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As stated on the “Meditation Concepts and Principles for Creativity” Home page: From a creativity perspective, there is nothing special about meditation and the associated types of practices. You can achieve the same results in other ways. Rather meditation is an effective creative tool. (More on ...meditation as a creative tool)

As discussed in the topic “What is meditation”: Meditation is the conscious focusing and direction of one’s mental attention and awareness in a particular way to achieve a particular end. As a result of the creative process, and how we create our experiences and the reality of those experiences, meditation and related practices can function as and effective creative tool.

The meditation concepts and techniques used within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity technology are based on the energy consciousness model for understanding the Universe. The principles and concepts applicable to meditation are briefly summarized here and discussed in “Energy consciousness concepts and principles for meditation.” This model is based on the understanding that energy and consciousness are different aspects of the same essential material of the Universe out of which all else is created. Energy and consciousness are seen to exist in a duality much like the wave-particle duality of light found in physic and this energy consciousness can be experienced as energy, or as consciousness, depending on how one chooses to observe.

Within this understanding, energy goes where consciousness focuses its attention and awareness. The longer and more passionately consciousness holds a particular focus of its attention and awareness, the greater the possibility of creating an actual experience of what is held. As consciousness holds its focus, the improbably becomes possible, the possible becomes probably and the probable becomes a certainty.

To consciously utilize this principle of creativity found within energy consciousness it is important to learn to control and direct the focus of one’s attention and awareness. Then hold a focus with unwavering faith as passionately as possible. In time, what is held will manifest as an experience in a way that experience is most easily manifested within the environment in which your find yourself.

It is most important to understand this last statement. What you hold will manifest in the best way possible based on the environment. In another environment, the experience you have could be quite different for the same focus of your attention and awareness. Often it is not that what you desire to create and manifest that is impossible. Rather, the environment in which you find yourself cannot support what you desire. It is as simple like trying to plant a tropical fruit tree in the Northern of Southern most latitudes expecting it to grow. Sometimes you have to change your environment to manifest what you desire. For the tropical fruit tree environment, you would either need to move towards the equator or build a hot house that can control the environment to simulate a more appropriate climate.

Within this realization, meditation becomes an extremely important creative tool. From a creativity perspective because of how we create our experiences, meditation can be used as a creative tool in many ways depending on the intention one sets. What most use meditation for is addressed in the discussion “Variety of Reasons to Meditate.” 

Since meditation is the conscious focusing and direction of one’s mental attention and awareness in a particular way to achieve a particular end, if performed as a practice over time, it embodies the essential creative process of holding a thought over a period of time. What one needs to understand about meditation is that it is a creative state in that it focuses our attention and awareness. Meditation seeks to hold a clear intention with a single point focus. As such it can be a very effective creative tool. One can create an experience of that on which you meditate. Of particular interest in creativity is that it is away to achieve any understanding that is primarily directed inward.

Many do create an experience of the intention for why they meditate but they never realized exactly how they are using meditation as the creative tool to create that experience. If they did, they could then pursue the root desire as to why they are even looking to meditate for that root desire is already a meditation for their life and directing their life. That deeper intent is what lead them to mediation in the first place.

What needs to be understood is we have conscious and subconscious intentions. Those intentions are creating the life we live because they are what we hold. Meditation as used by most, involves consciously choosing a reason to meditate and then creating an experience of what is desired through whatever meditation process they use. Mediation is only the conscious addition of another intention to all the other intentions we hold It tends to become more powerful because in meditating, one has to block out all other activities to mediate. That, in turn, captures a greater share of our time and the flow of our creative life energy into what we desire to create through meditation.

Yet, any thought we hold is a meditation. The question is whether our not our body movements align with the meditation we hold. Many people work at a job and in that job are always thinking about what they will do on their time off because they dislike their job. Here a thought is held - the enjoyment of an activity on the weekend - that is not supported by one’s actions because one’s actions are to perform the job for which they get paid. As such, the work is not as productive, nor of the quality and safety, that could be had if the work was the focus of one’s attention awareness. Obviously, the weekend, where one’s thoughts and desires can be aligned with what one actually does, provides a much more powerful life experience that just thinking about it while doing something else. It is to be noted that it is here, the need to be able focus of our attention and awareness on the task at hand to find creative solutions to the problems faced in the workplace that lied at the start of the author’s conscious journey to explore creativity.

The primary goal of mediation as a creative tool is to become mindful and aware of our thoughts. In being mindful and aware of our thoughts, we can continually look to see if our actions are supporting what we desire to create. In being aware of how in, or out, of alignment are actions are with what we desire to create, we can make the conscious choice to change what we are doing. Whether or not we can change what we do and how difficult it may be is another issue. But unless we become aware of what we do and why, we cannot begin to get conscious control over what we create.

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