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The discussion “Meditation as a creative tool” provided some background as to why meditation can be seen as a powerful creative tool. To use meditation as a creative tool there are several things which should be considered.

Something your desire, not that of another

First and foremost is meditation is a focusing of your attention and awareness. If you are desire to gain some level of conscious control over what you experience in life, then whatever on which you focus your attention and awareness should come from within your own being. It should be something you desire to create at each and every level of your being. Your focus should not be based on anything given to you to by another or for the purposes of another. This last sentence being up three issue.

The first and most important and most influential on what you create is what has been given to you by another. That which is given to you by another of which you are conscious aware of them giving it to you is relatively easy to deal with. You simply eat, digest and make what they give you your own as discussed below. However, most of us been programmed by our early care givers, our society and life itself to create things which we would probably not choose to create if we were aware of the programming.

The programming issues of the past are much more difficult to address. In essence, we must make the subconscious conscious in those areas that are influencing what we desire to create. To get at this early and/or past programming we must pull the string on the desires we have and the basis of our decision to understand what lies at their root. The key to pulling the string on our desires and decisions is to be mindful and aware of the thoughts we have. One does not have to meditate to become mindful and aware but mediation is a powerful tool to use to become mindful and awareness. How to pull the string is discussed within the topic “Pulling the String.” It is something to consider doing on any desire you may have in any area of your life in which you wish to gain some creative control over what you experience.

The issue with past programming is not that it is good or bad. The question is whether or not it serves or doesn’t serve us. Most often the issue is that we have not eaten, digested and made what has been given to us our own as discussed below. Usually we have not discarded what is not useful but kept aspects of what has been given that do not truly serve who and what we are.

Two important points need to be made here about using meditation for the purposes of another. One is a variety of reasons have been give to meditate. However, all those reasons are something another has said can be created and/or experienced with meditation. It is their reason to mediation and their experience. Meditation is their vehicle to create what they desired to create. Although it is true that meditation has been used by someone to create any one of those stated reasons to meditate, meditation is the technique that they used for creating their stated purpose. It may or may not be what serves you. The recommendation is for you to use what your uniqueness requires. A way to do this is provided below.

The other aspect of using meditation for the purposes of another is that whatever you use as the seed thought of your meditation it should be what you, yourself, have written and chosen. Many teachers give a mantra, a word or a phrase, on which to meditate. It is either a thought held or a word or phrase repeated to create a single point focus in one’s mind. No matter how noble, wise, or profound a particular mantra is, it is not your mantra. It has been created by someone else and given to you. It did not come from within. If you wish to get conscious control over what you experience in life, whatever you use on which to focus your attention and awareness should come from within your own being. It should not be given to you by another or taken from another.

If you are going to use something on which to focus that has been given to you by another you will first have to eat it, digest it, and make it your own by discarding what is not useful and does not serve you while keeping the remainder within your being. It is like any food we eat only here it is food for our spiritual, mental or emotional needs. Then allow it to arise from within your being as something on which you have taken ownership. Otherwise whatever you use will not be yours.

Make what is given your own (Return)

To eat, digest and make something your own is to read/listen, study and contemplate a concept, idea, a word or phrase as you would learn anything. You look at what you understand or don’t understand about what is said. You look at the positive aspects and the negative aspects. You look as to how what you listen to or read makes you feel. You look to see if it provides an excitement in your being or it is boring or causes fear to arise. But whatever it is you do not choose to use it. Rather you take whatever is given to you as an advisement and suggested action. You take it within and allow the awareness of it to arise from within as to whether or not you should use it.

How this is done is as follows. Study what is given. Eat it, digest it, make it your own as described in the last paragraph. Go to your intuitive guidance and inner knowing and ask it how to create what you desire to create. If what is provided by another is something that you should use, it will arise and come out as intuitive guidance. For example mediation. If you say, “I choose to use mediation to create...” that statement is a choice by your mind and not necessarily something that is yours. Your are choosing to use it based on what another has given to you. However, if you ask your inner knowing, “How should I go about creating ...” and meditation arises in some way as the answer, then meditation is your answer and you should use it. It this case it is not something given to you and you take it from another. Rather it arises from within your own being as your own way. In doing so you are taking conscious control over what you create. Although how you create comes from your subconscious, it comes from within you from within the deeper aspects of your being. It comes from that subconscious link with the source/Source of your being

Using meditation as a creative tool (Return)

To use meditation as a creative tool to create what you desire, you must choose to use it for your purposes and not the purpose(s) of another. But you must choose it as a tool to create what you desire and not an end in itself or meditation arises from within your own being as the vehicle to use.

