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The Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines presented on this website is what will provide you the greatest assistance in what you desire to create. They are the focal point for you to being your effort to claim your birthright as the being you are and to become a conscious creator. They have been used by many, whole or in part, to create what they desire. When you read and work with the Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines and the material presented on this and related websites, you may think and/or feel something is missing and/or incorrect. You may find yourself saying to the equivalent, “What is presented here is good but...”. You analysis in this regard, will be correct. Something is missing. But what is missing is not by design or by accident. Rather it is inherent in the creative process.

Creation and experiencing Creation is something that is not done alone. You will always need another to experience creation and to call forth what lies deep within your being to be experienced. Another is needed to surface the reason or intention that is actually causing you to have the experience you do. As such, this material presented, in particular the fifteen steps, are calling forth the creative spirit deep within your being to come out and express itself and to consciously create the world of your choice. What is presented here is incomplete in that your participation is required for the Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines to be fulfilled. You will need to act on what you know to “fix”what you feel is incomplete. Whether you use the Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines as a foil to contrast what you know and believe or you use them as steps in the creative process supplementing them as you see fit, doesn’t matter. What does matter is you choosing to act on what you know true to what you know and understand.

You will have to become aware of the fact that even if you follow this book and the Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines verbatim, something will still be missing in your creative efforts. Something will not feel correct. To not experience something missing, you have to take what is here and digest it and make it your own. You need to take what serves you throwing the remainder away, and then act based on what you know and have assimilated. You need not fear you have thrown away something important. You can always go back in one way or another and revisit what you discard.

You have to take these fifteen creative steps/guidelines and make them your own, in your own way, and do what you need to do. You need to embody them in a way that serves your uniqueness and what you desire to create. You can change them as you feel lead but you should understand what you are changing and why. You should explore why, and know why, you want to do what you do as opposed to something else. You should be able to clearly explain at least to yourself but preferably to another why you want to change them, supplement them or do something different. In doing do you will be revealing to yourself the process that you are currently using to create your experiences and you will be revealing to yourself what you think and believe. In time, you will even make your subconscious conscious.

The invitation that is made here it to take what is here and mold it your way to make it your own. Correct what you think or feel is incomplete or in appropriate. In doing so, you will move to align with the creative process that flows from the Source of Creation and the source/Source of your creative powers to which this book is pointing. In allowing yourself to process what you are lead to explore within you own being and act from that knowledge, you will lead other to do so. In doing so, you will step into your own unique creative power and will simultaneously be giving the space to yourself and others to allow the creative spirit within your being to freely express themselves.

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