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There are a variety of ways to approach any creative endeavor and a variety of issues and problems you may face. The following Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines have been developed to compile the actions found to be most useful and necessary in any creative endeavor. They provide a way to make any creative process you undertake relatively faster, easier and gentler. They can lay the foundation for accessing and releasing a sufficient amount of your unlimited creativity for any creative endeavor. They can assist you in unfolding the dream within your heart and/or access and release the depth and breadth of your creativity. They are listed here in a consolidated format for your reference and can be used with the individuals of your choice.

Each of the Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines is based on several realizations about the creative process and the action that individuals needed to take on that realization. Some actions you can consider taking to implement the Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines are provided under a separate hyperlink.

The key to your creative endeavors is to have a desire and corresponding sufficient passion hold a single point focus on a clear intention. Then use your internal compass and intuitive guidance to guide you to align with the flow of energy generated by that single point focus and to act on the intuitive guidance you get. Each thought creates a flow fo energy. and you can follow that flow of energy with a single point focus on the feel of the flow of energy to manifest that thought along the path of least resistance. That what clear intention and conscious creation and meditation is all about is all about. The Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines help you to do this without years of effort and practice. How successful you are with these steps is dependent entirely on what you choose to create with your life and how diligently you apply each step.

The easiest way to get started is to simply start a creative effort by setting an intention to create something and work though what arises as it surfaces. In any situation, the most energetic issue arises to be addressed. One can use this fact if they are willing to follow the creative process and allow the flow of energy that will give rise to what one desires to experience to lead one’s life. To do this one needs to follow their intuitive guidance which arises from the flow of energy. So it is simply a matter of choosing a creative target and stepping toward that objective working to address whatever surfaces.

As it arises, rather than trying to address all one would need to know about the issues and problems of a creative endeavor directly, fifteen creative steps or guidelines are provided that can be used to simplify your efforts to create the space within your being to give you the energy, power and ability to manifest your creation. These creative steps/guidelines will help address many of the issues and problems that arise in any creative endeavor and will, in many ways, simplify the work you need to do. Although your journey may still be difficult and challenging, you will not have to deal directly with learning all you need to know about creativity. You will not become overwhelmed by the issues you will face. You will only have to deal with those that actually arise relative to your creative efforts as you work through the steps/guidelines.

Creation is ultimately making a thought manifested in the physical world either by creating an object or an experience. To create anything, one must act to manifest what they desire. These guidelines have been found to be a very successful way of acting to create what one desires by those who have used them. They will be applicable to your creative effort and you will need to decide what must be done for each.

In any creative endeavor, much of one’s inner creative work is done with and through our mind because mind is what determines where we place our focus and how strong to hold that focus. Since the focus of your efforts is on creativity and creating, it is suggested that in working through these steps/guidelines you create some type of playful symbolic action to accompany your efforts for each step to (1) demonstrate your commitment to the step, (2) catalyze your creative endeavor and (3) honor the creative process itself where a thought is made manifest in a physical experience. For each step a type of suggested action is provided under a separate document to help you get started. However, it needs to be emphasized, whatever is provided is only a suggestion. Use your creativity and imagination to create the appropriate action to accompany each step.

These creative steps/guidelines can be divided into three sections. The first section contain Steps/Guidelines 1 and 2 are what you should do to create the best conditions to manifest what you desire. They should be done first and in sequence. All others can be done in almost any order and/or simultaneously working on more than one. Unless you have deep passion to create such that you are a light unto yourself, you may wish to implement Step/Guideline 12 after completing Steps/Guidelines 1 and 2. Here again, some type of ritual, ceremony, specially created prayer is recommended to be used to address your needs as appropriate.

The second section deals with the addictive thinking patterns of the mind that are preventing you form accessing the depth and breadth of your creative power and ability. The addictive thinking patterns of the mind can be as powerful and as destructive as any physical addiction. As such, Steps 3 through 13 are similar in approach to the Twelve Step program used for many physical addictions

The last Step/Guidelines 14 and 15 are necessary if you wish to move beyond your addictive thinking patterns and/or to explore the true depth and breadth of your inherent creative ability. Alternatively said, that is, if you wish to become a conscious creator and “cure” yourself of the addictive mind that gives rise to inner and outer addictive patterns in life.

In using these Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines, it is important to note that you will not free yourself from pain. You will have to face the pain of creation and giving birth to the life you are consciously choosing to create. How much pain you experience will depend on how strongly you hold to the past and/or object to what enters your life. You may want to look at the discussion on pain.

For each step a type of suggested action is provided thought this site to help you get started. However, it needs to be emphasized, what is provided is only a suggestion. Use your creativity and imagination to create the appropriate action to accompany each step.

In using these Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines, it needs to be remembered, these are steps in the sense that the easiest way to address them is to do them in sequence. They are guidelines in the sense that you cannot necessarily expect to fully embrace all of them to the maximum extent possible. As guidelines they are something to strive to achieve not necessarily attain and can be done in any order you choose. Additionally, as guidelines, you will often find yourself working more than one and/or cycling around them to revisit items previously addressed at a deeper level. As such, you should not judge yourself negatively if you cannot fully accomplish the steps based on your own or someone else’s expectation and/or opinion. All you can do is make the best effort you can on each and that is all that is required. What you will find is that whatever you do with these Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines, you will increase your awareness about the you creativity. In doing so, you will increase your creative ability to create what you desire. How long it will take, here again, depends on what you desire to create and your starting point.

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