Why meditate?

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As stated in the Meditation Concepts and Principles for Creativity Home Page: there are a variety of reasons that can be given for “Why meditate?” and many of these reasons have been complied for your review. You may have experienced one or more of these reasons if you undertake a meditative practice regardless of your initial intention for meditating. From a creativity perspective it can be said, there are four reason to meditate. They are: remove the disturbances of mind, become a detached witness, develop a single point focus, access one half of the creative process (More on ....why meditate)

As one can see in the list of the variety of reasons, the list of things you can achieve through meditation is quite expansive. From a creativity perspective and as use in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity approach, meditation is uses to help achieve four ends. There also some side benefits from an extended meditation practice which we may find useful.

Why meditate - reasons to meditate

Remove the disturbances of mind - silence the mind
Becoming the detached witness - exploring one’s nature
Developing a single point focus - concentrate one’s focus
Purposeful meditation - conscious control to access one half of the creation process
Side Benefits of meditation

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