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It is stated on the web page, “Meditation Concepts and Principles for Creativity”: The third area is a guided approach. It is to learn to use meditation to focus on our own truth with the intention to bring it out into the world. (More on .... Focusing our own truth)

There are many recommendations as to on what you should focus in meditation. Many are listed in the “Variety of reasons to meditate.” However, the creativity perspective looks to hold our creativity sacred. To do so, it is important to focus on our own truth to reveal to ourselves the depth and breadth of the creative power that we possess. The easiest but yet the most difficult way to do reveal our truth is the "Way of the Heart.” Most however will use the tradition and most common methods characteristic of the “Way of the Mind.”

The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology is based on the understanding there is what is best described simultaneous and interchangeably as a creative spirit and as a flow of creative life energy that lies at the source of our creative power and creative ability. The Our creative Spirit web site discusses this creative spirit. This creative spirit, which can be experiences as both a spirit and as an energy, is what created and sustains our life and animates our body. There is a profound life giving wisdom within this creative spirit. Additionally, this creative spirit provides a direct access to the source of our being and the Source of Creation if we know how to use it. In focusing and learning our own truth we can access this creative spirit to increase the probability of the Ultimate Accident and have a conscious experience of the Source of Creation.

The more we can align with the flow of this creative spirit the greater the creative power and ability we can access. This creative spirit carries a wisdom - certain truths about itself and what it desires to express, as to who and what we are, and about Creation. These desires give rise to the intention for our life and the experiences this creative spirit desires to have in life to fulfill that intention.

As we focus on the truth within this creative spirit and nurture the expression and free unfoldment of that truth we access our internal feminine nurturing creative energy. This energy, in turn excites and awakens the internal masculine creative energy. It excites the inner masculine to thrust out into the world in passion with the truth of our being. It is what allows us to live true to ourselves in the world.

In essence what happens is a marriage occurs. The inner feminine which nurtures the unfoldment of our truth unites with the inner masculine. The inner feminine excites and catalyzes the inner masculine such that a new life come froth from within the individual. It is a life different than which we are enculturated to live. Quite frequently it is very much different if not extremely different than what our mind would think and/or choose.

In living the truth found within our being, we become full of life and completely enthused with life. Thrusting out into the world in our truth gives rise to a passion for life and for creating life. We may in fact seek to create a new life externally and recreate the life we have. This new life arising from our creative spirit within us will cause us to want to recreate our life and create a new life at each and every level of our being. This passion that is generated to create a new life arise from our reasons for incarnating and is what supplied the energy to original manifest the life we live.

It needs to be remembered. The energy and sprit which give rise to our incarnation creates life and always seeks to create life. When it is free to unfold and be true to itself, it will always be seeking to create life within ourselves and others. It is a life given spirit and a life giving energy and when access it causes one to become full of life. Whenever an individual is somehow devoid of life, it is most probably a result of the fact that their creative spirit has somehow, for some reason withdrawn from life and/or is otherwise unable or not free to express itself true to itself.

Focusing on our own truth is accomplished by becoming aware that a thought is only mind’s interpretation of an energy which it sensed by the mind. With discernment, we can sense and feel that flow of energy. By knowing the feel, we can know whether we are served or not served by that thought. We can also know if that thought reflects our truth or the truth of another.

Exactly how we perceive or sense the flow of energy behind any given thought, what serves or doesn’t serve us, or whether or not it is our truth will be unique to our being. We will each have to do our own experiments. One of the more common feelings as to whether or not something serves us is a feeling in our gut or near the stomach. But that is not always the case. An individual with whom I worked knew if she was hearing truth by the presence or absence of a pain in her back near her left shoulder.

It is here in discerning what is true for is being mindful and aware is very important. We need to be aware of both the thought and what we are feeling when we have the thought. We need to learn to sense any changes which may occur as the thought persists or as it comes and goes.

The best way to learn how to focus on our own truth is to consult our intuitive guidance and allow it to lead. However, without an intimate relationship with our intuitive guidance it will be hard to follow its lead. In this case we will have to develop both a relationship with our intuitive guidance to guide us and develop mindfulness.

We can start to develop an intimate relationship with our intuitive guidance by calibrating our internal compass and using the feeling of the fulness of being, what gives us life and gives us the feeling of being full of life to guide us in our life. Then use the guidance provided here or guidance we obtain elsewhere to become mindful and aware of our thoughts. In time we will be able to feel what thoughts serve and do not serve our truth.

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