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When it come to following any written guidance, the first question that most individuals probably ask, “How do I properly use and/or comply with this material to do it right?” To properly “comply” with or implement these Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines, three comment need to be made.

The first comment is there is no “right” way and/or no issue of compliance. These are guidelines. There is only the way that allows you to feel free and grow into the fulness of life. It is the way that frees your creative spirit so that it is able to create what you desire and there are a variety of ways to do so. You may have to experiment to find the way that is best or most effective for you and it may look different than another’s way. The best way is your way.

The guidelines are only presented to make you wise as the proverb. - an individual learns from their mistakes, a wise individual learns from the mistakes of others, a fool never learns. However, remember, when you are creating no one can show you the way. Don’t follow the path of another. Rather use the wisdom inherent in their path and use what is applicable to your situation. Realize your situation is different in one way or another from theirs.

These guidelines are provided to you to learn from the success and freedom of others in hopes you learn more about the creative spirit that lies within your being. In any case the recommendation is that you can try the way that has worked for others but don’t fall into the trap of following the way of another. Look for the way that optimizes your creativity and give you freedom and the freedom to consciously create in whatever situation you find yourself.

The second is that in any creative endeavor, especially exploring the depth and breadth of your own creativity, there are no mistakes. There are only learning experiences. Mistakes can only be made against some know criteria. Since you are trying to create and/or experience something that never has existed before or what you are aware, there is no known way to create what you desire. You will have to learn your way to achieve your goal. You will also need to feel your way to the goal. Since any intention creates a flow of energy and energy follows the path of least resistance, you can align with the feeling of the flow of energy generated by an intention to manifest that intention with the least resistance.

The third comment is an anecdote from when I was a federal regulator and inspected for compliance with federal rules, regulations and standards. Often I was asked by the individuals who were being inspected as to how they could fix their problem so they would not get fined or suffer whatever penalties that could be imposed. However, as a regulator, I was not allowed to tell them how to do what needed to be done. I had to allow them to choose. As an inspector, I did not make the standards, rule or regulations. All I did was inspect to see if what the individuals were doing met the requirements. Yet some individuals were confused for many requirements were not clear and no implementing guidance was available. Some continued to plead,”Tell me what I have to do to fix my problem?”

Being the compassionate and creative individual that I am, my approach was a follows. I would think of two ways that were reasonable and appeared to effectively address what needed to be addressed. I needed two solutions so that (1) they had a choice and (2) I was not perceived as telling them what to do. They had to choose. However, I would not stop there. I always gave them a third recommendation. I would think of a third recommendation that was as ridiculous, encumbering, and as foolish as I could make it yet have it meet the requirement. In essence, I looked for the “stupid” solution rather than one that adds elegance and finesse.

I would give them all three options. Then I would tell them, “If I had a choice and I had to make the decision to tell you how to do what you needed to do, I would choose this third choice.” I would then look at them directly and ask, “so what do you want to do?” and politely imply ‘Do you really want me to tell you what to do?” Some would laugh and realize the choice was theirs to make and they needed to look and see what would work for their situation. Some would not get what I was trying to communicate and I had to tell them again, “ I cannot tell you what to do, you have to choose and do what you think is correct..”

However, there were always a few rare individuals who would take my most ridiculous choice as a recommendation that I wanted to see and then go and try to do it. These were the people that frightened me. These people tried to do the ridiculous only because they felt they needed to satisfy me. They were not concerned with their own needs or even the requirement. They were too worried about pleasing the authority no matter what form it took. They were simply afraid of getting it wrong and were either unwilling, unable or too fearful to think. Of course I knew these people were the one’s that probably were not meeting the requirements in other areas but simply trying to satisfy the preference of the person in charge. Those individuals were the one that needed to be watched. Fortunately there were not many of them but a few nevertheless existed.

So too the application of these Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines. You have to access and release your creativity to become creatively self empowered. You cannot use another’s, not mine or anyone else’s, for your creative endeavors. Only you can do that and you have to do it in a way that meets your needs. Only you can give yourself the freedom to explore your creativity and find out what you can and can’t do. I, as others, can give you recommendations and talk about what has worked for others and I do so in this document. But you, and only you, can decide what is effective in your life and serves your creative needs to allow your creative spirit to become free. You will have to do your own explorations. What is found here are guidelines, recommendations and the actions people have taken that they found useful. You have a free will and the choice is yours at to what you do. You are free to choose as you wish. There are no judgements on what you choose, but there are consequences. Look to see what the consequences may be and ask yourself if they serve or do not serve what you desire to create. Then allow effectiveness to be your measure of truth.

Just remember, if you are face with a hornets nest and you don’t want to get stung, simply knocking it down in an attempt to get ride of the hornets may not be the best way. You may be only increasing the problem you wish to remove. Become wise as the proverb recommends.

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