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Creation and being a conscious creator is an ongoing and a life long endeavor. It will require a continual mindfulness and awareness as to what you are creating and manifesting in your life. Some may see their creation manifest miraculously and instantaneous. Others may find their creation grows and evolves slowly over many, many years. Most experience a gradual evolution or unfolding much as if you planted a seed and you have to wait for it to grow and bear fruit. You may find that you think nothing is happening. But, if you look back over time, you can see profound shifts and changes that you never conceived possible. How long it takes depend on the type of seed you plant and the environment in which you plant it.

The real issue that arises is that any creative effort includes both manifesting the creation and sustaining the creation. What you will find is that there is a maintenance upkeep or cost to maintain that creation. What you need to do for the manifestation may look nothing like what you need to do for sustaining the creation. Some may find they seem to revert to old ways of being and to be continually haunted by the past. Some may even become captured by the past and lose the new creative life that they find. So, there will always be some ongoing continual effort to not revert back to the way you were before you undertook your creative endeavor. In fact, you may find you have to undergo an entirely new creation process to create the space to sustain the creation you manifested.

Creation is about growth and evolution and not necessarily about instantaneous manifestation although it can be. Energetically, change is always instantaneous. How and when that energetic change is manifested and expressed in a physical experience depends on the environment and conditions in which you find yourself. It is much like turning a valve or a throttle where there is a lag time until you see the effects. Hence, the need to hold the focus on what you intend with an unwavering faith and trust that it will manifest in one way or another appropriate to the environment in which you find yourself. In any case, you and your world will change because of your endeavors and the actions you take to implement these steps. How much it changes and how easy or hard the changes may be totally depends on you, your environment and exactly what you want to create.

In all cases, conscious creating is about always being mindful and aware. It is a life long effort and requires demanding, endless and sometimes less than exciting attention and awareness. It is an attention and awareness to what one feels, the thoughts one has, and the choices one makes in life. Nothing can be taken for granted. If you place your creative efforts on autopilot, in time, something sooner than later, will change, the terrain – the environment you face – will change and you will be faced with obstacles for which you are unprepared. Only diligent and discerning mindfulness and awareness will allow one to be in control of their creative efforts. But in all cases, nothing will happen unless you step out and act to create what you desire.

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