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The ultimate pain we face - an ongoing issue for the Creator/creator


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There an on going issue involving pain inherent within Creation. As discussed in “A Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective,” the infinite consciousness within Creation shattered itself into an infinite number of fragments. Each fragment being totally unique unlike any other fragment. Yet each fragment simultaneously one with this infinite consciousness for it is a part of the whole and can never be separated from it. This separation is the illusion of Creation and the illusion of mind created for the sake of experiencing Creation.

Whenever one of the fragments of the infinite consciousness realizes the infinity of its own being and/or the uniqueness of its own being, it will realize that there is no one individual that can meet all its needs. That is what it means to be unique. It will literally take an infinite number of beings to fully meet its needs. In this realization it will become lonely for there will be no one who can meet all of its unique needs. Yet, in this awareness, the fragment of Consciousness will simply have returned to that state of the original Consciousness that shattered itself. The fragment of Consciousness will simply come to the realization that there is nothing other than the awareness it possesses. In this awareness it will become very lonely and that loneliness will again fuel creation to create a new Creation. The process is endless. We are simply Consciousness looking for Its playmate to experience Itself. The issue we face is pain of the loneliness. So rather than face the true depth and breadth of this pain, we stay in the illusion of Creation experiencing only a part of this pain from time to time.

It needs to be realized that the “stuff” of your consciousness and its awareness is the same “stuff” out of which the Consciousness of all that is arose. Your consciousness and awareness is the same “stuff” as the Consciousness and awareness of all that is. This ability you have to feel is the same ability Consciousness has to feel. It is no different. If you realize your uniqueness and realize no one can meet you totally, one for one, in your uniqueness you will feel a loneliness. The ultimate pain we face is the pain of our own uniqueness.

As such, pain is not something you can ultimately escape if you are truly going to embrace who and what you are. If you don’t feel a loneliness that borders on being painful if not outright pain to one degree or another, you have simply numbed what you feel in some way. To think you can transcend to some “spiritual” realm to recognize the true essence of who and what you are and not feel loneliness at your uniqueness, you are fooling yourself and you remain in the illusion of Creation. To access the depth and breath of your being and live in the awareness of who and what you are you will have to learn to be happy with what is including a deep loneliness that stems from your own uniqueness. In this knowing, you can use the loneliness to fuel your creative efforts to create a creation that serves you and not one where you run in fear such that you seek a playmate not out of need or lack but out of a desire to share the wonder of Creation. Hence the statement, “Creation was created out of love and the desire to of the Creation to share Its Creation.”

Pain is a fuel. It is the fuel for Creation/creation. At this point in time, humanity is asleep as to who and what it really is. Consequently there is much pain in the world trying to awaken consciousness as to its true nature. However, rather than feel the pain, people are doing everything they can think of to numb the pain and/or otherwise not feel the pain. There may be a few individuals who have a glimmer of who and what they are but even they have not bridged the pain of their own uniqueness. If they did, they would be teaching people about how to deal with it and teaching individuals how to recreate themselves rather than trying to convince them to transcend the physical conditions.

As was said, the ultimate pain is the pain of one’s own uniqueness. That is, there is no one else in the universe like you. You are totally unique and there no other being that can fully meet and embrace who and what you are. That realization is painful if it is truly embraced. However, that pain is the fuel of Creation itself and is what started the whole creation process. When we avoid pain, and why we have pain, we put ourselves to sleep. We numb the pain or distract ourselves in some way and that leads to addictions. When faced with pain, we can choose to either avoid it and stay asleep as to it cause or we awaken to the cause.

To awaken to its cause, we have to set the intention to do so and then follow our intuitive guidance as to how to find it. In awakening to its cause we awake ourselves to who and what we are. In that realization we will face the ultimate pain in that there is no one other than us. That is what uniqueness means. That uniqueness gives rise to a loneliness and the loneliness creates the desire to have someone with whom to share who and what we are. That desire causes us to become the phoenix to destroy ourselves as we are and create a new world, a new reality. Then in that new reality, we can do one of two things. One is to go back to sleep and experience the creation we create. The other is we become aware that our uniqueness only fueling our efforts to create someone with whom to play and share our creation. Here we learn to enjoy the experiences we create becoming like the wind - free and unattached - coming with nothing and leaving with nothing.

It must be remembered creation is not something you do alone for the whole purpose of Creation is to find and experience a playmate. You need others to reveal yourself to yourself. Others will cause you to become aware of ideas, concepts, and the like that you never knew were inside of you. Consciousness defines itself by the experiences it has and as you experience yourself, you give yourself an identity. If you remain alone and independent of others, you will define yourself one way. If you remain with others and/or dependent on others, you will define yourself another way. If you dance between being alone and with others you will define yourself a third way. None of these ways are any better or worse than any other. But they obviously have a great influence on what you experience and how you define yourself.

You are an infinite being with an infinite number of aspects. It will take an infinite number of playmates to experience all aspects of your being. So you will need to play with others to understand who and what you are. Eventually you will come to the realization that you are an infinitely unique being having experiences to awaken you to who and what you really are. In any case, eventually you will come to the realization that you are one and the same as that infinite Consciousness that started the whole process in the first place. You will know that what stands before you, no matter who or what it is, is simply what you yourself has created and it is there to give you the experience that you, yourself, desired to have. This does not come immediately but comes slowly in an evolution.

You will find there is a transition that will occur in you. You will initially see that each of us are independent points of consciousness individually creating the world we experience but in a collective fashion. Then in time, you will come to the realization that you are only Consciousness experiencing itself in an infinite number of ways. One no better than any other. Each just different. You will come to find you have only chosen to have a physical experience to view Creation from within Creation and you are doing it a multitude of different ways and you will stay with the view you have until you have completed the experience you chose to have.

As you may suspect, there are some profound implications for your life if you choose to live and experiment with this perspective.

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