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As stated on the “Meditation Concepts and Principles for Creativity” Home Page: The second area addressed is understanding. To access and release the creative power that we need to create what we desire, we each need to ultimately become a creative force true to ourselves and in full alignment with the truth within our being. To do that we need to develop those techniques that work best for us.

We can borrow from another. But, if we wish to claim our birthright as the creative beings that we are, we must take what we borrow and make it our own. It is much the way we eat food. We must eat the food and take it inside and digest it. In digesting it we take what is useful and then discard the remained.

So too anything we use. We must take what is given inside and digest it. If we don’t digest it, we simply become a copy of what is given to us and create our world in the image of another. The understanding provided here will help you to understand the creative power inherent within meditation and related techniques. Then, within that understanding you can digest any technique and use what is useful and consistent with your truth and discard the rest. (More on ..... understanding meditation)

The key to understanding meditation is that is it a conscious focus of our attention and awareness. As such it is the door way to becoming a conscious creator.

If you look at most meditation practices, they are a coupling of two things. One is the development of the mental discipline to focus our attention and awareness . The second is it develops a way to insert a thought and to hold focus on that thought. The meditative position tends to be a sitting position of some type. Then there are variation of the sitting position by the way we sit and the way we place our hands and fingers to develop what are called “mudras.” As one varies the body position and/or incorporates movement, we move into yoga and yogic positions. If we incorporate activities such as directed movement into the yogic practice you move toward practices like the martial arts. But in the end they all are about developing the mental discipline to keep focused and hold a specific thought while coupling body position and/or movement with the manifestation of that thought.

If you look carefully, all of the religious, spiritual, meditative, yogic, martial arts, and similar practices are about focusing our attention and awareness onto, or into, a specific thought and/or a specific way of being. Creation is simply the translation of our thoughts into experiences. The question is who’s thoughts do we manifest. Do we manifest those that are truly our? Do we manifest those who have programmed us early and through our life? Or, do we manifest the thoughts of those authorities and teachers who give us guidance and expect us to follow it? The intent of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity meditation approach is that you manifest your thoughts, especially those thoughts you hold at the deepest levels of your being.

The only single point that needs to be made and understood about meditation is mindfulness and the awareness of what is in our mind and what you feel. Mind ultimately interprets anything you sense or feel. The key to becoming a conscious creator is to become aware of your thoughts and what you are feeling with those thoughts. We need to become aware of what thoughts we have and the feeling that goes with them. We need to become aware of what we are doing when we have those thoughts. We need to become aware if our thoughts and feeling are really in alignment with what we should be doing. Or, are our thoughts and feeling telling us we should be doing something different or that we want to be doing something different. We need to become aware of what is inside us at each and every level of our being.

The way to achieve this end of course is practice. It is not about doing some particular meditation technique, program or teacher, but it can be. It is about learning to become observant of our thoughts and feelings and become that detached witness as we observe. It is become very aware of our thoughts and what we feel to know with those thoughts sever who and what we are and those the don’t serve us. Then be mindful and aware to choose those that serve what we desire to create as often as possible and dismissing the remainder.

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