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It is said in the topic "The Guided Path to Using Meditation as a Creative Tool”: The approach is about using mediation as a creative tool. You can use what is here as a meditative practice but if you wish to meditate as an end in itself and/or as the vehicle to create, then it is recommended you go find a meditation teacher and/or a meditation tradition. Using mediation as a vehicle to create is different than using it as a tool.

From a creativity perspective and holding our creativity sacred, what needs to be clearly understood is that any tradition, any teacher, anyone who does not seek to call forth the creative spirit within the individual and give the space for that creative spirit to be free to express itself is attempting to harness, if not enslave, that creative spirit for their own ends. They may not do so consciously but they nevertheless are doing so. Only when your goals and intention fully align with the goals and intention of the tradition, teacher or the one who is providing you with something will you not be somehow enslaved.

What needs to be realizes is that there is an energy within each individual. In the same way we can harness the energy of a horse to do work for us we can harness the energy within an individual. Civilizations and governments have harnesses the power within the individual for their purposes throughout history. Some have used slave labor. Some have used volunteer labor. Some have substituted money through taxes as a medium to harness the energy within the individual. Whenever you get an individual to do something you desire to do, you have harnessed their creative spirit. It doesn’t matter how you have got them to do what you wanted to do, you nevertheless have harness their creative sprit for your desired creation.

The creative spirit within each individual is an energy that animates and sustains our life. It can be harness as any other energy. Part of the “game” of life which in which we all participate is to get others to do what we want them to do. Power, influences, rewards, punishment and the like have all been used to direct the individual creative life energy of one individual into an end desired by another. None of this is good not bad. It is just the way it is. One goal of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach is to get you to harness your creative life energy to what your creative spirit desire to create, the intention for your life, and not to your enculturated mind or the mind of any other.

As a human, we each must eat something in order to live. What is not realized is that we each also need to eat something spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. We all do it. We are not necessarily aware of how we do it. We each need others to give us the experiences we desire to have. In needing others we eat of them in some way. They in turn eat of us. The question is “Are we allowed to grow and expand in the experience of life by the experiences we have or do we shrink and become less than who and what we are?” Does another causes us to grow and become enriched by the experiences we have or do the experiences somehow cause us to withdrawal from life or a part of life.

The Universe is magical enough to form itself in a way that each of us can grow and expand in the experience of life and become more alive with life. It is not about gaining more “stuff” whether it be material “stuff’ or spiritual, emotional, or mental “stuff.” But rather, more alive with life itself and the fulness of living and being that creates a life worth living.

However, some fear that they will be less than another or be consumed by another. Some fear another will have more life than they do. Or, they don’t believe there is a way for everyone to be served in life or the life that is lived. There is a belief that there is not enough to go around so we must take from others and hold onto what we have. We don’t see ourselves as powerful creators to create what we need if life to have the experiences we incarnated to have. Whenever we try and get another to do what we think needs to be done at the expense of their life and their fulness of life, we are enslaving them and causing them to become less that which is possible.

Here enters the variety of meditation techniques and traditions. Each and every technique and tradition is created for a purpose. There is an intent that the creator or creators of the technique or tradition desire to be fulfilled. That intention or desire is embedded in the technique or tradition. Anyone who uses that technique or tradition is giving their life energy to that desire and/or intention. The questions is, “Is the individual creative spirit being served by what is given or is it being enslaves to support something that does not necessarily serve its best interests.” It is to be noted, this comment includes the material presented here on this web site and the intention behind the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity technology.

To take an individual and put chains on their hands and feet, or put the individual into a cage, and force them to do a certain task is obviously enslavement. Enslavement has never served anyone other than the person who gets the benefit from energy the slave expends in doing the desired task. Probably most would agree it is wrong to put chain on the hands and feet of an individual or put them into a cage. However, to give an individual beliefs or channel their thinking such that they are not free to have the creative freedom to explore the realm of infinite possibilities to see what is possible is an enslavement just as damaging as the worse physical enslavement.

Yet, this is what we all do every day. Rather than give an individual the freedom to explore their own truth, their own thinking, their own beliefs, we tell them or expect them to be a certain way. We often assume another is just like us and wants and/or needs what we want/need. We think they will make the same mistakes we made. We think they will use the information we give them in the way we think it should be used. We think they will be happy in the cage we have made for ourselves. We think the cage in which we live and have place our creative spirit to keep it safe and/or address our concerns will satisfy another.

We fail to realize the true uniqueness and creative power of the other individual. We fail to realize they could be totally like us or completely different. So rather than give the individual the space to explore their truth, we impose our truth in one way or another. Rather than educate them on what we have found to be true for ourselves, we impose our truth on them. Yet, more often than not, we have never explored our own truth for no one has given us the space for the exploration. So rather than even share our truth we impose what others have imposed on us and the process continues and we never find out what the truth really is.

It need to be understood is that anything that we take from the outside that is not fully eaten and digested to be made our own and then allow it to arise from within our being to supplies us with an energy to act does not allow us to live our truth. Rather, we will be simply copying the truth of another. Anything we use that is not fully eaten and digest is to give our creative life energy in support to the desired creation of another. In essence we are enslaving ourselves to their creation without the awareness that we are doing do.

We do not need to challenge or question everything that is given to us to use. Rather, we just need to be aware that whatever we use, especially thoughts, beliefs and thinking patterns, that has not been made truly our own is simply directing our creative life energy into the desires of another. We are free to put our creative life energy into creating anything we desire. However, we need to become conscious of where we are putting that energy and what we are creating when we put it there if we wish to become a conscious creator.

There are many things we do in life in unawareness and out of habit or our past experiences. The question is “Does what we do serve the deepest levels of our being and is what we are creating really support what we desire to create with our life that arise from the deepest levels of our being?”

Meditation is a doorway to the deepest levels of our being. To use any meditative practice unaware of the intention and desire that create it has the possibility of channeling our creative life energy at the deepest levels of our being into something that may not really support what we desire to create. It needs to be noted here that many of the uses of meditation sound very noble and beneficial. However, often the meditation practice was created to escape a painful conditions and/or out of fear. In these cases, that desire to escape is embedded in the practice. If one is attempting to use meditation to engage life more fully, using a meditation practice that was designed to escape life or an aspect of life is self defeating.

We each are a unique creative spirit that has incarnated for a purpose. The questions is, “Is what we do in life and what we support in life in alignment with what our unique creative spirit incarnated to do?” Only you can answer that question and it is not something you will necessarily know through mind. You will know by what gives you life, gives you the passion to engage life, and makes you feel life is worth living. It is in such feelings you are served. The recommendation is that you do what server your creative spirit and learn to follow your internal compass as to what you create in life. Allow effectiveness to be your measure of truth and use those things that allow you to create a life worth living. In doing so, you will serve the greater whole in the way you need to serve that whole and you will be given permission for the other in your life to do the same.

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