with the first. The two individual points of consciousness/Consciousness will slowly separate and begin to move in different worlds. This process is also what gives rise to both the illusion of birth and death and/or the formation and dissolution of relationship between individual points of consciousness/Consciousness. It allows for playmates to come and go into and out of experiences with each other. It creates the illusion of growth and evolution, for each individual point of consciousness/Consciousness has the potential to become more consciously aware of itself after having experienced another if it chooses to do so.

Within each individual point of consciousness/Consciousness is a cycle of sleep and being awake (027) The reason for this is each individual point of consciousness/Consciousness arises from a single aspect of Consciousness to which Consciousness awakens itself. Since Consciousness awakens itself to each aspect it is also capable of going back to sleep and/or forgetting that same aspect. Each individual point of consciousness/Consciousness will go back to sleep unless we choose to remain aware and awake. It is only a matter of experience before each individual point of consciousness/Consciousness will awaken to a sufficient understanding and awareness of exactly who and what it really is . Then and only then, will it be capable of accepting its, or rather our destiny and birth right(029) as a being of unlimited creativity to become that playmate with Consciousness. The question is, “What are the experiences that provide a sufficient set of experiences(031) or the minimum set of experience for one to become aware and claim their birthright?’ The next question that comes to the mind of many individuals is then, “How do you get that set of experiences in the quickest way possible?” so that we can get out of the limitations and hardships we experience in life.

On this point, it is noted that you will come to see if you work with this material is that the answer is paradoxically, “As long as you want the quickest way, you won’t find it.” The issue is mind. To want is to be in mind. As long as we wanted it, we are in our mind. To find this quickest way we need to step out of mind and surrender to the flow of our own creative life energy.

We humans have awakened only a small portion of our total awareness and consciousness. We do not necessarily recognize the consciousness/Consciousness that exits within a large segment of our environment. What we fail to realize is that consciousness/Consciousness defines itself by its experience(017). Because of how we ourselves have chosen to define what is conscious and what is alive by a standard of comparison(019) based on how we ourselves have defined ourselves individually and/or collectively, we keep ourselves in an state of sleep and unawareness.

Rather than being fully open to each new experience and what it reveals as it enters our lives, we judge it based on our standard of comparison and respond to it based on our past rather than living in the moment. For example, the more something is like our definition of life, the more we consider it alive. The more we can communicate with something, the more we see it as conscious. If something is not like our definition or matches our definition, and we cannot communicate with it, we do not consider it as consciousness/Consciousness. Hence, we fail to expand our own understanding of ourselves but keep ourselves bound because of this comparison. It needs to be understood that one needs to take responsibility(040) for what they experience in life for we are perfect as we are(035). As you will come to see, we have created what we experience at some level of our being because of how we have each defined ourselves with our ego(020) and our habits of our mind(028).

No matter how Consciousness has defined itself, it is only a matter of the experience Consciousness (or any individualized individual point of consciousness/Consciousness) has that creates the environment which gives rise to the desire to share(032) what it has found with another. It is the desire to share that causing any one or all of these individualized individual points of consciousness/Consciousness to become awake and aware. As Consciousness shares who and what It truly is, and allows the individualized consciousness/Consciousness to experience the reality of who and what it is, each individual point of consciousness/Consciousness become aware and awake and in turn, longs to share its reality with another. The longing to share the realization one experiences is inherent to consciousness/Consciousness. When one becomes awake and aware there is a deep desire to share the most intimate aspects of one’s being that flows from the depths of one’s being.

Becoming aware and awake can occur at any level of our being and we will have the desire to share from the level that has been awakened. It is this same desire to share the reality one experiences with a playmate that fueled the passion of Shams of Tabriz to find one individual with whom to share his knowledge and become the mystical teacher of the Persian poet Rumi. It is the passion of an Eastern Siddhas, a realized master, to give Shaktipat, his grace, blessing, and spiritual power, the fruit of his experience to a disciple and continue the lineage. It is the physical passion of a man for a woman and a woman for a man to share and sustains the life within their being with another. In becoming aware an awake to one true nature, there arises a new life within the individual and there is a creative passion(061) and a passionate energy that flows from the life that arise within one’s being.

