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As stated on the Meditation Concepts and Principles for Creativity Home Page: Techniques are provided that you can use in your creative endeavors. Most have some supportive discussion and/or explanation for their use. These techniques are designed for you to take what you can use. Here again, it is recommended you use what is effective for what you wish to create. (More on ..... Recommended meditation techniques.)

The discussion Meditation tools and techniques identifies the six primary ways in which you will see meditation used in creativity and links to a variety of subsequent discussion on or about meditation. In looking at any meditation techniques and meditation exercises, including those provided here on this site, it is recommended that whatever you use, is something that you eat and digest to make it your own.

What is provided here are suggested techniques and exercises. The recommendation is whatever you use you make your own and use what is effective for what you wish to create. If you follow the guidance and/or techniques of another, look to see if they are effective in your life. Look to see if they give you a feeling of expansion and a feeling of becoming more expansive. That is, the awareness of yourself and/or Creation is expands with little or not effort. It addition whatever is use directs you toward creating a life worth living.

Although this following distinction is really arbitrary it is what is used in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach to meditation. The main difference between a meditation technique and a meditation exercises is that the technique is more related to something that you would use in a daily practice again and again. A meditation exercise is something that you do only once, a limited number of times, or infrequently whenever you feel you need to address the topic of the exercise. It is not something that you would be doing daily. However, sometimes the exercise can lead itself to a daily practice on an individual basis. What is important is that you develop a daily or at least routine practice to focus your creative energy whatever techniques, exercises, methods or approach that you use.

Your daily practice and the techniques you use should be something that you develop that is effective for what you wish to create. It should be something that is effective in allow you to access the depth and breadth of your inner creative power and ability in a way that meets your uniqueness. You should never use a daily practice suggested by another unless you have eaten and digested it and it has surfaced from your inner wisdom as something you should use. Otherwise you will not be creating what you desire. Rather, you will be putting your energy toward creating what the individual who created the technique you are using desired to create.

The meditation exercises presented here are to address specific issues and provide methods that has been used and can be quite effective. The intention which governed the creation of these techniques is discussed in the topic, Meditation truth in labeling and disclaimer related issues. Clarity of intention will always help in these exercises so it is recommend you become very clear and focused on what you wish to create and why you desire to use the exercise provided here. It is also recommended that you pull the string to ensure you know and understand what exactly is driving you to enter a meditative practice and why that desire is in your life. Become aware of exactly what it is you are really trying to create.

It needs to be remembered that these are samples. The recommendation is that you create your own based on these samples or eat and digest them and make them your own.

Selected Recommended Meditation Exercises
Heart Meditation
Morning Exercise
Centering exercise
Sample daily practice
Omphaloskepsis Exercise
The Intention For Your Life As Told Through Your Creation Story

Considerations in creating a meditation practice

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