A guided path to using meditation as a creative tool


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A Guided path to using meditation as a creative tool
How to use this material
Accessing the source
Learn to create a living meditation
Learn to create a living meditation
Look to create life
Getting started
Considerations in exploring options in meditation
Background concepts on how we create our experiences
Selected Tools and Techniques of Meditation
Focusing and accessing information
The conceptual framework for reconstituting our creative power
An introductory discussion to the integration of intimacy, meditation, creativity, celibacy and sexuality

First and foremost, what is stated here is not a guided path to use meditation. Rather it is more directed toward using mediation as a creative tool and about meditation, controlling or influencing an individual’s creativity. This material does not arise out of any interest to teach mediation. It was created because of the importance of the creative power inherent in meditation and the desire that each individual be free to live and freely express the truth of their being as desired by their creative spirit.

There are five areas addressed in this approach: (1) understanding some background concepts on how we create our experiences; (2) understanding meditation as a part of the creativity process; (3) introducing and offer an exploration of some options/techniques with meditation; (4) provide some suggested meditation exercises and techniques that you may find useful and, of course, (5) provide some suggestions and recommendations.

You can use what is provided here as a meditative practice. But if you wish to meditate as an end in itself and/or use meditation as the vehicle to create because that is what you think you need to do, then it is recommended you go find a meditation teacher and/or a meditation tradition. Using mediation as a vehicle to create is different than using it as a tool. The approach taken here does not recommend using mediation as an end in itself nor as the vehicle to create.

How to use this material (Top)

You are, of course, free to use this material however you wish and whatever you choose to do should be done freely. Hopefully you will learn to choose in total freedom. You should not use the approach presented here the way it is said to used because you are told to use it this way. Rather, you should choose to use this approach because either it feels right and serves your being or what is presented here is, in your opinion, at least worthy of an experiment and exploration.

Whatever you choose, choose in freedom and the freedom to be true to who and what you are. Do not choose this approach because you think it will give, or lead, you to what you seek. It will not. What you seek ultimately lies inside you. Although this approach will help you to focus inward. The guidance and direction you need for your creative endeavors will ultimate come from inside of you. Until you learn to first look inside as to what you need to do in any situation, you will not become a conscious creator.

If you do not learn to look inside first, you willy simply respond out of habit and prior programming to recreate the past in a new way. If you do look inside first, you may still choose to create based on the past. But you will both be consciously doing so and taking responsibility for what you experience.

The approach to use meditation as a creative tool is to use the mindfulness and awareness you can gain in meditation, coupled with your intuitive guidance and intuitive insights, to lead you through the unknown which your creative endeavor will cause you to enter.

It is recommended you use this material in one way and one way only. It is recommend you set the intention to use this material to guide you to a way of focusing your attention and awareness so that you can do three things: access the source of your creative power and ability, learn to create a living meditation, and learn to utilize your internal compass.

Accessing the source  (Top)

It is recommended that, in time, we seek to access and understand what our creative spirit asks us to do with our life. Although the following will not necessarily make sense to you unless you consider exploring the depth and breadth of your creative power and ability, it is nevertheless true.
The reason for this recommendation is that the creative power and ability inherent within our being to create what we desire is currently unconsciously directed toward creating a specific set of experiences which are aligned with the intention for our life. The intention for our life why we, as in infinitely creative being, incarnated. Our creative and creative power is currently directed toward creating a life which will fully meet the intention for our life if we liste to is.

Because of the enculturation and programming we received in life and the way mind operates as a switching station for our creative life energy, our creative power and ability has been overlaid with subconscious programming. We, of course, also have your conscious desires and wishes. As such our unconscious, subconscious and conscious desires and intentions are not necessarily in alignment. This in turn, causes our creative power to be fragmented and scattered rather than coherently focused.