The source of life, and the Source of creative life energy(022) to energize and create and fuel the desire we have arises from this passion that flows from within our heart. The energy within this passion is the same energy that fuels Creation and the reality we experience. They are one and the same for we are Creation just as much as anything that we experience within Creation. The flow of creative life energy within our being is dynamic and constantly changing and subtly pulsing (just listen to our own heart and/or breathing). We are not static but a living process. There is an unfoldment in this process that flows in response to the intention for our life(055) or the purpose or reason for our incarnation. It is reflected in many of the experiences that we have to manifest the dream of the heart(053) originating from this intention.

Our reality is dynamic and constantly changing to integrate and reflect the experience we are having. We are not our body(056) and not who we have come to think we are because of the experiences we have had in our current life. Rather, we are a creative living process(057) and are capable of communicating with our creative life energy(059) and effectively turning this energy on or off.

For every flow of energy there is a consciousness/Consciousness that focused it awareness and attention to give rise to that flow. Similarly, when the focus is lost, or diverted, the flow slows or stops. Although the cause of energy flow, that reason or intention of consciousness/Consciousness to focus its attention, that has created the effect we experience is not seen, it nevertheless exists within a cause effect relationship(037). What we will find is most of us have turned this energy off or shut it way down because of the experiences we have had  and our attempts at tapping and sustaining the source(025) later in life will result in both the dark night of the soul and kundalini experience(026).

Our desires and the intention behind our desires is what fuels the experiences we have. The particular beliefs we hold both in what we believe and how we believe, our belief structure(036), determines the experiences we have. It is in manifesting the desires we have as a detached witness(003) that we become aware and awake as to who and what we are, the depth and breath of our own unlimited creativity, and how we use your creativity to communicate who and what you are for creativity is the language of consciousness(033). There is nothing wrong with desire. There is no need to deny desire. We simply needs to understand the nature of our desires and learn how to use desire as the creation tool that it is. If we deny our desire and/or feels there is something wrong with desire, we deny the Creator who created them, the Creation of the Creator, and Source of our own life.

Behind each desire there is an intention. It is the power of intention(039) that ultimately creates reality for reality molds itself to what you believe(034). The focus or our attention through our intention directs our energy into our beliefs. The intention a consciousness/Consciousness holds continues the manifestation process past the fulfillment of any singe desire within that intention until the intention is achieved or changed.

In this regard, because there is an intention for our life, our life will unfold within a given pattern until we fulfill that intention or we access that intention. However, the intention for our life existed before our current mind as reflected in our current enculturated ego as to who we think we are came into existence. The intention for our life also existed before our parents came together to create the body we now inhabit for it supplied the energy for their joining. Since the intention that brought us into incarnation existed before our current mind, we will need to function being “out of mind”(004) to be able to access this intention for our life. That is, outside our thinking and judging mind. It is traditionally said to be “beyond thought” to see the truth of reality and the depth and breath of our own consciousness/Consciousness. Our current mind as reflected in the ego has no rational way on its own to find it for it is beyond mind as we know it. Simply said, although we are a being of infinite consciousness/Consciousness and infinite dimensional, whatever vessel or container we create that contains or defines our ego, it is too small to understand. Our vessel is too small (021) and will always be too small for whatever we construct is created by our mind.

On this point of our vessel being too small, one can be prompted to ask, “If our mind is too small to understand, how can it be possible for the author, or anyone else for that matter, to be able to make such a statement and yet try to explain how Creation works - is not their vessel also too small to understand?” The answer is quite simple. Mind is a property of consciousness/Consciousness. There will always be a mind. However, the awareness which gives rise to the mind can always function as a detached witness. The awareness is not too small. Mind is too small. The thinking and mind is always too small. In the author’s case, as an adult by stepping into spontaneous and innocent child like play of exploration and discovery the author unknowing set up the conditions to destroy mind as he understood mind. At the time, to some he may have appeared a little bit crazy. By the time the author was realized what had happened, the author was able to see differently and saw the world totally different. All the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is only the best rendition that the awareness of the detached witness of the author’s mind, using the author’s past experiences, is able to find to explain how creation/Creation works when view from the perspective where energy and consciousness/Consciousness are one and the same. Another mind will of course provide an different perspective. As a reader, you can accept the alternative view of creation/Creation provided here or deny it. But it nevertheless exists. As is frequently said in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material, what is stated cannot be proven to you. But you can, if you wish, focus your energy and attention into the creativity perspective and hold your creativity sacred to see the validity of what is said for yourself.

