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An adult is someone who is responsible and understands their responsibilities. It is to realize and accept we create our experiences and we create the reality of our experiences.

As a conscious adult creator or rather as an adult creator consciousness, we are free to choose what we wish to create but we are aware we need to accept the consequences of our actions. There area consequences for the time and place in which we incarnated and consequences for our future. If we are going to be an adult creator, we understand there is some purpose for us being here and we are fulfilling a desire of some conscious. We either created what we experience or we agreed to participate in what we experience and we accept responsibility for it. Otherwise we would not have a free will. As an adult, it is to realize we need to at least understand that purpose if not to complete that purpose and the consequences of not living it before we choose to do something different.

As an adult, we have the choice to live however we wish. We can choose reconstitute ourselves and our creative power and creative ability to return to the Source, we can choose to live as we are, or we can choose to create something else.

The recommendation made here is that we set the intention and find out why we are here in our particular body. There is a wisdom that created it and it is worth understanding the desires of that wisdom. Then in that awareness choose whatever it is we wish to create for that awareness will take us to the source of our being and our full creative power. Then whatever we create, it is recommended we do so from that state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration simply being consciousness/Consciousness at play with itself/Itself.

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