By looking to access the understand what our creative spirit asks us to do with our life, we will need to work back through all of the conscious, subconscious and unconscious programming. That process will provide a coherence to our creative power and ability. Then from the point of creative power at the source of our creative power and ability, we can choose what we wish to create. We can even choose to change the intention for our life. But we will probably find there was a profound wisdom within our being which created it in the first place and the choices this wisdom makes are much better than we give it credit for making. But you, of course, will have to do some of your own experiments with creativity to prove the validity of what is said here.

Learn to create a living meditation (Top)

The second is to learn to lock our attention and awareness onto what we would like to create with our life, whatever it is. We ultimately create by how and on what we focus our attention and awareness and hold that focus until we manifest what we desire. The mundane of life has a way of pulling us in a variety of different directions. Until we learn to focus or life as much as possible into a single point focus and living meditation, we will not create what we desire. It is possible to focus ourselves at a conscious, subconscious and unconscious manner.

The easiest way to create is to have all three aligned which is the essence of the way of the heart. The hardest way to create is to try and do it all with the control of the conscious mind which is reflective of the more traditional ways to create. A living meditation is where we sufficiently focused and are sufficiently mindful and awareness such that we make all of our choices in life in a consistently same direction. This mean we have to surface our unconscious and subconscious programming to ensure those aspects reflect choices in the direction we desire to go. The trick is not to use meditation in the traditional sense but to use it to surface and change the unconscious and subconscious programming.

Learn to utilize our internal compass (Top)

We come fully equipped with and internal sensing system which can function as an internal compass. By becoming aware of this compass and calibrating it, we can use our internal compass to guide us through any creative efforts and/or to what serves our being. It is here that we ultimately access the depth and breadth of our creative power for whatever we wish to create. It is here we can even cause ourselves to stumble into the Ultimate Accident.

However, to use our internal compass, we need to be open to sensing and recognizing what we feel at each and every level of our being throughout the depth and breadth of our being. This will require most of us to go back and deal with all the reasons why we shut down our ability to feel. It is not as hard as it sounds. However, there are issues of pain that we will have to face.

Look to create life (Top)

It needs to be understood that what our creative spirit desires is to create life. It desires to create a life within our being that will allow it to accomplish what it set out to do, that is incarnated to do. Our creative spirit will give us the passion and energy to support our life for a lifetime for it will take a life time to create what the creative spirit desires.

Over the course of the life our creative spirit creates, we will have the opportunity to create many things and experiences along the way. We don’t have to be worried we will be carried of to some obscure place to do something we do not like to do. There may be such periods in our life. But if we allow our creative spirit to lead, we will be carried through life into those things that give us a passion for life and for living. It will carry us to do those that make a life worth living for us. Maybe not for anyone else. But for us, it will be a life worth living. This is simply because the creative spirit that is in us gives life and has every intention of fulfilling what it came to do if our mind gives it the chance to do so.

Getting started (Top)

The approach used here is to provide you with some step to gets you some control over your thoughts. Once you have a way to start sitting in a daily or periodic practice you can then considers what is the most effective approach you wish to create. To help you get started on an approach that is effective for you, several discussions on or about mediation are provided on this site to help you to create the perspective discussed in step four of “Getting Started.”

Considerations in exploring options in meditation (Top)

The following discussions provide some thoughts, ideas and perspectives on meditation. Each is a stand alone discussion so there is no particular order to follow.

Difference Between Contemplation, Concentration and Meditation
The way of the heart - the easiest yet most difficult way to explore one's true nature
The way of mind - the traditional and most common meditation methods
The Physical Body and Meditation
Breathing and The Heart Beat
Living Meditation
True Freedom
Is there a need to explore the past?
Creating change within your unique consciousness
Meditation tools and techniques
Caution about meditation- meditation as an addiction
Influence of the intention for your life
The enculturated aspects of mind
The belief in the need to transcend the physical
Acceptance of one’s individual consciousness for what it is, as it is
Clarity of Intention
Your eulogy and what you wish to manifest with your life
Meditation for your life
Meditation, creation and surrender
Considerations if you are just starting

Background concepts on how we create our experiences (Top)

In discussing meditation and one’s true nature, it is appropriate to talk about energy and physical creation and the their relationship to meditation for energy is the source of creation. “Meditation Concepts and Principles for Creativity” is based on what can be called the energy consciousness model for understanding the Universe. The following discussions provide some insights into the concepts and principles within this model. The discussions provide some insights into how we create our experiences and the reality of those experiences which makes an understanding of meditation extremely important.

