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Whether one realizes it or not, there is a faster, easier and gentler way to create anything we desire as compared to how our mind thinks it needs to be done. In talking about a faster, easier and gentler way to create, we must remember one thing. To create means to enter the unknown. It is to bring into existence something not previously experienced. If we think we know how to create something, then we are not creating. We are repeating the past in a new way. Most of us are really only repackaging the past and call it creating.

The key to this faster, easier and gentler way is to realize there are two ways to experience creation and we must learn to freely dance between these two views.

One way to experience Creation is through the view of the mind. The view of mind is based on all that we have experienced. It knows the way of the world in which we live and has experienced. There is a wisdom of mind that can be obtained if we have learned from our experiences or the experience of others. One can use this wisdom to know what can be, or is, hazardous based on the experiences we have had. If we analysis those experience and what was harmful, we can come to understand why the experience was harmful and exactly what was harmful in the experience. We can then use this wisdom to protect ourselves. It is terribly important to note that this true only if the experiences have been analyzed for the true hazard and not any suppositions made about what is hazardous. If suppositions are used about the hazard, we will severely curtain their creativity.

The problem with mind and the wisdom of mind is that they are based solely on the past and the past experience of oneself or another. As such it cannot effectively lead one into and through a creative effort for any creative effort is something that has not been previously experienced. The best mind can do is a trial and error exploration and experiment to see what works and doesn’t work until we creates what we desire. Unless one is very systematic in how we do our trial and error approach, it become very haphazard if not outright painful.

The mind gives rise to the masculine way of creating. That is, in following mind and what it thinks, we thrust out into the world to go and get or take what we think is necessary to create what we desire. Since mind is a hit and miss operation, the masculine way of creating can be very painful and trying. If it is done properly it requires great discipline, a discipline of the warrior and the observation skills of a scientist, to be able to endure the pain of trial and error and yet maintain focus to achieve our goal.

The other way to experience Creation is through feeling and what we feel or senses. What we feel or senses gives rise to intuitive guidance which is then interpreted by mind based on its past experience. So although we may sense correctly, the interpretation by mind of what we sense may be in error unless we have the minimum set of relevent experience to properly interpret what is experienced.

The key to using the alternative way to experience Creation is to “calibrate” our feelings to know what serves and doesn’t serve us. Once calibrated, the feelings can be used as in internal compass that will read true even if mind interpretation of what it senses is in error. By properly focusing our attention and awareness onto, or into, the feeling of what we desire to create, we can align with the flow of energy that will unfold into our desired creation. We then simply need to follow that feeling into the unknown to be lead to the desired creation. An important note needs to be made here. One needs to follow the flow of energy and what we feel and not the image of mind. We need to honor mind’s interpretation but not follow its lead. Honoring mind's interpretation is discussed under the topic on intuitive guidance.

This alternative way to experience Creation leads to the feminine way of creating. It is feminine in the sense we surrender to the nurturing feminine energy of Creation. The energy that is flowing to create what is desired is a nurturing, life giving energy. Since the heart is the organ that pumps the life giving and life sustaining blood through the body it is symbolically used as the organ representing what we feel and the feminine way of creating. However, it is not the heart that feels but our who being and our whole body. To use our internal guidance system, we must be open to what we feel in both our body and our being. To use the feminine way of creating we must use our entire intuitive guidance system which includes our entire body and our body wisdom in addition to our intuitive guidance and second knowing.

In general, the feminine way is soft and gentle except when the path of least resistance is also the most energetic path for release of the energy to unfold into the creation. It is sort of like the images of Mother Earth and volcano goddess Pele. Most natural processes are gentle and flowing (the Mother Earth image) except when huge amount of energy need to be released quickly for the creative effort - hence the volcano goddess. The lava flows can be soft and gentle slowly building a new creation or expanding an existing creation. However, when there is a great amount of energy which needs to be release and the volcano literally blows it top, the feminine creative way become very frightening, if not outright terrifying.

It is well known that energy follows the path of least resistance and will flow to its ground point in the fastest and easiest way. As such, understanding the flow of the flow of energy becomes key to a faster, easier and gentler way. The key is to become aware of where the flow of creative life energy is block or flowing freely. When it flows freely, the path will be often be gentle. Where it is block, one can expect a rather frightening experience unless the energy is adequately release in a safe fashion.

