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As stated on the Meditation Concepts and Principles for Creativity: Most meditation and related practices are associated with some type of spiritual or religious traditions. Or, they have been secularized for application to achieve one of the stated reasons to meditate or its side benefits. For example, the most common application in the secular world is tension reduction.

The approach to meditation recommended on this webs site and used in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology has no associations with any spiritual, religions or secular tradition. Although the material is consistent with traditional concepts of meditation, the material here is orientated toward providing you with an understanding about meditation to use it as a tool to create what you desire and/or release you unlimited creativity. As such, the meditation concepts discussed on this web site may or may not be consistent with the meditation concepts you have been exposed to in the past.

They are provided here and recommended to be used sole as the creative tools that they are. Your intention for meditation is what determines what is created with them and/or what affiliations you create with them. If you have chosen to subscribe to a particular tradition, spiritual, esoteric or otherwise, that uses meditation, the concepts may or may not be useful to you.

However if you have any interest in accessing and releasing your unlimited creativity, claim your birthright as a bing of unlimited creativity, and create any experience you choose, these concepts will be very beneficial to you for that effort. In any case, it is recommended you use what is effective in your life to achieve what you desire. If these concepts are effective, use them. If not, find some other techniques more effective for you journey. (More on .... Truth in labeling and disclaimers)

As stated above, it is our intention that will determine what affiliations we create with our meditative practice. It needs to be realized that any tool or technique that is created and provided to us by anyone carries the intention or reason for its creation and why it was given to us. Those intentions, in turn, influence, if not control, the outcome of our life and what we create with what was given to us.

There is nothing necessarily sinister about this although some intentionally use this concept knowingly or unknowingly to control others. It is just the way the creation process works and how we are all interconnected. We “buy into” the overall collective thinking when we endorse the approach and/or view of another. The greater the number of individuals that subscribe to a particular view the stronger that collective view becomes. So there is an ongoing subconscious struggle of competing collective views for its endorsement by individuals. This struggle is raised to consciousness through advertising, influence pedaling, proselytizing and the like.

I can create a tool that makes a job easier to do. I can give that tool to you so that you can do that type and kind of job easier. My intentions seem very honorable. I am making your life easier. Although that may be the case, I am also determining how your life unfolds. By you using that tool that I made you are channeling your life to a way of living determined by that tool as opposed to another way. That way of living then determines a whole way of life. We see issue in this with things we feel are beneficial such as things like hammers, saws, forks and other instruments that seem to make our life easier.

For example, look at chops sticks and a fork. Both are tools with which to eat such that one does not need to use their fingers. Using chops sticks or a fork make eating more hygienic since one does not need to touch the food with dirty fingers. However, the way a fork or chops sticks are used determines how the food is prepared for ease of use with the eating tool. They also determine what eating customs developed around the use of the tools. Which is better is often a matter of opinion but frequently there are profound differences.. But, nevertheless, there are difference that arise in how you eat and end up living your life because of something as simple as a fork or chop sticks.

So too meditation concepts or any other exercise or tools that may be given to you. There is an intention which governed their creation and there is an intention which governs why they have been given to you. Sometimes those intentions are honorable and sometimes they are not. Those intentions act as undercurrents in your life in the use of those tools especially if you use the tools as they were given to you. They are determining the unfoldment for your life whether or not you realize it. This is not about what is good or bad. It is just a fact about anything that is created and anything that you use in your life.

What is important here is that information that is provided on this web site is governed by an underlying intention. The intention for providing you these meditation concepts and principles is governed by the underlying intention for the creation of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology and actually part of the application of this Technology. The intention for the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology is in turn governed by the concept of the creative spirit and its need to be free to fully unfold true to itself. Here again, this is not good nor bad. It just exists and will influence your use of this material to one degree or another.

The goal here is just to provide you with the information and understanding as to the existence of these influences and how it may affect your life. The methods provided here will begin to change your life if they are used. Whether or not those changes are something you desire is another question.

So in keeping with the concept of truth in labeling and full disclosure, there are several topics of which you may wish to review before you embrace and use the information provide on this web site. The truth in labeling topics can be access by clicking here on “Truth in Labeling Topics.” It is recommended that you start with topic, “Why Truth in Labeling and Full Disclosure.”

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