The essence of this model is provided here as a starting point as to the reason for meditation and provide a basic explanation as to how and why meditation works. It is not necessary to understand what is discussed in this section to use the meditation concepts provided and can be skipped if you choose to do so. However, understanding this section will help explain why this book on meditation is written the way it is. Although these discussion are not needed for the use of meditation they can provided insights as to how you may use whatever meditative practice you do use more powerfully.

It is recommend the discussion be read in the sequence provided. Hyperlinks are available and the end of each discussion leading to the next.

The Nature of the Universe
Creating/creation within the Energy Consciousness Model
Its All About Energy
Two Worlds of Energy
Accessing Your Animating Energy
Working With Your Creative Life Energy
Tithing and sacrificing to your creation
Creation is a physical experience
A continuous flow of energy
Throttling the flow of your creative life energy
Obstacles to one’s creative efforts
Creating with the unseen world
“Death,” dissolution, “No-thing-ness” and calmness
Becoming a copy or an original
Is There A Need To Explore The Past?

Selected Tools and Techniques of Meditation (Top)

As described, there are a variety of uses for meditation. Similarity, there are a variety of techniques. The following provide some thoughts, consideration, perspectives and the like on selected techniques. Each is a stand alone discussion so there is no particular order to follow.

Heart meditation
Morning exercise
Self Programming
Guided Meditations
Pool calming exercise
Pool centering exercise
Pool insertion exercise
Omphaloskepsis exercise
Pool Meditation Exercise
Mantra And Sacred Sounds
Exploring our unique limits
Pool sheet of glass exercise
Music, Movies and Books (what are you drawn to)
The intention for your life as told through your creation story

Focusing and accessing information (Top)

Three methods are discussed and provided that you may find useful to access information about a topic to support your creative endeavors. They includes a conscious centering and focusing technique that incorporates the “pool of creation” [HYPERLINK pool_exercises] concept, the use of sleep and nocturnal dreams and the guided meditation.

Accessing information

The conceptual framework for reconstituting our creative power (Top)

Meditation when used as a creative tool can be very effective at reconstituting our creative power and ability. Whether we realize it or not, our creative power and ability has been fragmented and scatter by the activities of life, the experiences we have had, and beliefs we have come hold about ourselves and life. Understanding the relationship between meditation and creativity, understanding and awareness we can reconstitute or reassemble the power which we have given away.

The following discussions provide a conceptual framework to help understand exactly what we try and do when we reconstitute our creative power. Mediation, as a creative tool, can help us to become mindful and aware of our thoughts and feelings. In doing so, it can help us achieve this end. These discussion provide a “theoretical” background for retrieving the soul of our being, our creative spirit and its power, as done in a soul retrieval. It opens the door to a self guided soul retrieval

It is recommended the discussions are read in sequence. Hyperlinks are available and the end of each discussion leading to the next.

Reconstituting the whole
Creativity, awareness and understanding
Reconstituting our creative ability
Expanding our creative ability
Creating within a tradition
The relationship of intention and perspective

An introductory discussion to the integration of intimacy, meditation, creativity, celibacy and sexuality (Top)

When we utilize meditation to access the truth of our being, we move into the wholeness of our being. This causes many seemingly unrelated aspects of our being to come together such that denial of one influences what can be done with the others. This discussion provides a starting and bridge point for many of these issues.

Intimacy, meditation, creativity, celibacy and sexuality

Item for consideration

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