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 Wounds of the heart


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In getting in touch with the heart, we must realize the heart has been greatly wounded by life such that our creative life energy, our life blood. has bleed through that wound. Wounds of the heart need to heal naturally according to our own nature for processing wounds, and in particular, those types of wound that have caused our heart to bleed its creative life energy. Here it does need to be noted that as a unique individual and creative being, each may have a very unique way of healing their wounds naturally.

As we looks at these wounds we will find many of them go back to our childhood when we suffered the displeasures of our care givers, teachers and society for trying to follow our heart and our passion. To stop the bleeding and in an attempt to heal these wounds, especially as a child, we did what we could. As in the Figure, "Wounds of the heart" analogously the way we put a band aide or gauze on a wound, we put some type of band aide or gauze our these wounds of the heart rather than allowing them to heal naturally. As the scab formed to heal the would the gauze of the band aide we placed on the wound has become attached to the scab.

As a result, every time wee tries to pull of that band aide fixed that we used rather than healing naturally, we reopen the wound. Yet the heart cannot properly function with all these band aide fixed attached and we are constantly reopening these wounds and feeling the pain and bleeding away our creative life energy.

As we learn to listen to our heart, we will find it necessary to pull off the band aide and gauze that we placed on the wound to allow the wound to heal naturally. When we do, we will reopen the wound for we will be pealing back part of the scab that has come stuck to the protective actions that we have implemented. In learning to listen to the heart, we will need to be prepared to have many old wounds of the heart to be reopened so that they heal naturally as we stretch ourselves past who we think we are and move beyond the past which has been the cause of the experiences that we hold.

In the same way soaking a wound in water will help dissolve the scab and the scab that has become bound to the gauze, by creating a space of love and acceptance of self and bathing ourselves in that love, we will dissolve the scab of the heart and make our journey less painful. We need to give to ourselves all that it needs at any level of our being to allow ourselves to heal. To others we may become selfish or self absorbed. But, in reality we will only be learning to love ourselves as we are and until we can love ourselves and be ourselves, we cannot love others for we cannot give what we do not have. Until our heart is healed, we cannot truly love ourselves or another.

As long a we have not healed our wound of the heart, we will be in the pain of our own being and that is all that we will be able to give to others is pain for again, we can only give what we have.

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