Several pieces can be brought together here to create a faster, easier and gentler way. By aligning with the flow of energy giving rise to our desired creation, we will access the fastest and easiest way for the given conditions in which one starts their creative effort. However, since the fastest and easiest way may not be the most gentle way, we can use mind to make it gentle and the lessons learned of others.. Water flowing to the sea over a cliff is fast and easy but not necessarily gentle. But it is here the wisdom of mind can be used to create the gentleness. If we knows the water is going to flow over the cliff, we can step out of the flow path and walk around the cliff and then reenter the flow path.

The key is to realize the flow of energy flowing to manifest the experience must be free to flow and free to fully dissipate in the experience. It is much like a river flowing to the sea. If the flow is blocked, the water is not able to flow and dissipate in the sea. The water builds up behind the block until it finds some way to continue on its path to the sea. Most often the release point is other that what we would desire. By looking to see where the flow of energy within our being is blocked by how and what we thinks and believes or were we seek to protect ourselves from life, we can find a way using the wisdom of past experience to find a way to release the blocked energy in a relatively gentle way and restore the flow.

When past experiences are properly analyzed for lessons learned we can know the true hazard in any past experience we have had or others have faced as opposed to speculation about what the hazard may be. Often we only know that we were hurt and don’t really understand why we were hurt. Knowing that mind will interpret what it sense based on past experiences, we can use this fact to identify potential hazards and make the fastest and easiest path gentler.

Here begins the dance between the masculine aspects of our being, the mind, and the feminine aspects of our being, the heart. We need to surrender to the flow of energy which is giving rise to our intention and then look to see how mind interprets that flow. Then analyze minds interpretation for true potential hazards, not speculations, and incorporate compensator measures. Then go back and surrender to the flow seeing what new interpretation is provided by mind. One simply needs to continually iterate the process dancing between mind and heart. It is to create a marriage between mind and heart to create a creation, an offspring, entwined like the strands of DNA such that the offspring cannot exist unless both the masculine and feminine are present and each is fully able to express themselves.

The fastest, easiest and gentlest way to create anything is to navigate from the heart and allow the heart to lead and intend the direction of travel and the mind to attend to the details to make it happen based on the wisdom it has gained.

Now, in talking about creating a faster gentler and easier way by creating this dance between heart and mind, there are those who will say we cannot make the claim that what we suggest will be gentler. They can point out that the "gentleness" that is suggested is relative and can not be "proven." Gentleness is based on a comparison. When we can take only one of two paths (the path of the mind versus the dance of heart and mind) to get to a particular destination, we can’t provide one is more gentle than the other because we can’t take both. That is very true.

However, there is an old saying. "A individual learns from their mistakes. A wise individual learns from the mistakes of others and a fool never learns." If we observe what is required to step into the unknown to create something not previously experience, we will being to see that intuitive insights have routinely made the journey faster, easier and much less work if not gentler. There is a truth in the statement that we will never know if the path we take could have been made easier. In hindsight, we may even see where it could have been made easier if we had only known certain things. The questions is for those who have made the journey, in hindsight, "What are the things that if you had known could have made your journey faster, easier and gentler?"

Having made the journey, learning to navigate from the heart and to do the dance between heart and mind will make it faster, easier and gentler. Of course we do not have to use the experience of others and learn from their mistakes and their wisdom. We are free to choose whatever path and approach we wish. The recommendation made here is only that we analyze and learn from both our past and the past of others. Especially those who have successfully negotiated the unknown in creative endeavors. Out of that analysis will come a faster, easier and gentler path for us to follow. That has been done and much of the information is contained in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding and material. The material is provided free on this website so that money and/or access to money do not become the issue of making your path faster, easier and gentler.

The biggest issue that most of us will faces is to be open to what we feel and sense. For many of us it means a return to the past and the pain of the past or becoming open to the pain of other. For many of us there will be fears which arise that thwart our ability to feel and subsequently thwart our creative efforts. What needs to be realized any creative effort takes us into the unknown. We cannot fear the unknown for we don’t know what to fear. Fear is only of the past and the projection of the past into or onto the unknown. This is not to say real hazards do not exist in the unknown. Rather, what we fear is of the past.

What needs to be done is to analyze our fears and the past situation that gave rise to those fears to truly understand what is the true hazard in that fear and how exactly we can be harmed by that hazard. In knowing the true hazard, one can the put compensatory measures in place to address the harm that the hazard could cause. If that hazard does arise, we simply implement the compensatory measures based on the wisdom of the past. We need to make fear an ally and use it constructively rather than allowing it to immobilize, thwart or otherwise control our creative efforts. We cannot fear the unknown. We can only fear the past. If we live with fear, we are living in the past and recreating the past. We also allow our past to control our life and our creativity. If we analyze and explore our fears, we will become free of both our fears and our past.

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