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Many individuals have found the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material or its applications stimulating and/or exciting. Some have requested conversations with other on these topics or desire to communicate with like minded individuals. To assist these individuals, discussion groups and forums brought to the author's attention have been, and will be placed, below. Information as to the type and kind of discussion group or forum is provided as the information is available. Similarly, additional discussion groups can be created to discuss different aspects of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding, material and/or its applications.

Connecting with Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity on Facebook
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Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Facebook Page

Background: The Facebook page "Connecting with Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity"  was created for two reasons.  One reason was a place for individual to identify themselves as supporting either the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity paradigm and concept of the creative spirit or found the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity information beneficial in some way in their life.  The second reason was to provide a way for individuals to connect with other individuals interested in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity information and its implications. Discussions, comments, questions and the like are welcome. If requests are made, individual Facebook pages to discuss particular applications will be created.

Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Forum on Yahoo.Au
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Yahoo.au Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Forum

Background: Forum for contacting and sharing thoughts with other individuals studying the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material and its applications. You can join this group by creating a Yahoo identity and you can post messages using this identity/email address through Yahoo7mail. Or, if you wish, you can subscribe using your preferred email address by sending a message to the subscribe address at Yahoo releasingyourunlimitedcreativity-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.au The forum is open and there is no set agenda or topic of discussion.

Additional Information

If you desire information on discussion groups and forums on Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity  or any other topic, you can use the contact link above or click here

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