To use meditation as the vehicle, you would essential do what you do in any meditative practice but you would not follow any tradition, teacher or prescribed path. Rather, you would follow the guidance provided by your intuitive guidance. In the end it may look like an already identified path or approach to meditation. However, it will be your path for it arose from within your being. The fact that it looks like another path or an other’s path doesn’t matter in this case. The issue is that you are not following or copying another. The issue is you are following your own path and your path and that of another are temporarily identical, or at least very similar.

In using meditation as a creative tool, we meditate to obtain the specific abilities obtainable through meditation and the meditation serves no other purpose than that. When used creatively, meditation should not be use with the intention of creating anything other than obtaining the ability to use the tool unless directed by our intuitive guidance. To create what we desire we should clearly state what we wish to create in and/or with our life. Then go to our intuitive guidance and ask “what do I need to do, what do I need to become to create what I desire?” and then follow the intuitive guidance that has been given. If we are directed to use meditation, then we go use it. However, more often than not, there are other things we must do and use the mediation as a tool helps us doing those other things, in particular, to become mindful and aware.

Meditation when used as a tool is to focus our attention and awareness to become mindful to be able to recognize and follow the guidance our intuitive guidance and inner knowing provides. It also provides us a quick way calm, center and focus ourselves. To become mindful and awareness there is a certain amount of calming of mind that does need occur. That ability to calm the mind to be mindful and aware also allows us to quickly calm, center and focus ourselves. It is a byproduct of mindfulness.

As a creative tool, the issue is not to make meditate as an end in itself. To do so is only to take your creativity out of one cage of our own making and put it into another and risk using mediation as an addiction. No matter how creative you may become in using mediation, we are simply giving up one cage for another. It looks different but it is nevertheless a cage. From a creativity perspective the intent is to create mindfulness and awareness of what one thinks and what one feels. Then from that mindfulness and awareness one can explore one’s inner world.

From a creativity perspective it was stated there can be four reasons given to meditate and two side benefits. The four reason were given as: remove the disturbances of mind, become a detached witness, develop a single point focus, access one half of the creative process. The two sided benefits of a long term meditation practice were calming the body and awareness of what is within to see differently. You can achieve all of these by focusing on developing mindfulness and awareness. Additionally there is the added benefit of developing the discipline to hold focus needed for any creative endeavor.

The key to use meditation as a tool as a tool is to use it to become mindful and aware of the thoughts and feeling we have. When we are mindful and aware, then everything else is open to us. Being mindful and aware allows us to explore our inner world. It allows us to become intimate with our thoughts to look as see where the thoughts come from. It as thought we call look at the labels they carry as to their origins. In pulling the string as why we have the thoughts we do or asking where any one thought comes from we can explore the origins of our thoughts and our beliefs about ourselves and of nature. Being mindful and aware open us to the infinite of our own consciousness.

As stated above, when learning to become mindful and aware through meditation one does learn to calm the mind. That in turn can be readily accessed. One does not have to meditate or be one who meditates to quickly calm the mind. However, an extended meditative practice creates a habit of mind that makes it relatively simply and quickly to get there. A sample calming technique and a centering technique is provided for you use.

Once we are mindful and aware and we can quickly calm ourselves by learning a technique to focus our attention and awareness we no long have the need to meditate as such. We can simply make our life a meditation by being mindful and aware of what is in our mind and make as many of the choice we need to make in life in the direction of what we desire to manifest. .

Of particular interest that does arise in creativity is a way to achieve any understanding that is primarily directed inward. This can be achieved when we become mindful and aware. We simply needs to ask a question and direct it inward. Over time either an answer to the question will arise or we will be lead some where by a thought or feeling to get the answer or we will be lead by a thought or feeling to have an experience that moves us toward getting the answer we seek. But we have to be both aware of the thoughts and their origins. We have to be mindful to be aware of the answer when it come. We have to be able to recognize it as the answer. We can recognize it as the answer when we understand how to know the origins of our thought for thoughts can arise from a multitude of different sources. 

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