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The single most important recommendation that can be made is that you learn to live your life and all that you do consistent with your truth. Not the truth of your mind and what you think and believe but consistent with the truth that arises from what is symbolized in the heart.

The world in which we live has many individuals telling us the way we should live, the right way to do things, the wrong way to do things. There are many individuals telling us what we need and donít need in life to be happy and satisfied. There are individuals who appear to be quite successful in life based on whatever success criteria we choose to use. Most of these individuals have advice and recommendations as to how they think they became successful. Most of us have been programmed from very early in life as to what constitutes success in life.

Few have been told that what makes for a successful life and makes a life worth living is unique to who and what we are and how to do it found inside each of us. Few have been told to look within and find out what provides that fulness of being, fullness of life and that passion for life and for living. Few have been taught that there is a inner satisfaction that can be found that never runs dry no matter what is happening in the outside world. Even few have been given the space by another to explore their own truth and see what is true for them.

To access all of this we have to live consistent with our truth. But to know our truth we have to look to see it and feel it. We have to be willing to do our own experiments and see what works and doesnít work for us.

Nothing that is provided here will guarantee you will find what you seek in life. All of it can be helpful for you to get it. You must look within and see what allows you to create a life worth living. Then use your creativity to find a way to get it. As you do, remember the Universe is magical enough to provided a way that each of us can get what we desire without the need for denying the freedom and free expression of the truth of what is symbolized in the heart of another. Our minds may fight with others, argue with others and say that we canít get what we desire without harming or hurting another. But nothing is farther from the truth of what is. However, to find that alternative way were each of meet the needs of what is symbolized in the heart, we have to look within and follow our own inner guidance.

We can use the advice of others and make it our own. We can experiment with what others give us to see if it is effective in our life. However, what truly serves us can only be determined by what we feel and what gives us life. If you have not done so, it is recommended you access your internal compass, calibrate your internal compass and use it to guide your life in all that you do. In doing so, you will create a life based on your own unique truth and not that of another.

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