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Within the creativity perspective and when viewed as a creative tool, meditation related practices are any secular, spiritual or religious practices which use particular body positions coupled with a specific thought or intention to focus the attention and awareness of the mind. This would include such practices as yoga, martial arts, many prayer practices, rituals and the like. But it also includes such things as practicing a musical instrument, knitting, practicing any sport, siting and contemplating a thought or idea. In fact, it would include almost anything we do in life that utilizes a particular body movement and a focused attention and awareness for a specific intention.

The reason for this is utilizing a particular body movement with a focused attention and awareness with, or for, a specific intention contains the essence of how we create our experiences and the reality of those experiences. It is the essence of a thought being made manifested. It may not be obvious how sitting and meditating on space between thoughts is related to knitting or practicing a musical instrument. Nor may it be obvious how either of these two activities create the reality we experience. But they nevertheless do. The issue is to understand how they do such that we can learn what we need to do to create what we desire to experience that will best serve us.

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