Six types of accident, illness and disease we can create - a creativity perspective


Accident, illness and disease as a creative state

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Within the creativity perspective and the energy consciousness model used in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology to access and release one’s unlimited creativity, all accident, illness and disease are ultimately a result of how we think and believe and have chosen to have a physical experience. Of course it is recognize we may create them unknowingly and/or unwillingly in complete unawareness, however, we nevertheless create them.

It talking about healing and the types of conditions we face such as accident, illness and disease, it must be remember our creative spirit possess a healing wisdom. If permitted it will create sufficient health to have the experience we incarnated to have. If we develop an intimate relationship with our creative spirit as recommended, we will find this healing wisdom is available to us to help explore both the cause of our condition and what we can do about it to create something that better serves who and what we are.

All the events we experience get processed and assimilated within our being. All events and how we experience them are based on what and how we believe. We are all probably aware that we process some events in life in a way that cause physical symptoms of stress. For example, face any of our great fears directly and we will all have probably feel a part of our body respond in some type or kind of tenseness.

Within the energy consciousness view of reality, we create any experience we have by directing, or not directing our creative life energy into the experience. Conditions that we call illness, disease or some other condition that is normally seen as an unfavorable, manifest either one of two ways. One is because we intentionally created it to experience something we could not experience otherwise. The second is we fail in some way or another to finance or direct sufficient creative life energy into those events to create health. However, all conditions we experience are just experiences and it is only our judgment as to what we consider normal, healthy and acceptable.

In discussing accidents, illnesses and diseases, we need to emphasize we do so to learn to accept what is, as it is and then work with the conditions in which we find ourselves to understand how and why we created the reality and experiences that we have. The discussion here is not meant in any way to be the definitive work on accident, illness and disease. Rather it is to give us some tools in which to explore the root causes that are a direct manifestations of how we have chosen to direct our creative life energy for whatever reason or reasons we may have.

Why we have the particular type and kind of accident, illness and disease that we do can ultimately only be answered by us individually. We can always find some external cause for our illness to which we can point and claim is the cause. However, only we can go inside as ask ourselves, ‘Why this condition in the form that it has taken as opposed to any other?” If we are open and listen to our intuitive guidance we will get an answer or get the information we need to explore to get that answer.

Within this understanding, there are six different ways in which one can view accident, illness and disease to understand how and why we create an experience of them. The problem is that each individual will have to explore their own unique pain and their own situation to understand why they may have/had a particular accident, illness or disease..

We are not our body - our thoughts made manifest
(Top): One perspective is that we can create an accident, illness or disease to learn that we are not our body. Rather, we are our thoughts made manifest into a physical experience. This is the most difficult to accept. Yet accepting it as a real possibility and acting on it as real is fundamental to understanding how we create our experiences. In time, we may even come to believe its truth and know its truth in our life. (More on .....We are not our body - our thoughts made manifest)

Elected illness for an experience
(Top): A second perspective is that the accident, illness or disease is the only way we could have a particular physical experience . Or, the particular physical illness creates a situation to allow us to have certain experience. Here the illness is a vehicle for an experience. (More on .....Elected illness for an experience)

“Karmic” illness
(Top): A third perspective is that we have created a condition in our transcendental ego from previous experiences such that you manifest an illness to process and dissipate the energy of these past experiences. (More on .....“Karmic” illness)

Generic illness and service to humanity
(Top) A fourth perspective is that you have an illness to process and dissipate the energy bound in a part of our genetic heritage which as been denied in the past. (More on ..... Generic illness and service to humanity)

Accident, illness and disease as a result of inadequate financing and over extension
(Top) A fifth is simply that we have spread our creative life energy so thin or scattered and fragmented it so much we cannot finance a healthy body. We have some accident, illness or disease to cause us to withdraw from the world. By changing the way we response to the world through the condition we create, we give ourselves chance to refocus our energy as we become aware of our own internal suffering and our own internal processes. (More on .....Accident, illness and disease as a result of inadequate financing and over extension)

Creating a void - failure to fill our life
(Top) A sixth perspective is an underlying overall perspective. It is that for whatever reason we have denied or scattered and fragmented our creative life energy such that you have created a void in our being and have been unable to fill it with our creative life energy. The accident, illness or disease is simply our nonconscious mind filling the void to exercise our creativity that we are otherwise not using. (More on .....Creating a void - failure to fill our life)

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