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The format for the Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines that paralleled the Twelve Steps was chosen for three reasons. First, the desire for an individual to become free, or at least to be able to manage an addiction, is an extremely powerful creative endeavor. To create that freedom or to be able to manage an addiction, parallels what one needs to do in any creative endeavor. All that differs is the magnitude of the effort and the repercussions you wish to create. The Twelve Step approach is able to mask and bypass many of the complexities of creative process and makes a complicated creative process relatively easy to follow. In this regard, using the Twelve Steps as a launch point only follows the recommendations made in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Approach to (1) become wise and learn from the mistakes of others and (2) allow effective ness to be your measure of truth. The Twelve Step approach works for individuals to learn recreate their life to manage their addictions. So, it only makes sense to use what is known to be effective and model what needs to be done for any creative endeavor, large or small, based on an approach that is known to be effective. Only the highest complements can be made about the Twelve Steps and what they can achieve. Yet there is more to create in one’s life than sobriety form an addiction - there is creating life itself. The Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines address those differences.

The second reason a parallel format is used is that they reduce a rather complicated process into manageable actions that can be done by any two individuals. There is no need to use the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology which give rise to the Fifteen Creative Steps/guidelines. Nor is there the need to use any “professional” support. Only one other individual who is willing to hold you accountable to what you wish to create and help you use these Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines is necessary. It can’t get much simpler than this.

The Founder of Alcoholics Anonymous found that only two individuals were needed to help each other maintain sobriety with the use of the Twelve Step approach. The only condition that appears to be placed on these two individuals is that one is recovering themselves such that they know and understand what the other faces. No one else is really needed. So it is hoped people will find such ease of use with these Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines to create whatever they desire. It is hope people will realize to create whatever they desire, they only need one other individual, preferably one who also has had to face a parallel creative endeavor themselves, to support and hold them accountable in a nurturing and supportive way to create they wish to create.

On this point a note needs to be made. There is a belief that unless one has “walked in my shoes” they cannot understand the pain that I have faced and endured. Although there is a truth in this belief, what is not understood is that anything you experience is a creation and any creation is experienced the same as any other creation. The difference is the magnitude of the impression the experience of any creation makes on one’s psyche.

One does not really need another who has “walked in similar shoes.” Rather, all that is needed is one who understand how the creative spirit has become bound in life by the circumstances it faces and is willing and capable to create the space for the creative spirit to unbind itself and come forth and freely express itself. The understanding about he creative process to do this is beyond what is available in the Twelve Steps or even this Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines. They are a “how to” approach as opposed to understanding the how and why.

Having “walked in similar shoes,” one has endured a similar set of experiences provides a common ground that masks over the complexities that are in actually faced in one way or another. Unless on has walked through a similar creative endeavor, they will not be sufficiently aware of the particular creative process one faces. Hence the need for one who has suffered and/or endured a similar set of circumstances in their life. However, if one is willing to learn and understand the overall creative process, and experience it consciously, one can learn to create the safe and secure space for any bound creative spirit to release itself for all creative processes follow a similar pattern. All that is needed is the awareness to know what to look for. But to gain that awareness one must enter and travel the creative process while they are aware and awake. Most prefer to remain asleep in their creative activities.

What needs to be realized is that we all are creator of the life we live. All that is different is what we create. So there is no reason why each of us cannot support the creative endeavors of another. We do not need to have walked the parallel path of another to help them on their journey. There is no need to be a recovering addict as recommended in the Twelve Step program. Rather, there need to be one who understand the struggle of the creative spirit and realizes the addict is struggling to access their own creative power to a sufficient degree to recreate their life and maybe even their world. We all do that whether we are conscious of it or not. All that is different is what we are choosing to create. In that understanding, there is no one who you cannot help and support. It is one creator supporting another in their creative efforts.

The third reason for this format a result of the ease at which humans fall into addictive behavior whether or not it causes enough damage to one’s life such that one needs to enter a recovery program like the Twelve Steps is another issue. It is hope the individuals who have been in a Twelve Step program, and those who have not, are able to see the similarities between the addictive experiences and the addictive powers of mind in any creative process. It is hoped they would come to see and understand why it is said recovery is an ongoing process and what exactly in their life is holding them in their addiction. It is hoped what is provided here can help people step past “always recovering” to “always creating” such that they can create a life style that severs their entire being to make it even easier to have freedom from their addictions and their addictive mind. The motivation for this last intent is two fold. In seeing what the Founder of the Twelve Step program was unable to create in his life and what personal friends who have been involved in a Twelves Step program have been unable to address, it is hoped these steps take them to that next step of freedom. A step to freedom to create what better serves who and what they are and what they incarnated to experience

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