Part of the problem as to why we need to be out of mind is that the creation process(085) and the desire consciousness/Consciousness held for creating the intention for our life was the result of the merging in creation(089) of two components. We need to explore the pedigree of each of those components to fully understand the intention for our life. One was longing or desire in our individual point of consciousness/Consciousness for a physical experience, in particular, the desire for a human physical experience. The other was a longing or need in the physical reality and/or by the collective consciousness(050) for what we are capable of bringing into physical reality. The process that created this intention for our life is fully reflected in the sexual paring experienced by humanity. However, sexuality as most experience it and understand it physically is only a small facet of the masculine aspect of being(087) and feminine aspect of being(088) which come together in the creation process. Sexuality is a by produce to the flow of creative life energy and not the other way around.

The masculine act is to chose to thrust  into the creative act. It is to seek the beloved(091),. It seeks what it perceives as that feminine fertile creative space for creation(090). It seek the fertile space that is needed to manifest what we desire to create. We may even find that which we desire may in fact be embodied in a muse(092) of one form or another. An individual exercises their free will(030) and the masculine aspect of their being by consciously or subconsciously allowing the focus of their attention to hold an intention on what can best be felt as a passionate longing for a fulfillment that only another, their beloved in whatever form, animate or inanimate, that beloved takes, can give.

Whether we realize it or not, we live in dream time(051). We dream reality into existence by the dreams(052) we hold. As a being with free will we are totally free to experience reality as we choose and to create as we choose. There are no repercussion and/or punishment for what we choose. To think otherwise is only a belief we have. A consciousness/Consciousness will only experiences the consequences or results of its choice. Whether we consider what we experience, no matter how pleasant or unpleasant, as a result of our choice as punishment, it is only our belief. What we experience is only the consequence for our action in the environment of our actions(064). The same action in another environment could have produced an entirely different experience, especially as viewed and judged by our ego.

When the desire is fulfilled and realized, there is an annihilation of part of our being  that becomes part of the required sacrifice(076) to that creation. The sacrifice is required to produce the offspring, a child, a new life, a new flow of energy, a new consciousness/Consciousness composed of the merging of the masculine and feminine aspects. This offspring can be awakened and goes forth into creation/Creation with its own longings only to create a new life and awakening. Since energy can neither be created or destroyed only transformed(002), there will always be a sacrifice for any new creation. Hence, the statement, “required sacrifice.” This sacrifice may or may not be accompanied by the pain of birthing(093) a the new creation. The creation process is very predatory and we live in a predatory world(077). Something will always be eaten, consumed, and digested and that is only part of the sacrifice. It is the feminine aspect of our being which creates the fertile space for creations, and ultimately sacrificing that space to nurture and sustain the created.

The feminine act is to create and hold the fertile space for creation to occur and then sustain and nurture the creation until it can stand on its own. The feminine aspect will always appear to sacrifice more to a creation in the creation process than the masculine. As such, the pain of birthing tends to reside in the feminine aspect of being. However, it needs to be understood there is always a balance in Creation(078). Each masculine aspect has equal feminine part or side. The masculine side in one creation will become, and must become the feminine and be sacrifice in another, or other creations, in an equal amount to the first creation or balance will not be maintained. So too the feminine. The feminine of one creation will need to become the masculine in another, or other creations, to an amount equal to what see gave in the first to maintain balance.

Whether creation occurs on a physical, spiritual, emotional or mental level the process and effects are the same. There will be a masculine act and feminineact that will need to be merged into one.  If we are allowed to meet the beloved for whom we long, a part of our being will be annihilated. in doing so a a new life created and an awakening will occur. So too within the depths of our being at any level of being. When the longing we hold and the energy within that longs joins with its beloved, the energy is transformed creating a new child, a new life, a new way of being in the world. In addition to a new life being created, the individual (or individuals) will have the potential to awaken parts of themselves as those parts are reflected in the new life. The aspects that can be awakened is who and what we have become now that we posses the beloved we sought. As a new life forms with in us our offspring grows and expands into the world. The inner is reflected in the outer. As the inner becomes reflected in the outer, the creative process itself bears witness to the phenomenal creative powers/Creative Powers of All That Is and yet allows each individualized individual point of consciousness/Consciousness to become aware and awake as it shares itself with its beloved. When we consciously experiences this process for ourselves, we can only be in the state of “AH”(007) in wonderment at Creation.

It must be noted, when we understand the creation process we will be able to see that our beloved is also the one we hate, our enemy. Only someone who loves us will help us create the experience we desire to have. Only someone who loves us at the deepest levels of being would be willing to create a hatred that we desire to kill them. If they didn’t love us, why would they bother with us or have any interest in us to create such a creative tension(086). Whenever there is an intense flow of energy in passion, whether that be in love or hate, we are in contact with the flow of our creative life energy at is deepest levels. The question is, “Is that intense contact in oneness and wholeness of being (love) or is it in the illusion of separation(072) (hate) creating the reality we currently experience?”

One question we each need to ask ourselves is, “Are our actions that we claim to be out of love creating wholeness and oneness for both ourselves and the other (or others) or fostering separation within our self, within the other and/or between us and the other (or others).” The individuals who truly live in separation are those who have separate themselves from their own feelings. They have separated them from themselves and ability to feel the truth of their being, their own internal understanding and reality to feel and know whether their actions are causing further separation or closing the gap into oneness. Our consciousness/Consciousness can and does separate itself from its own living creative process and denies responsibility for what we experience. Usually this occurs because we have not addressed the pain we feel at the separation we have created within ourselves, our world and the reality we experience.

We can only be in wonderment to understand that energy and consciousness/Consciousness are one and the same. Wonderment that each of these infinite individualized individual points of consciousness/Consciousness is also an independent packets of energy. As such, each is an independent reality(014). As a result of the wave particle nature of energy, as an infinite consciousness/Consciousness and as an independent packet of energy, the energy and consciousness of each individualized individual point of consciousness is spread through out infinity. Each individual points of consciousness permeates all of reality(015) and will form itself into, or will form the experience of, whatever on which it focuses its individualized attention and awareness.

Whether we realize it or not or are aware of it or not, we are connected to every aspect of creation. Both energetically and through consciousness. Each of us are interconnected with all the other individual points of consciousness/Consciousness yet totally individual and unique. The energy of our being spreads out in a non-localized fashion to infinity and overlaps all the other energy. We don’t usually experience this phenomenon because our attention it normally focused on our unique view of Creation we are experiencing and we have raised the threshold of our feeling. Whether our awareness of the connection is a conscious, subconscious or dormant connection, it nevertheless is real and exists. We can access it and use it if we wish. This means that we, as consciousness/Consciousness, can direct our creative life energy, the energy that created us and is sustaining our being in the form that we have, to go into any aspect of creation where we focus our attention and awareness to manifest an experience. However, if we wish to have the experience of any aspect of creation(016), we will have to be able to hold the pain the individual point of consciousness/Consciousness feels which keeps them in the illusion of separation if we wish to maintain our level of awareness. Or we risk the possibility of being trapped by chaining our level of awareness to that of the individual point of consciousness/Consciousness so we do not feel their pain.

As a result of an infinite number of individualized individual points of consciousness/Consciousness that each have their energy permeating all of reality, there are an infinite number of desires simultaneously manifesting. Each of these individual points of consciousness/Consciousness hold their intention and desire with a different amount of passion and longing. Some individuals are much stronger and more forceful than others and some hold a very broad and sweeping intention whereas others are very narrow and pinpointed. This interweave of intentions and desires gives rise to multiple layers within reality and rise to deep undercurrents within reality(046) that make any one individuals desire at the mercy of the total whole of Creation. Yet that in no way belittles or negates the power of the individual to change the entire flow of Creation. A small force exerted on a massive object over a long time will change the direction of travel of that massive object.

As humans, we have shared realities(047) with each other and a common shared reality with the consciousness of the earth plane - Om(49). Although the principles of energy consciousness in shared realities and with the earth plane are the same, the fact is they may not look the same because we have a physical body. As such, we are a creation within Creation(048) and are governed by the “rules” chosen by the consciousness/Consciousness of Om. We must understand Creation and how energy consciousness manifests in Creation if we are going to understand how consciousness/Consciousness is capable of manifesting into any form and in any reality. For those who believe the physical plane is a school and we are here to learn a lesson, the lesson is how we create our reality and all that world is our laboratory to do the experiments.

Because we each exist in a human body, and the human body is energy consciousness as energy in the form of mass, our body is a unique consciousness(058). In this regard, each of us, are a being that stands between two worlds(054). One is the world of our unique and individualized individual point of consciousness/Consciousness. It is the world of the detached witness of creation filtered through our mind. It is the world of the playmate of Consciousness/Consciousness experiencing the illusion of objectivity(071). The second is the unique consciousness/Consciousness of our body which serves as a vehicle for the physical experience(066) to meet the intention for our life. It lives within the confines and constraints of the physical plane with the existing physical Creation allowing us to have the illusion we are our body.

As a being who stands between two worlds, if we choose to focus our attention and awareness in how consciousness/Consciousness manifests we can experience how energy manifests physically(063). We can see how the physical plane is a plane of manifestation(065) such that it provides the perfect grounding. It grounds who and what we are into a physical form that reflects perfectly our unbounded energy (as above, so below) and has a reflective inner and outer world which mirror each other (as within , as without). If we can become that detached witness, incarnation in the physical plane allows us to see and experience first hand how we create our realities and how these two principles, “as above, so below” and “as within, as without” are possible.

As a result of the properties of energy and how energy flows, energy must be acted out(067) or dissipated. That is, processed in some unobstructed way to flow to completion. For physical reality that means the energy within our being must flow into a physical experience - a feeling, talking, doing, something physical. Energy should not remain in a held or bound condition by attachments(079) for it robs our being of its creative powers . Because energy flows in the path of least resistance(068), our attachments and the way we bind energy creates obstacles to the free flow of energy changing the flow path into unnatural (in the sense against our nature or against the nature within our being) and/or uncontrolled patterns that are frequently unwanted and unpleasant experiences of life.

If we deny our responsibility in determining the energy flow within our own being and live with the need not to know(080) we will be denying our living process(081) separating our consciousness/Consciousness from our creative living process. In doing so we can cause ourselves pain and/or discomfort at some level of our being. The denial of our truth can come at a very high price. If we are unaware and unable to feel the pain and/or we do not choose to look at the gift of pain(082) that is being provided, we will generate addictions(083) and/or causes some type of accident, illness and disease(084) when our body consciousness/Consciousness attempts to get back into alignment with the flow of our creative living process and our mind says otherwise.

We need to be open to feeling Our ability to feel is the primary way our body and the body wisdom and intuition(060) communicates to us. When we feel and don’t act on it, we are internalizing our feelings and forcing the energy and awareness from within our being to express it self in alternative ways to get our attention. Our feelings can become anger and if the anger is suppressed, it will become pain. The gift of pain informs us that we are suppressing our own internal understanding and experiences. We need to learn to use the gift of pain.

If we resolve ourselves to go within and develop the discipline to explore the depth and breath of our own being, we can release the denial of our creative living process with which we all have lived and made such a routine part of our lives. This then will allow us to access the power and unlimited creative ability that has always be ours to create the reality of our choice. And in doing so, access an internal joy and bliss that will never run dry(009) no matter what is happening in the external world. In studying the creative processes as expressed in Creation, we will see how our inner world is reflected in our outer world and vice versa such that we know a tree by its fruits(069) and we cannot give what we do not have(070). We must first create within ourselves and/or become what we wish to give. In this understanding, we can learn the need for the sacrifice and allow the aspects of inner world and the materials of the outer world to be returned to the cauldron of Creation(075) to be dissolved and recast.

In accessing and releasing our unlimited creativity we will relearn to experience the spontaneous and innocent childlike play of exploration and discovery(008) and realize one cannot fear the unknown(043). Rather fear of the unknown is only that we have been experiencing the future as a projection of the past. Fears arise from either the variety of suffering and painful experiences in this life like the loss of play(010) in childhood or pain and suffering from beyond our current life such as when we may have previously tried to follow the left hand path of convention(062). If we are bold enough, we can come to see that to create any reality or any experience we only need to hold a clear intention realizing that a thought held will grow like a tree(038) pulling from the unseen world all that is needs to unfold a creation in the seen world of the physical plane. We can learn to address our fears by doing a hazards analysis(044) on the fear to address the real hazard and implement the appropriate compensatory measure to make a safe and secure space(045) for creation.

As we begins to understand and work with these principles, we can learn to be happy with what is(041) to work with what is(042). Although this will require each of us to learn to dance between the mind and the heart(006), we will see differently. We will be seeing in the moment(005) and, in doing so, we will able to become the creator(073) of our experience. The process we all follow(011) or rather followed in one way or another to create who we think we are in this life is reversible. We can become the Phoenix(094) if we so choose to recreate our reality. Although one must learn a complex integration(095) to discern what is real and the true nature of one’s truth, this transformation process it is readily achievable. We can learn to work with the energy within our being that creates and sustains to create the rituals and ceremonies(097) by ourselves or with the assistance of others such as a rainmaker(104) who creates the safe and secure space for creation to occur or the dream midwife and nanny(105) how help to birth and nurture that creation. They can help create the initiation(098) to open the door to becoming the conscious creator and to consciously work with the unseen energy of the universe or assist in the creation ritual(099) to manifest the dream or intention we hold.

In becoming a creator, we learn how love and our creations(074) are integrally tied together and how we can use the creative state of play(096) to assist the manifestation of our creations. We learn why the adult creative state of play(100) may or may not involve sexuality in relation to creating(101) and manifest our desires. If one is bold enough, one can explore and discover how one can use sexuality as a tool for creating(102) and, in fact, if one creates as a detached witness, they can learn the “secret" of sexuality and awakening(103) consciousness/Consciousness and why sexuality is such an issue for humans. Just as was said about desire, there is nothing wrong with sexuality. and there is no need to deny sexuality. One simply needs to understand the nature of one’s sexuality and learn how to use sexuality as the creation tool that it is. It is capable of creating, and does create, life on every level of being, not only the physical. If one denies their sexuality, they deny the Creator who created them, the Creation of the Creator, and Source of one’s own life.

In learning and working with these concepts of energy consciousness we each can learn to access and release our unlimited creativity to create our experiences and the reality we experience of our choice now and forever. The only constrain we will face at this moment in time is that whatever we create, we will need to do so from within our body. However, once we pass on, we can carry this understanding with us and we will see how and why we are free to create any reality we chose including why we have always been free to do so even though we may currently not believe such a statement.

Summary of the essence of each building block

Summary statements reflective of the essence of each building block if found in the topic “Creation Building Blocks.” A more detailed discussion of the depth and breath of each building blocks, implications, and some of the interrelation of each is the separate hyperlinks for each building block found here and in the topic, “Creation Building Blocks.” As said above, since the order of the building blocks is arbitrary, and no one building block is more or less important than another, you are free to move to whatever topics catch your interest. They are presented in the sequence that they are only to allow related building blocks to be near each other and are numbered for reference. Since there are a variety of ways the individual building blocks are related, there and may different ways to view these building blocks and still have a logical sequence and flow.

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Creation Building Blocks

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